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Ordered the fragrant milk tea on my second visit to this franchise of a Taiwanese bubble tea chain. The first time, I got the instafamous grey milk tea with pudding and though the tea tasted pretty underwhelming (esp. against the price tag), the topping was so good!

I visited again with a few colleagues hoping to try out different flavours and also utilise the 1-for-1 promotion on my Burpple Beyond app.

It was a very decent experience for me, as the staff were all extremely friendly and took time to explain the differences between each drink. For example, this fragrant milk tea I ordered contained more creamer than fresh milk, resulting in a stronger and more aromatic flavour. Pearl-wise, their pearls were just the right level of softness for me, but was lacking slightly in sweetness.

Please let me know if you have had a better peanut pancake than this. I have been trying out mian cheng kueh from different stalls and have not come across anything quite as good.

Taste: 10/10

Price: 9.5/10 (Handmade daily by an elderly couple, it’s almost strange to me that each slice of this Chinese pancake only costs 80cents! Definitely great value for money)

Thinly sliced avocado, marinated feta cheese, and zaaka on toasted sourdough bread - perfect way to kickstart a busy day. I have been to this pretty cafe founded by the people behind Sarnies a few times already. As expected, the food served has been consistently good. Definitely worth a try!

Taste: 7.5/10

Price: 7/10 (Full slice for $10 before GST)

I have never been a huge fan of carrot cake. I had expected this dish to be unimpressively starchy and bland (as usual), but this rendition definitely proved me wrong with its rich flavour profile!!! The pudding-like carrot cake was soft yet bouncy, and contained generous pieces of Chinese cured meat (lap cheong) and fresh radish which gave the dish a very unique texture. The refreshing savoury sauce they doused all over the steamed carrot cake also was a huge flavour boost. I thought it tasted like a stronger version of the chee cheong fun sauce - which I have always been a HUGE fan of! 😂

Taste: 9/10

Price: 10/10 (This huge serving only set us back by $4. I would say most dishes at this humble dim sum eatery are extremely value for money)

Ambience: 7/10

This rendition of my favourite Nonya curry dish was homely yet fancy. The fresh shrimps, together with the hebi (dried shrimps), gave the vegetable curry a very deep and aromatic flavour. I would could have easily finished a plate full of rice just with this dish on the side. It was THAT GOOD! 💕

Taste: 9/10

Price: 7/10 (We paid approx. $15 for this dish. It’s a pretty decent price considering Nonya food is usually pretty expensive)

Ambience: 7.5/10 (Would definitely recommend other Peranakan places like Blue Ginger or Violet Oon for better ambience)

Service: 6/10

I am a huge fan of their scrambled egg and bacon toastie 🥓 Just look at how creamy and indulgent the eggs are.. Also, the toast thick toasts are amazing!!! They are probably heavily buttered and then pan-fried before serving. Give it a try and you’ll get what I mean.

Taste: 8.5/10

Value for money: 7/10 (food in the Telok Ayer area can seldom be described as affordable, but this hearty breakfast costs only $6/7 - definitely well worth the price)

Ambience: 9/10 (I love that this place is a cafe in the morning, but transforms to a gin bar - Bitters and Love - at night. The decor is eclectic which I definitely appreciate. Would spend hours chilling in there if not for the operational burden I might impose the cafe owners)

We arrived at Adam Road Hawker Centre with the intention of trying the famous Selera Rasa Nasi Lemak (my dad used to dabao this home.. I would have been a whole lot more thankful had I aware of the queue he had to brave), but boy, the queue was pure madness. We gave up and opted for the less popular No.1 Nasi Lemak stall tucked neating at a corner. I got the standard chicken wing, otah and egg set - it was not amazing, but definitely not bad either. My brunch buddy got the rendang set for comparison. The rendang was surprisingly VERY VERY GOOD - it was extremely tender and aromatic!! 🐮 The gravy mixed with the sambal chilli also complemented the coconut flavoured rice perfectly ❤️

Taste: 6/10 (rendang one’s a 7.5)

Ambience: 5/10 (Adam Road Hawker has been plagued with birds for the longest time. I absolutely hate when they hop onto the table the moment diners leave to snack on the leftover food..)

I grew up eating the deep fried wings and stir-fried bee hoon from this humble stall located in Commonwealth. They are hugely popular with residents in the area (including myself) and are usually sold out by noon, so make sure to head over early if you’d like to have a taste of their huge, juicy chicken wings which are usually served hot and crisp. They also offer an array of “side dishes” such as luncheon meat, ngor hiang, otah, fishcake and sunny side up to complete the meal.

Taste: 8/10

Price: 8/10 (dishes are very very affordable)

Ambience: 5/10 (located in a small corner unit kopitiam, this is definitely not a place you would want to bring a date - though ironically I actually went there for one 😂. Tables are difficult to come by and when they do, they might not have been properly cleaned as the high traffic’s difficult for the aging staff to keep up with)

Side note: I never knew how difficult it was to locate a Halal-certified cafe till I had to find one.

Visited Penny University with a Muslim friend and woohoo it was a great experience!! I got the full English breakfast which consisted scrambled eggs (which were dry and kinda meh), turkey bacon, chicken sausage, baked beans, sautéed mushrooms, hash brown, mixed salad and 2 sliced of toasted bread. The portion was extremely generous. I struggles to finish the dish, though it was pretty good, esp. the sausage. I also really liked the iced latte they served, which completed the meal IMO. It was strong enough but smooth and not overwhelming 🤘

Taste: 7/10

Ambience: 7/10 (very cosy space that fits only around 20-30 pax? Nicely decorated with interesting pieces of “antiques” at every corner)

Wifi/phone reception: 3/10 (the cafe provides free wifi to patrons, but there’s barely signal - constantly hovering between nil to one bar in strength. Nothing much changes even when you toggle to your own 3g/4g data. I’m guessing reception’s just generally bad in the cafe. Perhaps a good reminder to all of us that we should focus on our loved ones and the meal before us instead of our phones 😂)

I was looking through their brunch menu, and this healthier option caught my eye - waffles made from fresh potatoes instead of flour. Sounded promises but I also couldn’t be too sure cause healthy food is usually not the best. Glad I gave this dish a try though. The waffles tasted kinda like a more hydrated rosti with more texture (you can actually taste the potatoes) 🥔 I am a huge fan of potatoes so I might be biased in this, but I quite liked the taste of the waffles mixed with the scrambled eggs and creamy avocado 🥑

Taste: 7/10

Ambience: 9/10 (I love love love how the cafe owners dress up this place to suit the different festivals/holidays)

Pan-fried bacon strips, creamy scrambled egg, melted cheddar cheese with smoked aioli sandwiched between toasted halves of a fresh garlic bagel. This bagelwich is without doubt a 10/10 💕

Taste: 10/10

Ambience: 9/10