Their steamed fish head with the bean paste was one of the kind. Even though there were many other famous zi char stalls, we still prefer this as they provided the most consistent quality.
Xing Long Food Stall
Chinatown Complex Market and Food Centre, 335 Smith St #02-161, Chinatown, 050335
Daily: 1000 - 2200, Closed on Tuesday

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Awesomely crispy skin & melt in your mouth meat, it's well marinated and doesn't have that annoying porky 'smell', a definite must try


If you were not brought up eating this, it's highly unlikely that a chilled gelatin block containing chopped up pig's trotters (or in some cases, pig's ears and other bits) will get you clapping for joy. However, it's a traditional Teochew cold dish that's really quite unique and you should give a try if the opportunity presents itself. Think of it as a soft savoury jelly with a variety of textures thrown in together, such as the crunchiness of cartilage from the trotter contrasting with leaner parts of the meat. The coriander garnish adds a key flavour perk to the full experience of this dish which is served on plastic-bagged ice cubes, and it's imperative to dip it in the complementary vinegary chilli sauce.