Got the same item as last time because they give so much variety in one plate! Fried okra, grilled broccoli and zucchini, edamame, chickpeas & beans, feta, cranberries & pomegranate, pesto hummus and toast; close to bursting by the time I finished it.

Back at Flowers in the Window because (1) it’s not too crowded (we came at 10 plus) and (2) the food is great and so are the prices. Their brunch items are pretty healthy and comes in really big portions so we were really stuffed. Order to share if you can!

Yay found mala in the airport! It’s priced by fixed portions depending on meat/veg, which I prefer to the by weight system.

Eating this for the first time I was just thinking “omgah where have you been all my life” cos this was the best mee soto I’ve tried, also partly because the uncle gives so much chicken meat. Love love the bergedil too; pro tip from my mum is to order this gosong (no noodle, and the uncle will compensate with even more chicken!) and load up the carbs with extra bergedil

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Aside from the homely Cantonese fare, an enjoyable part of the experience is watching the kanchiong lady boss scrambling around the tables, serving people and collecting money, with muttering bits of canto here and there.

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Lucky office peeps working here can just grab these ~$10 takeaway boxes for lunch. Was spoilt for choice deciding what to go for — bento boxes, sashimi, sushi, donburi, salad etc. Compensated for the sushi with salad, and happy that I could pick fish roe as a topping without premium charge.

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Also got the stone bowl bibimbap. Note that there are different versions of bibimbap e.g. cheaper ones are usually with less ingredients or in a normal bowl. Pretty good bibimbap, but the sundubu soup was the star.

There must be something special with this tofu because how can tofu be so GOOooOoOd?? Of course the kimchi soup is the key but somehow the texture of the tofu just elevates it. Go for the lunch sets here, but don’t expect big portions.

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Fish head curry was sold out :( but having tried their chicken and mutton curry, would happily order those again.

Nowadays there are so many new food places to try that I often forget about the tried and tested chains like Watami, which provides reliable and affordable set meals. Go for the individual hotpot meals for a light lunch.

I love cosy corner popiah; not the best after it’s been dabao’ed, but brings back memories of queuing up in the cramped (but it’s a cosy corner!) space.

Not a super filling portion but can add on other items; might add on the chicken chop next time which looks pretty worth. A cosy cafe that doesn’t do the typical brunch fare, but more homely 茶餐厅 food like macaroni and bolo bun.