A decent enough wagyu don if you are in the area but not amazing enough to purposely travel for.

Although its called Savoury French Toast, its more of a sweet and salty meal. The toast with butter and syrup is so yummy I wouldn’t mind if they just gave me more of that. At first I found the braised apple kinda weird, but it cuts through the oily and saltiness of the bacon so it becomes a cycle of sweet and salty which is nice.

The soup was simply pure porky essence with aroma of truffles. I drank every bit of soup up. The belly chashu was mediocre but the egg made more of an impact on me. First time seeing asparagus in ramen and it tasted a little bitter. Other than that I enjoyed it, the soup is amazing and the noodles were springy ( I choose normal hardness).

Very soft almost sticky textured gelato. The flavour of lychee was simply refreshing but abit pricey at $5 for only one scoop. A pity that there were only 6 flavours to choose from while I was there.

I really enjoyed the earl grey lavender cake. The sweetness was just right with strong fragrance of lavender and moist sponge with cream cheese frosting.

The Carrot cake was kinda disappointing with nuts and carrot bits in the sponge that was too tough to chew and overall I found it too sweet.

Crispy, flakey and fragrant this might be of the best croissants I’ve tried. Despite how crispy it is, the dough still has a nice chew and isn’t just hard, great texture.

I also tried the apple one as well and it was really delicious. I had to wait in the store for a new batch to be baked for half an hour or so, but the buttery fragrance that drifts out makes the wait really relaxing.

The Pandan Pancake was really good and fragrant. I appreciated that the pancakes were served warm and it makes a nice contrast with a generous scoop of coconut icecream.

The Laksa Pasta had fresh and succulent prawns. Pasta was al dente but I found the flavour of the laksa too mild and could be stronger.

Had a double scoop of Osmanthus & Chrysanthemum and Lychee. The owner was really friendly and suggested flavours to sample.

The chrysanthemum has a light floral flavour and even has wolfberries that really give the feeling of a high class chinese herbal dessert. The Lychee is really refreshing. The texture of the gelato is smooth and it doesn’t just melt alway to nothing that quickly. I’ll be back to try other flavours!

The Joji is Lychee and coconut in a crispy puff. Feels very light and refreshing. The sweetness is just right and not cloying at all. I really appreciate the effort to decorate the plate so beautifully before serving. You don’t really see that in other cafes where they just slab on the dessert in a plate.

The Mado is a hexagon honey comb shaped cake/tart with caramel. It was also very sublime. I think I’ll be returning to try the other flavours.

I highly recommend the Corn Soufflé. It is such a novel idea but it works so well together. The sweetness is not too much but such right and the warm of the corn makes it a very comforting dessert.

Cynthia is a light, refreshing cake with lychee bits and raspberry. Really delicious and one could easily eat 5 more of it without feeling sick of it.

Louis XV is a chocolate cake that is the opposite of the cynthia. It is dense, heavy with chocolate flavour and has a good balance between the bitter and sweet.

Really delicious soufflé pancakes with rich aroma of eggs. I actually preferred this over to Riz Labo kitchen as isn’t as dry and the lightness of the pancake still holds moisture. The oolong is great for those that prefer desserts that are not that sweet. I enjoyed it so much I ordered the classic fluffstack as well. Really recommended for taste and price.


Black angus beef with onsen egg and soy sauce. Taste expensive without being too expensive. Runny yolk mixed into the rice always makes a great meal. I really liked the rice they used for this donburi as well.