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Their yellow noodles has a very nice firm & springy texture, I like it. Tomato noodles really does have tomato taste. The spinach noodles caught my attention but first time here, have to try original. The next time I go, I must give the spinach noodles a try.

Char Siew Wanton Noodles $5.8

Who needs Chocolate in their life? 🙋🏻 This place is basically heaven to dark chocolate lover. Their chocolate comes in various forms; ice creams, pastries, beverages. Love the Affogato & tart they serve here.

88% Very Dark Chocolate (w/ 88% Sur del Lago) $9.50
70% Cuba Dark Chocolate Tart $9
Signature 66% Dark Chocolate (Hot) $7
Frozen Chocolate Cube Latte (Hazelnut Dark Chocolate) $10
Frozen Chocolate Cube Latte (Matcha White Chocolate) $10
70% Costa Rica Dark Chocolate Brownie $7.5

They have crispy crackling siobak and fatty charsiew here. Very satisfying lunch. Siobak is usually sold out by dinner time.

Adding this to my list of food to eat again. Have been craving for noodles a lot recently and the noodles from this stall is nice. Lucky me, there is one stall near my house, I can even @grabfoodsg it over. Tried switching the soup to laksa but realised I got nothing much to eat the laksa sauce with. Adding the laksa sauce to noodles is nice but that would covers the original taste of the noodles.

Koo Kee Special Noodle $4.60
Switch Soup to Laksa Sauce $1

NEW seasonal tendon!!! My favourite out of all their seasonal so far. Variety of quality seafood tempura piled on top of the healthier choice & well-prepared 16 multigrain rice. Some of the ingredients includes uni, oyster, snow crab, ikura & what i found to be the most interesting, Sea Urchin & Ama-Ebi Wrapped in Ooba Leaf (slide to last photo). The udon here was also one of the better ones I had, thinner yet chewy & flavourful. Despite my usual preference for spicy, I found their original sauce suits my taste more. So, fan of spicy food, do give their original sauce a try!

Umi Tendon $23++
Set (with Udon) $4.50++

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I don’t usually eat dumpling as most of the standard dumplings around have thick skin. These dumplings, coated with vinegar and chilli oil, have silky smooth skin that I can’t seem to get enough of. Other food that I would order from the shop are their guo tie and xiao long bao which are pretty satisfying as well.

Szechuan Spicy Wanton (Hóng Yóu Chāo Shǒu) $5
Pan Fried Dumplings (Guō Tiē) $6
Steamed Mini Buns (Xiǎo Lóng Bāo) $4.50

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The tasty agedashi tofu’s sauce combined with their crispy tofu skin is what triggers my craving and making me order it very often. A little ginger paste of the side for mixing in to enhance the taste. Seriously, my favourite shop.

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So good I ordered a second plate, and I was dining alone. The gyoza skin is thin yet strong enough to hold the fillings, fillings are tasty and their gyoza sauce is mixture of vinegar and something spicy which totally enhanced the overall taste.

Understand that their truffle ramen are limited to 20 bowls per day. Has strong truffle smell when the bowl of ramen was served, however, the taste of truffle wasn’t strong. None the less, the thick broth is still delicious and comforting for the current weather.


Not a pizza person but when I do eat pizza, I make sure there is winglets. Also, Meat Galore & Wild About Mushroom are the only pizza I eat. The former is very meaty wild the latter is very creamery and also suitable for vegetarians.

Decent food with plenty of food selection from the buffet list. Went to both outlet at Chinatown & Bugis, Bugis’s outlet pricing is not transparent. Highly recommend Chinatown’s outlet only.

Brown sugar taro milk with customisable sugar level from 30%. The thick taro paste is flavourful and consists chunks of taro bits. An alternative Orh Nee(yam paste) for me. I also love their ice chocolate with milk foam from their old menu which has been discontinued. It was so good that I used to drink is everyday. Still craving for it sometimes, hopefully it might return one day.

Brown Sugar Taro Milk (30%) $5.90
Ice Chocolate with Milk Foam (0%)