Different from regular Jjamppong where seafood is one of the main ingredients. Army stew-styled Jjamppong, with ingredients you often see in army stew such as luncheon meat, sausage and such. Huge portion, nice soup, great noodles. Spiciness wise, it wasn’t notable.



Finishing my meal at @tamoyasg with their freshly fried tempura. They also accept order for unavailable tempura over the payment counter, subjected to ingredients availability.

Kakiage $2

Presenting to you......noodle knot instead of noodle pull. 😅

This place is my go-to for udon. Udon texture was excellent, matches with their flavourful broth very well. Making this udon place second to none in my heart.

Sanuki Beef Egg Udon $11.60

Back with my Mee Siam adventure! 🥢

I wonder if the shop name came after shortlisting the shop? As the name suggests, the shop does exist in a cozy corner with little seats. Not that I have to wait long for a seat, as many are takeaway orders.

A satisfying Mee Siam! Gravy was thick, chilli does pack a punch. Though I personally prefer a more sour base, will request for more lime the next time.

Can’t wait to have my next Mee Siam!

Here is something for those who miss Ramly Burger or pasar malam (Night Market) food.

I only found out recently that there is a permanent shop that sells Ramly-styled Burger. You can opt for double or even quadruple patties! Talk about sinful burger 😉

Single Patty $4.50

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Omakase Aoi $60++

From my first visit to @kauntasg. They specialised in aged sushi. The fishes were stripped of moisture, bringing out flavours as well as the dense & firm texture.

In-House Smoked Salmon
Squid w/ Seaweed Miso
Shima Aji
Seabream w/ Red Wine Miso
Maguro, aged 10 days
Spanish Mackerel, aged 12 days
Chutoro, aged 10 days

Hot Dish

Hot dish was excellent, the unassuming prawn ball was unlike any out there. The named-printed & truffle-infused Tamago was a fitting end to the intensive flavoured meal.

The second time I went, about 3/8 sushi were different. I like that the fishes used were not fixed, giving the element of surprise despite not being the first visit.

Sweater weather is ending, but here is a cozy Tofu Stew that warmed me up.

Each stew set comes with banchan (side dishes) and rice. The banchan I received includes deep fried yellow fish, fermented squid (which I absolutely love, swipe to see), kimchi & seaweed. Requested for extra fermented squid multiple times because I like it so much.

Can’t wait to be back!


Y’all already know, this is my favourite restaurant.

So, let’s keep this short. 3 different cut of Maguro; O-toro, Chutoro & Akami. Thick & succulent slices of sashimi on the bed well prepared rice.

Dinner set has 1 more item than lunch, which is the Chicken Karaage(slide to see). The chicken karaage was made to perfection. Crispy and well marinated, eat it before it turns cold!

Sanshoku Meishi Set $34.80++

A long-overdue post.

Had this two months back and I really like it. I still remember how juicy and flavourful it was. Sandwiched in between the soft and butter toasted bread.

It’s recommended to make reservations before going. We almost couldn’t get a seat but thankfully, it was off peak hours and seats were available in 30 minutes.

Yuzu Pepper 🥟 Ginger Paste 🥟 Sambal Belacan

What comes to mind when someone says, “Ramen’s side dish”?
It’s Gyoza for me.

Not only was these gyoza good, the side toppings incorporated interesting flavour to them. I would say my favourite is Yuzu Pepper. But honestly, Ginger Paste & Sambal Belacan were not far from it.


Rich & Creamy. A mouthful of bliss that remains in my mouth long after swallowing. Uni laid on a bed of Nori Tempura, topped with Truffle Kombu and Shiso Flower.


This is just so good. I’m lost for words. No surprise that it won Chope Diners’ Choice 2020 — New Restaurant of The Year award.

The ramen texture was soft yet firm to the bite, just amazing.

I was looking forward to explore the taste with Vinegar & Chilli Oil. However, the original taste was so good, I forgot about the sauces until the very last mouth. Little regret right there, which leads me to make my next reservation.

Can’t wait for my next visit!

Truffle & Wagyu Dry Ramen $20