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Subpar Customer Service So I had planned a visit to Pacamara over the long weekend as it was one of the recommended cafes. I have to say, this is my first visit to Pacamara (and definitely my last) because of their sub-par customer service. I am upset by their inconsistent treatment towards customers, meaning that I received a poorer treatment as compared to the other customers. I don't have very high expectation of customer service but my experience there was less than pleasant. I am fine with not being attended to when I first stepped into the cafe, but what infuriated me was how they ignored my presence, served the customers after me (taking into account that we have the same number of pax and we are both walk-in customers), and shoved me to the side (not literally). Of course, this just puts me off and I walked out of the cafe after this awful encounter. Tldr; If the food is amazing, you could almost forgive the service. But if the service is horrendous, and the food is average (according to the other reviews) – do yourself a favour and don't bother wasting your time, go elsewhere instead.
Halibut Fish & Chips ($19) Yeah i know, i can’t believe i’m back so fast too. And there’s no burpple beyond. Honestly it’s not that the food is fricking amazing but I do think it’s a very decent cafe all things considered. No GST/service charge, clean and sunlit environment, gets noisy because it’s so packed all the time but I only waited 10 minutes for my food. The fish and chips this time didn’t taste as good as I remembered - the halibut was not as sweet and substantial but at least the batter was crispy. Their fries though were still done to my liking - not sure if it’s the type of potato they use but it was more fragrant than average. And i love the purple cabbage slaw and their tartar, latter being tart enough. I’m hoping this dish will be back to its former standards the next time i’m back!! 2 big pieces of halibut please.
“Who Spilled The Jam?” Cute dish name! But it took super long to come. We went at 2pm and it only arrived at 2.30pm, long after we had devoured our other main 😩 Asked them twice to check on our order but they didn’t get back to us either 🤷🏼‍♀️ Overall presentation was really cute with a miniature jar “spilt” on top! But the brioche toast was just meh, didn’t really have much taste.
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Featured In 4 Guides
Brawn & Brains Coffee. Located at 100 Guillemard Rd, #01-02, Singapore 399718. . . . Their weekend Signature - Oven Baked Molten Eggs, with a side smoked salmon, avocado and melted cheese, $17.90. Hidden gem in the neighbourhood. We love how they take pride in plating their food so beautifully and Instagram-able! Nicely sliced avocado, neatly rolled smoked salmon into roses shape 🌹 , cut baby tomatoes, salads and that irresistible molten egg covered with melted cheese before oven-bake them to crispy edges! Beautiful and delicious Sunday brunch! . . . @brawn_and_brains #hungryunicornsg #brawnandbrainscoffee #brawnandbrains #brunch
Matcha Cold Brew Always excited when the folks Brawn & Brains releases new items; wouldn't say my stomach is the most tolerant to milk teas but the one here is certainly one I would not mind having again risking it all — the green tea comes pretty rich and aromatic of the tea's predominant bitter undertones, ending off with just a light touch of sweetness that is also creamy; almost akin to that of their Cold Brew Coffee itself. A great alternative to have for those who would take up tea over coffee any day.
Xing Wei
Curried Chicken Wrap ($13.90) Add On Avocado ($4.50); Flat White ($5.50) Curried chicken with arugula, onion, some sauce in toasted tortilla wrap with chips and add on avocado. Avocado is slightly expensive at $4.50 for slightly more than half of an avocado - as informed by the staff btw. I like how they slice the avocado thinly for you so it’s very easy to eat with the wrap. Love the combination of Argula and onions with the refreshing sauce as it cuts through the “heaviness” of the curried chicken. Curried chicken reminds me of curry puff filling. Portions are big. Chips are just normal chips - I rather have a side of greens (especially if it tasted as good as the greens in the wrap) Flat white ($5.50) is good. I got the single origin (Papua New Guinea blend). Strong, full bodied, not acidic - just the way I like my coffee. Staff are very friendly and the place is not big. I can imagine how crowded it will be on a weekend. I will definitely be back for the coffee and food.
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