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Zi Char, Good For Groups, Chinese Zi Char The footprints of Chinese food heritage
Cafe Coffee? Cakes? Pies? Savoury? Sweets?
Japan Food Hunt As you know Japan is famous for a lot of food, let's go for a jalan jalan around Singapore to taste taste the different food that Japan offers.
Su-She places to Bring your Girl (She) Trying to make her feel blissful with Sa(she)mi?Follow me on a journey to find the best one to capture her heart!
Buffet 不肥 if the buffet is the only meal you ate on that day.
Hawker Food, Cheap & Good Hawker Hunt Finding the best staple food to satisfy your taste buds? Join me on a journey to find out what are the various flavours that Hawkerpreneurs can offer.
Steak, Good For Groups Western Wanna explore the food culture of American, Italian, German, etc...? Join me along to find out what sort of exquisite cuisine is available...
Korean Food This is a verdict list that i have came up with.