📍Hard Rock Cafe (orchard)
MONSTROUS portion of food I say first…. Even their water were served in ginormous cups

Original legendary burger [$29.95]
the burger was a harmonious combination of bacon, steak patty, a huge onion ring, cheese and lettuce. Oh and can choose doneness for the beef patty! The fries were super crispy and seasoned v well and i couldnt stop eating them although I was so full….

Twisted Mac, chicken and cheese[$30.95]
Bruh they gave like 10 pcs of chicken breast, 2 huge garlic bread and 2 pax portion worth of Mac and cheese.. I usually finish my food but I really couldn’t this time… anyways first few bites were heavenly, Mac and cheese was very cheesy and yummy , but after while tends to get jelat. Chicken breast was alright although would have preferred some sort of sauce to compliment it.

Anyways used the burpple 1-1 deal and in total paid $40 for everything, not gonna lie was really worth it given I couldn’t even eat dinner that night. Really loved the ambience and friendly & cheerful service staff as well!

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📍Ajumma’s (funan mall)

Got the crispy Samgyeopsal Kkal Guksu with pork bone soup [$14.90] (longest name ever) and i gotta say - its 5/5🌟⭐️⭐️🌟⭐️🌟⭐️

The pork belly skin was supppppper crispy and the meat was super tender like it legit melts in my mouth and the soup wasnt thick but v v v flavorful esp w the scallion oil

Portion was soooo big i couldnt even finish the meat and my food got delivered 10s after i ordered… slay or what👏🏻👍🏻🙌

Noods 😆 were very chewy and tastes vvv authentic i luv itttttttt will come back to try the rest of the menu!!!

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Came here for the 1-for-1 Burpple deal and got the Kazoku bowl for $12.90. Seriously what a steal!!!! Sashimi portion was generous and so fresh. Definitely worth the money and would come back again even without the burpple deal. Feels like daylight robbery but we are the ones robbing. 😅 Also ordered their sirloin steak in med rare and it was cooked to perfection too 🫶 and also topped up $2 for a chawanmushi, salad, and miso soup. Yes, all 3 for $2 🤭 10/10 would recommend.

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📍Hopscotch (Gardens By The Bay)

Fav was the baby back ribs [$26] and the calamari rings [$12]. Ribs were tender and very flavorful and the calamari rings were just fries to perfection😍😍🥰first time trying it with sweet chilli and i love ittttt. Rest of the mains were alright but wouldnt come again if there was no burpple 1-1. Portion for beef bourguignon[$26] was superrrrr tiny tho, think they only gave like 3 pcs…

Anyways very fancy place and can take a stroll at GBTB after dinner heh

📍 The Berry Spot (esplanade mall)

Can’t even begin to explain how WORTH this was🙀🙀🙀 Used the burpple deal and got both for only $14.90????? The best part it, U can choose to customize it with UNLIMITED toppings and when i say unlimited, its frfr. Theres a wide range of toppings to choose from ranging from choice of superfoods, fruits to proteins. Acai wasnt sweet as well so tasted v healthy!! But would like it to be a little more frozen🥶🥶🥶🥶

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📍The Tipsy Tavern (chinatown)

Tuna tartare[$18] & pulled pork tacos [$20] : both were very yummmy but fav appetiser would be pulled pork tacos!! There were alot of ingredients and flavour just bursts in ur mouth

Wagyu beef don[$32]: its alright, beef a little raw but love how the don tasted:”)

Bara chirashi don[$28]: super generous with the sashimis, loved it !!!!:)))

Mentaiko salmon don [$28]: a little too much mayonnaise but still v decent

Hei bi pasta [$22]: very standard pasta, but spice level was just nice and kicks in v well:>

It was unexpectedly a very small restaurant but vibes is very cosy with dim lights and jazz music⚡️✨ good for date nights or fancy dinner💅 used burpple 1-1 for appetisers and mains! Super worth🤤🤤


📍Long Black Cafe (buona vista - metropolis)

Was a treacherous hill climb to reach this place but glad we made it because everything we ate was super worth!!

Truffle fries [$6.50]: fries were thick and truffle taste was substantial, but am nit a fan of super thick fries so it was a 6-7/10

LB special beef burger [$12.90] chef’s recommendation and it definitely did not disappoint ! Beef patty was juicy, the secret sauce packed a punch and the amount of fries given at the side was super generous

Chilli seafood delight [$13.90] wouldnt rate this very high as it wasn’t very mind blowing nor did it taste bad

Sailor’s fish and chips [$12.50]: dory fish was supppppper crispy and the fish itself was vv tender.

Tiramisu [$6.50]: was very yummy and the layers were thick and flavorful, not too sweet which was good:”)

The drinks [$3.90]: just tasted like syrup water

We used burpple 1-1 3 course deal and also 25% off ala carte menu… spent only $13 each for 3 people??? SUPER WORTHHHH!! but personally i feel like the original prices are also way more affordable than other western restaurants:”))

Also service that day was suppppper good she kept coming to check on us , refilling our water and even tapaoed water?? For us in a cup.

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Ragu [$25.90]: squid ink pasta was cooked al dente and beef cubes were juicy and amount was generous✨✨🫶🏻 There were many other ingredients as well such as button mushrooms and fried garlic which was vv crispy !!!

📍Oh My Cow (marina square)

New ice cream shop in the mall!! 

speculoos was very rich in flavour [$5.90 with cone] !! Not too sweet also 
soya bean with fritters[$5.90 with cone] also didn’t taste very sweet and the fritters really enhanced the flavours!

Had burble 1-1 for in the end only $3.50 for each cone! Cafe was cozy and free water was provided, pretty aesthetic tooooo

📍Original Sembawang white beehoon (IMM)

Original white beehoon (M) [$13.90]:
Broth was rich and savoury, but personally think the MVP was the chilli sauce hehe rlly complements the beehoon so well

Mala white beehoon (M) [$14.90]:
A little too MA for my liking, but its kinda addictive ngl , would still prefer the original over this

Hor fun (M) [$13.90]:
A little too salty on the day i ate it , nothing v special abt it

📍Carpenter and cook (beauty world)

Ordered very standard brunch items such as big breakfast [$28], pulled pork eggs Benedict [$25] , french toast [$28] and smoked salmon eggs Benedict [$26]

The one that stood out to me was smoked salmon eggs benedict as the eggs were nicely poached and the salmon was well seasoned:)

Passionfruit tart [$8] had a good mix of citrus and sweetness while the banofee [$8] one was eye opening as i have never tried a combination of tiramisu and banana in the form of a tart

Raspberry lychee and rose chia sweet was suppppppper yummy 10/10 recommend!! Could taste all the flavours and the fake flowers definitely added a flavorful touch to it . Lemon meringue cake [$8] might be a little too sour for my liking :<

Ambience of the cafe was v old school and homely !! Had 1-1 deals for the mains, desserts and drinks but otherwise would be rather pricey for the tiny portions:”(


Super cozy and aesthetic space!!

Creamy chicken scrambled egg croissant[$16] : eggs were super fluffy, house made cream sauce was buttery and complimented nicely w the soft mushrooms!!! Croissant was warm and crunchy too :>>>

Matcha latte [$7] : pricey and nothing rlly special abt it ;(

Ikura kombu copellini [$19]: a more glorified version of aglio olio IMO keke, topped with crunchy ebi and ikura. I would say Worth the hype la😺

Garlic tatter tots [12] were super gggggggg , must try!! And the portion was suppppper generous 🫶🏻