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Blackened (not burnt) Barramudi (Burpple Beyond 1-for-1) Featuring the 1. Blackened Barramudi $28 (with Squid Ink, Pistachio Pesto and Spiced Sprout Salad)! Fish was cooked perfectly and it was a great combination with the sauce and mushrooms! As I was using #burpplebeyond, we paired this with the 2. Smoked Lamb Ribs ($26) plus another 1-for-1 of the stuffed pitas. We got the 3. Veggie Dreams Eggplant ($15) and 4. Steak and Cheese ($18). Both were delicious as well! We had to be seated outside because it was full. It's a small place so it's better to make a reservation. The service was great too, so no complains. The only thing to note when claiming the 1-for-1 deal is that they will deduct the dishes with the lower prices! It doesn't matter how u want to pair them! I thought they would deduct the $26 and $15, but instead they deducted $15 and $18. Now I know!
Lamb Rib Tender and soft, no gamey taste at all. Portion is really small though
Burrple Beyond: Blackened Barramundi Trying something different from my usual sashimi dons/grain bowls! This was surprisingly good. The meat of the barramundi was soft and flaky while the squid-ink crust added a nice bite to the dish. I really liked the accompanying mixed sprouts salad that had a refreshing dressing to it. Do get their wood-fired sourdough which we later paired with the avocado sauce on this plate. 💯 However, at a price of $28, it is a tad pricey and I would only come back if there are still burrple discounts!
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Fishball Bak Chor Mee - M ($8) I got the meepok w vinegar only while my lunch bud got the normal meepok (chili, vinegar & ketchup I think). Components that I liked best: soup, noodles & fishballs! Added more vinegar to my noods bc I love vinegar. A spoonful of the nicely cooked noods + garnishings (fried garlic, lard & spring onion) + mushroom was gr8. The soup is tasty, prob from the natural flavours of the ingredients (don’t think there’s MSG). Fishball didn’t have a fishy taste, tasted like the fishballs from my childhood (cc margaret drive fishball). The prawns, fishcake and pork slices were decent too, the pork slices are not the dry lean kind. My lunch bud liked the liver (I don’t like it so I gave it all to him), he said that it was cooked well, kinda like medium rare such that it’s not too rubbery. This has 1-4-1 so I’ll gladly pay $4 for this!
aggs & xi
Another list ✅. Ah ter Teochew Fishball Noodle Bar , located at 5 Lor Telok. The springy noodle tossed with the sauce has components of homemade Chili, vinegar (not overpowering) and a bit of tomato ketchup. All components balance well. The highlight for me is the soup. The soup was tasty,flavoured and garlicky. Served with fishball, meatball, mince meat, liver, fishcake and prawn. 💰$10 📍Ah Ter Fishball Noodle Bae. 5 Lorong Telok.
Value For Money ($8 For 2 Bowls) Great mix and generous amounts of ingredients - mushrooms, and liver!! They cook it perfectly :-) The tangy mee pok’s well coated with the sauce too 🥰 Overall the vinegar taste leans toward the strong side but I like my Bar Chor Mee that way. However do expect longer waiting time during lunch crowds (1pm), as we waited about 30-45 mins after landing ourselves some seats and ordered. Atmosphere wise, the shop’s partially air-conditioned with seating arrangements good for groups of 6. If not, do prepare to share your good times and intimate conversations with strangers!
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