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The hummus was really fresh! Interesting condiments. We tried 3 different Pita - whole wheat, za ‘atar and el-hanout. I was told za ‘atar is thyme and sesame, and that was my favourite. El-hanout has a variety of spices, so there was a hint of bitter cinnamon aftertaste. One thing that could’ve been better would been to heat up the pita before serving :-)

Oddly my favourite part of this was the toasted pumpkin seeds and coconut flakes mmhmmmm paired perfectly with the tarte acai.

So sinfully delicious. Would have it once in a blue moon or share it as it’s quite rich and jelak.

Everything was really good, from the ice cream and waffles to the brownies and cake 😍 chocolate was very gao but in the most luxurious way possible.

Good cuppa coffee. And such a cute rendition of yuan yang! Opted for a top up of 70c for oat milk.

We tried a variety of food, but I was personally most impressed by the pita bread, maybe because of how unassuming it looked.

Shooketh!!!! A near perfect replica of a minced meat patty, only a little salty. Pricey too but you gotta pay em scientists.

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Highly recommend the cereal prawns, rendang and olive brown rice! On the pricier side, but worth every penny.