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NO^2dleS 📌 initial plan was to grab lOr meE but they ran out of it p eArleH around 12pm!! 🍤The noODles were abovE avErAgE I wouLd sAy!! Would gIve it a 7.5/10. LoVe hoW thEy dOnt slicE the prAwns into smAller pIecEs (scAmmEr shIt y0) & the cHilli sAuce wAs rLY goOd!! PersonAlly wOnt trAvel dOwn fo this boWl of noODles but p conVi fOr me sinCe bUbz livEs nEarby. dO be PrepAred to qUeue siNCe the lUnchtiMe cRowD is crAzY. MiGht be baCc to tRy the LoRmEE!! Or mAybe juSt sAve that StomAch spAce for arnOldS
Lor Mee Lor Mee ($4.00) includes 2 pieces of fried fish fillet and a few slices of braised meat. I added on with an extra touch of vinegar. Its one of best selling bowl at the stall. During lunchtime (12 p.m. to 1 p.m.), the queue for the stall will be formed. The food will be usually sold out by 1.30pm, so it is better to head there for late breakfast or early lunch.
Prawn Noodles Tried these prawn noodles near Hougang Street 51, Blk 556 called 传统著名虾面. Despite their name, their prawn noodles are very much average. Their prawns are plump and quite fresh compared to other prawn noodles, but the noodles were sadly a bit slimy, probably because they don’t have enough oil coating them. My favourite prawn noodles still do better. I’d say go for the lor mee instead, which seems like the more popular choice amongst their customers as well. I like that their sauce is sufficiently tangy and not too thick. Their ingredients are also pretty good - I particularly liked the fried fish with not too much batter coating it (which sold out shortly after we came at 12.20pm!)
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