My go to for Teochew Porridge. Wide variety of choices and plenty of seats available. Their duck and fishes taste awesome!


Revamped place with a much wider variety on their menu selling everything from mains to desserts to drinks.

I was most attracted to their dessert menu. Not only do they retain their parfaits and soft serve, they also serve crepe cakes, tiramisu and tarts now.

Ordered a Matcha Yuzu tart($8.50) and it was pretty well done. The tart was not too thick and the matcha ganache was very creamy. The circumference around the ganache within the tart was surrounded by Yuzu jam and gave it a nice sweetness. However I actually hoped that the Matcha taste could be stronger but still, this is good enough.


Free refill of soup. Pig organ soup cost $4.20(s) and $6.20 (l). Late dinner so two of us shared just one rice. The soup was nicely flavoured with salted veg added to give it a slight sour taste. The shop is generous with the ingredients too.

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Wasn't feeling so hungry so ordered just a Vietnamese roll rather than the mains.

Summer roll (3 pieces) at $7.90. Comes with prawn, pork, vermicelli noodles and tons of fresh veg. Felt so healthy after eating this. Comes with the light chilli sauce which gave the roll a little punch in flavour.

Used the burpple beyond deal and visited this place for the second time.

Ordered the Mentaiko Salmon don in regular ($24.90). The Mentaiko was so creamy and nicely torched with a mild burnt taste, covering a bed of large cubed salmon. This place is really generous in their serving.

The place was quite packed during dinner time but the staffs clear fast so we waited just about 10mins to get a seat.

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Ordered the strawberry and mixed berry pancake (4 pieces) which cost $14.40 before GST.

Definitely one of the best pancakes around. So moist and soft with layers with cream.

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$10.90 for small and $12.90 for regular. Difference is one additional choice of protein.

There are three kinds of base: couscous, quinoa and barley rice. Get a mix so you can try all!

Not amazing in taste but price is definitely cheaper as compared to the grain bowls outside.

Priced at only $12.90 for one set of fish and chips, easily the best value for money deal around.

The outer skin is so crispy and the fish was tender. Fries and fish served hot so be careful!

Opening as early as 5am, one of the best prawn mees around. The soup is so flavourful. Rmb to order the chilli version. Price is at $3.50 for prawn mee and $5 for prawn and pork rib mee.

The stall closes as early as 10am and the coffee shop which is so small is usually crowded. So head there early to chope your seat!


Used the beyond one for one deal and got the chirashi don in small at $15.90. Each bowl cost less than $10 after using the deal. Cheap thrill!

Serving was generous and tasted fresh.

Will visit again!


Used the beyond 1 for 1 set meal and paid $22.90 for these.

Wanted seaweed soup but it ran out so had kimchi soup instead. Changed the white rice to cauliflower rice which requires an additional $3. The portion is not huge so not for big eaters.

Overall, the taste was not bad but it wasn't amazing. Can't complain much as it is cheaper as compared to poke bowls sold elsewhere.

You can get your drinks and soup elsewhere.

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Probably the best karage in Singapore.

Ordered the 12 piece for $12 which comes with two choices of sauce and their 16 grain rice as well as salad.

The karage comes with crispy skin and tender meat. The 12 piece set comes with two choices of sauce. The wasabi cream and cod roe cream are the best, in my opinion.

The rice was so good, I'm not a carb eater but I finished every grain.