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Delicious and huge portion of crispy spring roll noodles at an affordable price ($3.90 after using Burpple beyond’s 1 for 1)! The place was quiet and seems like a suitable place to chill at with friends! Highly recommended and I will definitely return again!

I ordered spaghetti meatballs ($12.50, no GST, no service charge). There was a lot of spaghetti. If you are super hungry, that’s great news. Spaghetti was al dente. The tomato sauce was passable. There were two giant meatballs, as stated in the menu. The meatballs were dry and extremely salty. They were the worst part of the dish. I would rather eat the spaghetti than the meatballs. Honestly, I was lucky I used Burpple beyond for this. $12.50 for this kind of pasta? I might as well eat at one of the western stalls in a food court or hawker centre.

Choice of meat + choice of rice (Japanese rice or brown rice) + choice of gravy + + choice of 3 sides + 1 canned drink from $5.50 onwards. Love the unique curry sauce and decent portions. Definitely value for money and I sure will return!


Can’t remember how many times I have visited Uma Uma Ramen. Their food has always been good every time I visit them. I really enjoyed the Uma Uma Ramen ($16.80++) today. Yummy soup that is not too oily, chewy noodles, tender and melt-in-the-mouth chasiu. What’s not to like? Tea is also one of the cheapest at $0.60 and it’s refillable! Pleasant service, good space and privacy between tables. A place I can eat at and chill at. Will return.


I had the beef bulgogi bibimpap ($8.50). The sauce, which is the most important part of a bibimpap as it determines the flavour of it, is good and spicy but too salty. The portion is pathetic. At least for the beef bibimpap, I taste solid Beef slices. For the chicken teriyaki bibimpap which my mum ate, the chicken are not even slices! They are so so small. The lady sitting next to us kept complaining about the food too. Seriously, so disappointing. I do not recommend the food at this place. Even at less than $10, the mediocre taste and way too small portion make this a dissatisfying meal and is definitely not value for money.

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This comprised tempura prawns, chicken, onsen egg, shiitake, pumpkin, corn and lady's finger on Japanese rice and drizzled with tendon sauce. You can order additional items on an ala carte basis.

We queued for more than 30 mins to get into restaurant; This even after we leapt frog a few larger parties.
Everyone has been raving about the place so I'm wondering whether we were the only ones who think it's really not that great. The prawns were flavorless, almost and the sauce was too savory and not sweet enough for my palate. The batter was also slightly heavy. I personally think Teppei does a better job at tempura.

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I had the Norwegian salmon. It was omg so good. The salmon is a tad overcooked but still very good. Broccoli is surprisingly good;broccoli is rarely delicious. The mashed potato is omg good. One of the best I have tried! Love the chunky solids among the smooth creamy potato!
I tried my colleague's char Kway teow. Omg. The best I have ever tried! It is not too soggy or dry. Taste so good.
Seriously, you all need to come here to try their food!

I like the durian ice cream well enough. But this ice cream is a tad too sweet; I can taste the sugar/syrup. The taste of milk also overwhelms the taste of durian. This would be a much better durian ice cream if the taste of durian is stronger and the ice cream is less sweet.

My third time here.
Consistently delicious. Favourite among my friends.
But too pricy. This is definitely a place to visit for a special occasion.

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Still as good as the last time I tried it! I love the multitude of texture of this dish!

Disappointing. Taste-wise, it's decent. But what I dislike most is that it has only one texture; it's just soft and mushy. Not enough granola for the difference in texture to be significant.
Maybe it's because I got it to go. The staff told me the acai bowl must be consumed within 20 to 30 mins but can be frozen. Well, I froze it within that time limit. And it tastes like that.
Expensive at $9.30. And I think they are going to increase the price of their large bowl soon.

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Dessert platter ($18.80): choice of three counter cakes, 1 cupcake, 2 macaroons, 1 glass dessert: chocolate guanaja, rainbow cake, salted caramel, carrot cupcake, blueberry macaroon, pistachio macaroon, tiramisu. All super delicious, but perhaps a tad sweet. This is a portion for 5-6 people after a lunch. Such a good deal and you get to sample so many desserts! Super attentive and friendly waitresses! Place is small hence super crowded whenever I pass by, whether day or night. Simple and nice wooden decor. Definitely worth a return visit! Highly recommended!