Bahm mi is yummy and full of ingridents!

Bread is toasted crispy and fillings are moist so overall texture is not dry

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Amazingly delicious vegan pho!

I was literally hooked from the 1st mouth and this is the best vegan pho I have tried. If I am to rate for vegan & Non vegan pho, this is the 2nd best pho I've tried in sg - first being Pho 99 which is non vegan.

Food is served fast n piping hot, price is affordable. .

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This is our 3rd visit since Rempapa opened late last year.

Their lunch and dinner menu are totally different and serves u different aspects of the peranakan crusine.

Our 1st time trying their dinner menu and love that they have daily specials which are off the menu.

Recommend to try their Buah Kelak Fried Rice and Sambal Kapitan which is their daily specials. Grilled squid is flavorful and being a squid lover, I will reorder this.

Love their dessert - coconut pudding with gula melaka.

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Been visiting Lily Wok for their breakfast for over 10 years and Auntie Lily's homemade chili is a must-have!

So good that I must dapao a tub home everytime.
Goes really well with her white beehoon. N I actually add it with almost everything I eat. 🤣

Tip: I will repack them into smaller tubs and freeze those that I don't intend to use to extend e shelf life.

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What does it take for a food stall owner to remember her customers by names and their orders despite not visiting for years?

Was really touched by Lily Auntie when I visited her stall this morning. She had sold out her white beehoon but immediately offered to cook a small batch as she knew I came all the way for her beehoon.

My last visit was in June 2020 and prior to that, I have not been frequenting her stall for at least 2-3 years after quitting my job in the CBD area. Yet she can still remember my order and my name.😭

While eating my favorite white beehoon topped with her handmade belachan chili and meatball, had a chat with her. Her positive attitude and outlook to life inspires me and what is impressive is her whole-heartness towards each and every customer. She can literally remember each and everyone and there was even a customer who have been supporting her for 20+ years!

Dapao-ed a tub of her legit spicy homemade belachan chili n she is super nice to always give me a bag of my favorite meatballs. 🥰

Highly recommend to visit her stall whenever you are in this area. She operates from 6+am to 10am or till sold out.

Thank you Lily Auntie for showing me that 用心对待每一个顾客是不一样的, 人情味最美味 ❤


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Amidst the numerous vegan shops in Fortune Center, this hidden find is really yummy and affordable.

Was surprised to read very few reviews about it despite being opened for 5 years. I think probably due to it's obscure location which is a real pity.

Tried the following dishes (ranked according to personal preference) and overall damage of $50+ which is surprisely affordable! They handmade some of the vegan meat which is + point to the overall taste.

1) Bak Kut Teh Mee Sua: One of the best vegan bak kut teh soup I have tried. Like that the soup contains other ingredients besides the usual mock meat.

2) Sambal Fish With Brown Rice: Their handmade fish is much tastier than those sold in supermarts. Sambal sauce is not too spicy but 👍

3) Ngoh Hiong: Only sold during CNY, the handmade ngoh hiong is very well made with a good blend of diff ingredients

4) Oyster Egg Omelette: Not a fan of vegan oyster egg but theirs taste yummy with seaweed

5) Bbq Mushroom with Rice: The sauce complements the dish really well and taste homemade as we can't figure out the ingredients used

6) Thai Curry With Rice: Ranked this at the end as felt that the curry taste is pretty similar to the usual vegan curry

Will definitely be back to try their other dishes such as Unagi Rice, Braised Pork Meat, Red Yeast Mee Sua, Tempeh and many more ❤

Chifforn cake smells really good the moment it is served. Very soft, fragrant and moist.

Americano is good with no sourish or bitterish after taste.

An overall great experience especially if you need some quiet times alone.

French toast with charred banana, tamagoyaki and maple butter

Perfect mix and great breakfast for the start of the day!

Customer service is really awesome!

Rating: 8.5/10

Pork belly is well cooked yet not too hard. N the portion is really generous!

Briyani came with a sauce that is really suitable. Topped with maple roasted carrot, onsen egg and wild mushroom (recommended by the staff), the combi is really good.

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Rating: 9/10

Love that we can customize 1 staple and 3 companions.

I chose sweet potato mash, crispy garlic broccoli, butternut squash and edamame.

Sous vide chicken make the chicken taste more tender and the companions complement very well! Like how crunchy the broccoli is without being too hard and the lightly roasted butternut squash.