New place for taro balls! Located around setapak. They are famous for their milk mochi, freshly made and using fresh milk! The best sellers are pearl milk ice tea, purple potato soya ice and brown sugar chewie jelly ice. Portion is generous! I personally like the mango shaved ice and the signature taro ball shaved ice

I don’t mind go back for their polo bun, Portuguese tart and Cheong fun with rich peanut butter savory sauce

Good food is now available at mamacina! We ordered katsu chicken, mamacina curry, bacon truffle fried rice and truffle Fries! Katsu chicken goes well with the soft bread! The portion is just right for sharing!! I like it

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I’m surprise that F.R. copper served good cakes! We ordered S’more and key lime tart! Don’t ask me which one is good! Both of them are! So I couldn’t make up my mind! Key lime tart is just right, not too sour but a touch of lime brings you the refreshing feeling after a heavy lunch! I like it

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I’m so excited when I first noticed this bento on menu, because I always ordered salmon sashimi bowl and add on unagi, but now, edo ichi solved my issue! I can get EVERYTHING IN ONE BENTO! Happiness yet satisfaction :)

Required for grilled chicken instead of fried chicken, add on fried onion rings in between my burger. Good burgers with beautiful buns. Price range rm14.8 to rm32.8 (wagyu beef) open from 11am until 10pm

It’s not easy to notice this hidden cafe. But it’s really convenient when comes to parking. Free parking for 1st hour, so why don’t you give it a try? Some cakes are freshly made daily basic, so you get to try different flavor everyday.

Available on every Sunday until 2pm. Rm68 for adult and rm38 for kids. They are now having buy 4 free 1 promo. Fried fish, fried mihun, lo bak gou, porridge, pork intestine soup, Siew yok, Peking duck, rojak, red bean soup, dessert, ice-cream. You name it, they have it! Plenty of variety !


Fat olive moved to verve shop in Mont Kiara for quite a while. Menu had quite a variety of selection! We ordered 6 tapas and one pizza to share. This pork pizza is recommended (rm32)! Sharing is caring! The portion is meant for bigger group! I want to go back for more :9

Was looking for the stall, until we spot the long queue and we know it must be the famous fish head corner! Personally recommend their fried chicken! This fish head is only rm70!
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Ginza Japanese restaurant is not new to Penangites. They serve variety good Japanese ingredients and also imported sake. They are launching Omakase very very soon in the near future! Check them out

A heritage boutique hotel in Penang that provide authentic Hainanese-style cuisine. My all time favorite deep fried popiah packed with different ingredient in there. Hot and crispy, so yummy