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When your friends are boba lover, you just eat what they ordered. When comes to waffle, fluffed never disappointed you, however, the boba is not up to my liking, the portion is generous one, you get to enjoy every bite with boba hidden inside the waffle #bobawaffle #fluffedcafe #followjiongtoeat

Rm20 for this green tea fried rice, I love every bite of it because it has peanut inside !!

Volcano roll (rm38), one of the chef recommended dishes. Packed with salmon roe, avocado, crab meat and their special sauce (a lil spicy which make it stand out)

Title says it all! Personally think the unagi taste better than the salmon one! Unagi covered with salmon cube and cream cheese inside! Flavorful :) they are now having pork maki which is seasonal only! Check it out

A good place for family gathering, famous for their clay pot chicken rice, my dad also like it ! We ordered this Thai style seafood which is good! We ordered 4 dishes and cost us around rm200

Another new bar in town!! They provide Japanese fusion food. I ordered this mushroom charcoal pizza @guangbar_my, was covered with cheese, cherry tomatoes and mushroom, the sweet teriyaki sauce did the magic, which give it a neutral, goes well with thin crust! And of course, I had sweet potatoes fries, twisted fries, soba fish and one beef bowl! Happy tummy *rub rub*

Noodle series: flying wan tan mee
Walking distance from Nasi Lemak Bumbung and seapark burgerlab.
This old-school noodles with your noodles toss up in the air.
We ordered small sized, it costs rm7 per plate

Famous of its generous portion of lala and also its rich Chinese wine and ginger flavor broth. Waited for 30 minutes worth to try. Crowded during lunch hour. Rm11 per bowl! Dig in and enjoy

Continue my noodle series
This kraken squid ink spaghetti is something new from the menu! Worth to give it a try! Good taste just a bit too spicy but still up to my liking 😋

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Always up for healthy bowl. I ordered chicken breast for my protein and pasta as my base. They do have salmon and steak as well (with extra rm3). Price range around rm15.9-rm19.9

New place for taro balls! Located around setapak. They are famous for their milk mochi, freshly made and using fresh milk! The best sellers are pearl milk ice tea, purple potato soya ice and brown sugar chewie jelly ice. Portion is generous! I personally like the mango shaved ice and the signature taro ball shaved ice