Three Is A Crowd, Recommended Even Without Burpple The restaurant internal deco preserve pre-war bricks help to bring the scorching sun temperature down. bon appetit to the overall experience 10/10 coconut ice-cream 9.5 waffles batter The owner must be lucky to find the right hire commentable to the petite pleated hair girl Single handed, to handle streaming walk-in Check vaccination status for dine in Watching out for the toast Clearing & sanitise the table for the next patron
Cafes & Coffee Great Waffles For Sunday I happened to chance upon this fabulous place and decided to spread to word and share it other people, this place is short walking distance from KTPH hospital. The whiff of aroma that lingers around Bloom entices passersby appetite! We met Iskandar a handsome boy whose service is prompt & polite, the smile in his eyes shines with the mask on. Iskandar Is also capable to whip up fluffy and crisp waffles more than make up for it. It's a close competitor to a chain that used to make amazing waffles