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Delicious - the vegetables were very peppery and the salmon skin was crispy and full of flavour

Very generous with the prawns; sauce was quite nice.

These are essentially deep-fried Oreos ($20), served with a malted vanilla milkshake (to dip the Oreos in). A classy take on the classic Oreo and milk snack. I love whimsical, tongue-in-cheek desserts. My dining partner and I were subtly fighting over these. 😂

The Oreos were served hot and the cooking process somehow breaks down the crispy cookie texture of the Oreo, so it becomes soft and blends in with the icing. The milkshake is so thick its essentially semi-melted ice cream (I can actually see flecks of vanilla bean in it). So rich and delicious.

Overall, LAVO did a really good job of elevating a nostalgic childhood dessert, giving it a twist and making it fancy 💯


My dining partner and I ate in silence for a full five minutes, savoring every piece of this incredibly delicious steak.

It is an intimidatingly thick piece of meat; but so good. The steak was cooked perfectly medium rare, and super tender (and NY strip isn't known to be the tenderest cut) with a beautifully broiled exterior, blushing pink center and juices just flowing out when cutting into it. Plus that rendered line of fat running down the side...ohhhh yes. 🤤 It's served with some house-made spicy BBQ sauce, switches up the flavor of the beef even more.

For sides had the garlic mashed potatoes, wild mushrooms, sautéed spinach and asparagus. (We initially ordered three sides but somehow the spinach got tacked on there😅) I liked the mash the most. The flavors of the potato shone through without an overwhelming garlic flavor. The asparagus had a lemony pop which I really liked.

(steak was 10/10 but minus 1 point cause the sides were on a whole very average)

Missed this from Atlas! The eggs could be creamier, although it’s still a worthy add on at $3 for such a thick portion, and maybe more sauce on the plate would have made the dish more wholesome. Strange that it was prepared so quickly, but it’s still good. Just not as good as how it used to be.

Standard brunch fare- the full English breakfast with all the works, good tasting but nothing to shout about. Scotts Square is always lovely to go to, and worth it with the one for one

Been here three times- love the food (always delicious), vibe (chill and slightly hidden away) and the service is friendly.

The place was beautiful, with really beachy decor. The food was alright- kind of pricey, but you’re paying for the ambience. Tried three cakes- tiramisu, caramel chocolate and a cheesecake. The tiramisu was the best out of the three.

Love me a good risotto and this one was REALLY GOOD!!! Creamy without being too jelat, the portion was just right and didn’t leave me feeling overly full.

Ordered Mentiko fries, tom Yum spaghetti, and truffles mushroom egg bacon spaghetti. For mentako fries, was crispy (: mentiko taste was not bad but mebbe too mayo. Fries is a bit pricey :0 For sawasdeekap tom yum spag, fresh taste sans too much oiliness or saltiness (: For truffles mushroom egg bacon spaghetti, was delightfully creamy and bacon added new crispy dimension. Mushrooms were very truffley. In all, me & my companion enjoyed. (:

- Isaiah Reviews (: