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Recommended lists for Pasta

Recommended lists of Best Pasta in Singapore, 2019
Burpple Guides, Pasta, Italian 15 Best Places for Pizza & Pasta in Singapore There's so much more to Italian cuisine than pizza and pasta, but can you imagine life without these two staples? Oh, the horror! Whether it's for an extravagant Italian date night, a swanky business meal, or a fun DIY pizza session for group meals with those picky friends of yours, there's definitely something for everyone in this guide!

Top 10 Places for Pasta

Top 10 places for Pasta

Latest Reviews for Pasta

Latest Reviews of food and restaurants for Pasta

Came mostly for this! Bee tai mak with minced basil chicken, long beans and a sous vide egg. We folded in the creamy egg yolk and the mildly spicy-savory combination was appetising. Liked the variety of textures too especially with the crunchy long beans. Just thought they could up it a notch with the spice! It was a pleasing dish to have, but also felt we expected more of it.


Sautéed fresh succulent prawns indeed! The sauce was neither too thick nor too spicy. Second time here and I feel like I’ll be back again someday. Not every cafe has pasta that taste worthy of its price ($18)

Very nicely designed cafe! The water dispenser had a potted plant directly under probably not to let any excess water that drips out go to waste 😌

And it’s 1 for 1 on Burpple Beyond


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The cream was tasty but slightly overkill and the lobsters and crab were....hmm... countable with 1 hand.😔

Paid 9.90++ for this and queued for about an hour even though I reached at 5pm. Do be early if you are thinking if having this for dinner. The price was a little too salty but the egg was very well done.

Terrible service and terrible food. Cardboard like steak tonight that was really disgusting and lousy tasting, not worth the high price at all. But service prior was so rude that we didn’t even bother make a fuss as we just wanted to get out of there.

1. Starter tomato had dropped on stained table while server was serving but she simply placed it back saying 3 second rule

2. Had politely requested for the steak to be sliced when it was served but the waitress did not even check w the kitchen if it could be done, saying it’ll defeat the purpose of it being cooked the way it is. Interesting logic but to each her own. was really really rude about it after and spoilt our entire dinner.

All in all, was previously great but arrogance and poor management and lack of consistency in their food. Looking fwd to the next restaurant that will be replacing it in good time!

The squid was fresh, the serving was generous (this is half the portion), and the pasta was al dente!

Also, probably one of the better restaurants in Singapore with better than average service!

Not really sure what to say about it though as it was Super oily and jelat after a few bites..... the leafy greens on top were bitter and didn’t add any flavours to the dish. I enjoyed the cheese and the mushrooms but they were just drowning in too much oil. 😞 #burpple #burpplesg

180g of Wagyu Beef nicely grilled topped with an egg, delicious.

My default carrot cake to go to for a quick carrot cake fix 😊

For less than 5 dollars ( gst included ), you get a pretty huge and moist carrot cake with lots and lots of crunchy walnuts and a not so sweet cream cheese frosting.

Cedele used to be my first love but less so given that their carrot cakes tend to be pretty dry these days and overly creamed with cream cheese . I want more of the cake and less of the cream 🐹....

Came here with my bf for the Burpple beyond 1-for-1 deal. I got pan seared fish with aglio olio and he got the chicken chop. We also ordered a side of har cheong gai. Food was good, though I think I should’ve gotten the Assam pasta instead. Maybe next time!


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Served with watermelon and dill, this was an interesting blend of flavors. The watermelon was refreshing and enhanced the flavors of the charred octopus. Food here is interesting but rather pricey considering the small portions.

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