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Recommended lists of Best Pasta in Singapore, 2018
Burpple Guides, Italian, Pasta 15 Best Places for Pizza & Pasta in Singapore There's so much more to Italian cuisine than pizza and pasta, but can you imagine life without these two staples? Oh, the horror! Whether it's for an extravagant Italian date night, a swanky business meal, or a fun DIY pizza session for group meals with those picky friends of yours, there's definitely something for everyone in this guide!

Top 10 Places for Pasta

Top 10 places for Pasta

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Tender, flavour infused braised beef brisket with Greek yogurt toppings and awesome basil pesto sauce.

🎉 His next collaboration will be a Christmas Special 🎄 on the 22nd December! Will you be there to witness the festive food items? 🎅 🎁

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This is Boufe’s Daisy Cake! ($8) It consists of a soft lychee mousse with a layer of yuzu creameux, and a green tea sponge base. It’s also topped with almond crumble, lychee, cute sugar daisies, and rather bougie gold flakes.

Overall, this was quite lightly flavoured. Would have preferred a stronger yuzu taste (or thicker layer??) and also more textural contrast because this just tasted a bit just like a mouth of cream. This was really pretty though.

This gorgeous mirror-glazed entremet is called the Milky Way ($8.50). I love the details - you can even see the specks of white which are the “stars”.

Under the milk chocolate glaze is a light white chocolate yogurt mousse, with a strip of calamansi jelly and honey genoise (sponge cake), and the base is a chocolate sable (shortbread).

I quite enjoyed this because it was light tasting and the calamansi jelly added a punch of citrus so the mousse didn’t taste too boring. Overall, really aesthetically pleasing. A bit small for its price but I guess you eat it once with your eyes and then with your mouth!

Round up the gang for live music, booze and hearty Western fare! Order the Peri Peri Chicken ($26) to share — fried chicken wings and drumlets that come with a special house-made chilli sauce. For mains, the heartily portioned Linguine Marinara ($20) should fill you up nicely.
Photo by Burppler Jacqueline Tay

Gather the colleagues for lunch at this casual pasta joint! The menu sports usual suspects like the Bolognese ($10) and Aglio Olio (from $13), but it's the Asian-fusion offerings that take the spotlight. We recommend the zingy Chilli Crab ($15) as well as the Kimchi Spring ($15) – think crispy pork belly on al dente spaghetti tossed in a tangy kimchi sauce.
Photo by Burppler Yee Wen Chen

The prawns weren’t fresh, which stood out like a sore thumb in an otherwise satisfying dish. The flavour of the garlic was infused throughout the dish, and the pasta was perfectly al dente. The squid was also perfectly tender, and the slight briny-ness from the seafood added an additional layer of complexity to the dish that we did not expect.

Can Order👍

Mentaiko always hits the spot.

After navigating the labyrinth which is Chinatown Complex Food Center, I’ve found

Sutāchi is a Japanese-Italian food concept, providing restaurant quality food at hawker centre prices. On the menu, one can find a selection of rice bowls, noodle bowls or even bar bites that go well with the nearby craft beer stalls. What caught my eye was the salmon mentaiko pasta.

The pasta was definitely a looker with its vibrant pink hues of the salmon, golden runny yolk and that torched brown mentaiko. Couldn’t wait to dig in! After mixing everything, the spaghetti dish oozed with goodness as one could smell and taste the char of the mentaiko sauce. The salmon chunks were light and cooked well. Overall, it was a well-balanced dish in terms of taste and intensity as eating something this creamy, didn’t make one feel too glutted.

I’d definitely back for my mentaiko fix or even try the gyu donburi next!


☀️ Salmon & Eggs to satisfy the craving! And Kith cafe iced coffee are served with 4 espresso shots! ☕️ 💪🏻
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Really worth it! There's something special about the signature spaghetti that makes such a simple dish taste so good!

Beef patty was tasty but I would have asked to leave out the BBQ sauce, overpowered taste of the burger. Also would have preferred another side other than just fries.