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The sauce may be free of cream, however the sauce is still wrong. I think there's a misconception about creamless carbonara, anyone can throw egg and cheese tgt, but true carbonara has a particular creamy umami, not empty sourness which is common amongst the creamless carbonara here

Overall, we didn't have a pleasant experience here at all. Music was way too loud, they had this very shaky table, and the service was not attentive at all. Apart from once, we had to call them over for everything from refilling water to clearing plates. What's crazy is that we were literally the first table indoor and the only table for quite a while, so I'm really not sure what the service team was doing

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So obviously mushroom soup isn't necessarily available every day

They don't sell half portions, they split one portion into two for 2 pax. Honestly this is enough for one pax

Well tbh this is a slightly above average mushroom soup. The thickness is appropriate, but the flavour isnt superb. The roasted mushroom is pretty decent tho, but each piece is too small

Very thick yes but there's a very strong smell which comes up even long after you're done w the meal, unpleasant.

Cheesy Chicken Chop (S$13.90+)
Topup S$5.90+ for mushroom soup & pink Lychee lemonade

Note πŸ“ : Got GST

Not too sweet ang the red bean is cheery on top😜
Surprisingly there's MOCHI in the middle ,and it was serve warm 🀍

Gnocchi is one of those dishes that you either love or hate.

I am one of the former as the mashed potato stuffing gives the pasta a delicious buttery texture. Picolino serves theirs with bacon cream (yum), baby spinach (no thanks), sundried tomatoes (sweeeet) and red pepper flakes (♨️).

I quite enjoy it but it wasn't that great for the waistline the next day!


Several #burpplers who have tried Picolino or their sister restaurant, Lino, were raving about their Burrata Pizza at the start of our #eatup.

At the end of meal, it was not hard to understand why. The pizza is layered with garlic parsley chimichurri with a huge ball of burrata cheese as its centerpiece. It is then finished with cherry tomato pesto and capsicum.

The rich, creamy and buttery flavour of the burrata cheese was definitely the standout. You definitely can't go wrong when it is paired with the herbaceous chimichurri and sweet yet tangy tomato pesto.

For those who would like to skip the carb, Picolino also serves their Burrata cheese as a starter!


There is much heated debate over whether you should have pineapple over pizza. I'm not sure what's the origins of this debate but it was definitely no cause of concern for us #burpplers when the good folks from Picolino served us their Longanisa Hawaiian Pizza at the recent #eatup.

I did resort to Google to find out what is a Longanisa sausage but was none the wiser. It is a type of Spanish sausage but I don't understand how it is different from the chorizo or the English bangers. It appears though to usually refer to a cured sausage.

Besides the longanisa sausage, the pizza was topped with baby spinach, pineapple & apple chutney. You don't usually have baby spinach or apple chutney over pizza so the combination of these 4 ingredients made for an interesting but tasty combination of flavours. My only qualm though, as with the rest of their pizzas, was that the sausages were cut too thinly. Though there was a decent amount spread throughout the pizza, you could barely taste it through the cheese, pineapple and apply chutney. I will say that if you aren't a fan of Hawaiian pizzas, this may change your mind a little.


Being a big fan of Middle Eastern food, I was pleasantly surprised to find that Picolino has a lamb merguez pizza on their menu which features lamb sausage with baba ganoush, cucumber tzatziki and mint.

For those who are worried about the gamey flavours of the lamb sausage, the deep earthy taste of the baba ganoush and the refreshing garlicky cucumber tzatziki compliments it really well.

As with the duck rilette pizza, my only qualm was that relatively small pieces of lamb sausage was used which meant that they turned out slightly dry and you could barely taste them.