Wow! Love the addition of the chocolate Christmas tree and ginger bread mam

Pure guilty, sinful indulgence, especially when paired with their coffee

This is simply magnificent. The salty sweetness is there but not intrusive to the doughy taste of the crepe.

Chocolatey, my wife ordered this, I can't really comment as I can't appreciate chocolate in my coffee.

There is a very delicate balance when creating a latte. I personally would prefer coffee to be the main flavour, while others prefer milk.

This one suits me very well, as coffee is the dominant flavour, which is then complimented with milk to add a creamy smoot drinking experience.

Located inside a newly restored colonial building, this cafe boasts the best layered crepe cake I've ever tasted

Made with a mix blend of Castillo, Carturra and Typica, giving the brew a lingering fruity and mildly acidic finish.

There's also a very faint sweetness present hidden within the myriad of flavours

This is the only place I know that pairs such a prestigious whiskey with amazing food and cigars.

Perfect for those looking to be living large.

There's alot to choose from here, and with Beyond, you get a complimentary bottle of wine after you buy one that's RM500 and above, magnificent!