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Barachirashi ($42) ⭐️ 5/5 ⭐️ 🍴By far the best #barachirashi in Singapore if you’re willing to splurge a little! Think ultra fresh and juicy pieces of a spectrum of fish and seafood, from maguro to octopus, squid, toro, and even 4 pieces of uni. The raw fish was well complemented by fluffy and sweet tamago, ikura, and Japanese cucumber. The rice was also warm and fluffy. There’s really nothing to fault - already planning my next return visit 😋 📍@aoki_restaurant, #02-17, Shaw Centre, 1 Scotts Road #cafehoppingorchard
Dining at Aoki makes you question yourself as to why you don't come here for often. Part of the Les Amis Group, the food is sublime, service impeccable and ambience, luxe without being too pretencious. • I love their barachirashi don. ($42 for a lunch set and $60 for an alacarte dinner) you get an assortment of fish ranging from the common to the premium. The fish is marinated but not overtly so that you can still identify what fish you're having. Gobs of uni and ikura pearls amp up the umami factor while the tamago lends a touch of sweetness. Even the rice is the ideal temperature and acidity. • Reservations are highly recommended especially for lunch as they have two seatings.
Melts in the mouth Taste: Teriyaki Cod fish. It literally melted in my mouth when I put it in. Boneless too! Very palatable and flavourful! Awesome! Atmosphere: We were given a private dining corner and ambience was great. Simple decoration with a tint of japanese culture. What blew me away was the toilet. Upon entering the toilet, the cover of the toilet bowl was automatically opened up. Wow! There were many buttons which you could press too. Amazing! Service: Staff was very attentive and food was served to us in a very timely manner. They would also explain the items we are eating in a very patient tone. Price: ~$35 Where to find this place: Shaw Centre. Located at level 1 facing the main road.
Zhi Yan
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Uni Rice Bowl First time back since they moved from a Raffles to Carlton hotel. Don’t be stingy st Shinjii - go for the Chef’s omakase where you can make specific requests. Of ourse, it’s extremely good, especially the cooked dishes. Somehow, I prefer the sushi at Ashino, and I find the uni rice bowl at Ki-sho more satisfying. But, at this level, differences are minimal and preferences are more a personal matter.
Uni (sea urchin) Sushi at the 1 Michelin ⭐ Shinji By Kanaseka Singapore . The 2 Singapore branches of this famous Japanese sushi restaurant are very good and consistently produce some of the best sushi in Singapore. Their sea urchin in particular is probably the best in the country. 😋😋 . #lunchtime #burpple
The Fine Diner
Lunch Date Part TWO: 8. Flying Fish with a hint of Shiso and tiny bursts of Tobiko. 9. Tiger Prawn. 10. Negitoro aka Minced Tuna Belly witg Asatsuki Chives. 11. Anago aka Sea Eel. 12. Maguro Maki, Pickled White Radish and custardy Tamago. 13. Meatball Soup. 14. Orange Jelly with Kiwi and Grapes. Topped with Raspberry and Red Wine Sauce. Great food. Awesome service. Perfect date. Also experienced a bit of an epiphany eating the Negitoro. Oh. Em. Gee. Never thought myself a Tuna person (I usually go for Salmon) but the creaminess of the minced tuna was incredible, and the inflections of sharp slightly grassy chives helped cut the richness. So. Good! Thank you @pacamaru1 for once again treating me to a delectable meal. More that that, spending your lunch hour with me made my mid-week mid-day more than perfect! I love youuuuuu!
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