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Roast Paradise Roast Paradise ($10.80) . A play on the origins of this amazing bowl of roasts from @fook.kin , this Roast Paradise bowl will definitely bring you to paradise and back!. Expect caramelized char siew with that crispy outer layer and melt in your mouth meat, crackling roast pork and roast duck that has such tender meat. Even the egg was delicious with its gooey centre. I ordered the noodles instead of the rice as even the noodles deserved mention with its springy texture and delicious seasoning. The price here is definitely on point as the serving was more than generous!
The bowl of noodles with everything! Roast duck, crispy roast pork and caramelised charsiew not forgetting the crispy lard. Even the noodles is good which has the flavours from fhe lard and of course their chilli is worth the mention!!! (Am glad they were generous on their chilli when i asked for extra, pls keep it that way) For a bowl of this, it costs more than $10 but the portion is huge! I can’t finish them. The roasts is authentic. Love the roast pork and especially their charsiew which are chunky and bursting in flavours. The omelette is thick and fluffy but the fried wanton alittle disappointing. Would come back just for the roast noodles though. Because it so @fook.kin good. . #fookkin #roast #charsiew #JoEuGoEat
Oh it’s F’kin good but sinful. We loved that their 叉燒燒肉 from @roastparadise gave us what one would be looking for. Char Siew was succulent and finished with a nice charred sweet glaze. Roasted meat had the desirable crispy crunchy skin. We loved them all, except the fatty proportion in the roasted meat was a little too high. Nonetheless, still one place we’d return to and recommend friends to try. Some trivia: fragrant rice refers to “chicken rice” while steamed rice is the usual “white rice” on their menu. Apart from Mee Kia, “noodles” on the menu is actually Mee Pok (revelation). Result of updates they decided not to change in their menu out of some fun.
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DIY Chips & Guacamole DIY Loco guacamole 🥑🥑 Crispy corn chips, avocado and diy condiments for you to snack on. I’m a big fan of guacamole but you have to add on their pineapple habanero salsa (in the last picture) as you can’t find this anywhere else! When my friend & I had this some time back, we kept talking about their 🍍 dip after. It’s a sweet & refreshing twist to eat your corn chips. Do you like salsa or guacamole with your corn chips? Or both? . 📍: 15 Duxton Hill @luchaloco . 💵 : $14 for chips with avo. add on - $5 for pineapple habanero salsa & $4 for salsa roja. 👄 : Will you return? yes! Always there. . 🌟 : Tips - think they only have this pineapple salsa at this outlet and not at Superloco!
David Papkin Lucha Loca Review David Papkin Singapore Review. Very tasty tacos. I had the grilled chicken and pineapple on corn tortilla and sweet potato on corn tortilla. Little pricey though 8.00 -12.00 per taco crowded in a weekend. David Papkin #davidpapkin #burpple
[Lucha Loco] . Inspired by the tropical restaurants and bar in Tulum Mexico, newly renovated Lucha Loco housed both indoor dining and outdoor spacious tropical garden. Personally preferred the outdoor environment that provide a more relaxing and welcoming ambience. . Enchilada de Manzana ($14.00) Green Apples, Agave Cream Cheese, Chocolate Sauce, Pine Nuts and Vanilla Ice Cream . Location: @luchaloco 15 Duxton Hill, Tanjong Pagar, Singapore 089598 . #luchaloco #burpple #burpplesg #wearesuperloco
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