The ambience here at Here Kitty Kitty is really nice and vibrant, and it’s inspired by 1950s Shinjuku Nightlife (the falling autumn leaves added a nice touch too!). I tried several cocktails from their new cocktail menu created by mixologist Gary Mandobon (clockwise from top left).

~Mad Cat (Wild Turkey Rye, Amaro Averna, Campari, Orange Bitters)

~Ume Whisky Sour (Makers Mark, Apricot Liqueur, Ume, Lemon, Egg white)

~Watermelon Sugar (Don Julio Blanco, Cointreau, Lime, Watermelon)

~Sensei’s Old Fashioned (Suntory Kakubin, Laphroig 10, Oleo Saccharum, Aromatic Bitters)

The cocktails that I like are Mad Cat and Ume Whisky Sour. Both are enjoyable in their own respective ways, the Mad Cat has a bold and bittersweet flavour, while the Ume Whisky Sour is citrusy and textured! The Watermelon Sugar, a crowd favourite cocktail from their sister outpost in Las Vegas, will suit those looking for something that’s more fruity and sweet.

By the way, they also serve pretty good ‘Japas’ here too - moreish snacks that combine both Spanish & Japanese in the cooking techniques and ingredients, to go with your drinks!

Celebrated my birthday here at Bread Street Kitchen recently and the highlight was of course their signature Beef Wellington! Taste wise, it certainly met my expectations, as it tasted as good as I thought it would be! The pastry was crisp and flaky, while the beef was done to a perfect medium rare. The red wine sauce amplified the overall dish too! This paired well with the sides that came alongside it - truffle brie mashed potato & glazed carrots!

Had their Salted Egg Chicken Rice for dinner recently, and it was good! The chicken came nicely coated with a generous amount of thick and creamy salted egg sauce that was well-balanced without being jelak (perhaps the few pieces of keropok helped cut out some of those richness too). Will definitely be back again for this! Read that the owners here used to be from the famous Taste Good a few stalls down, but it does not really matter to me as the food is more important! Haha!

Decided to have the kway chap here for breakfast recently after walking past this stall so many times on my way to work. The kway chap was pretty good overall - the kway was not clumpy, and the soup had a clean herbaceous taste! As for the ingredients, they were tasty and parts like the intestines were thoroughly cleaned so there’s no smell! They are actually famous for their duck rice, so will try that next time!

Had a wonderful meal over at JinHonten, a brand new concept by the Les Amis Group recently, where I enjoyed their 10-course omakase dinner ($450++; 8-course lunch is $180++) skilfully prepared by Head Chef Issey Araki.

Each course from start to finish was so exquisite! Every dish was so fresh and delicious, and prepared using ingredients airflown mainly from Japan! My favourites were the Steamed Kuro Awabi (tender black abalone, paired with a richly addictive abalone liver sauce!), Nodoguro “Benihitomi” Hand Roll (crispy roasted nori sheets filled with meaty fillets of blackthroat seaperch - yummy!), Charcoal Grilled Hida Beef (perfectly cooked to a nice texture - this is so, so good!), and Kegani Donabe Rice (each grain of rice has been infused with umami flavours of the Hokkaido hairy crab, making the whole dish so flavourful)!

The delectable food, beautifully designed dining interior, great service, plus Chef’s ‘showmanship’ made this a truly memorable dining experience!

[1. Appetiser] - Murasaki Uni | Botan Ebi
[2. Steam] - Kuro Awabi
[3. Hand Roll] - Nodoguro “Benihitomi”
[4. Sashimi] - Menuke
[5. Shabu Shabu] - Kinki
[6. Deep Fried] - Shiro Ebi
[7. Refreshment] - Nasu
[8. Charcoal Grilled] - Hida Beef
[9. Donabe Rice] - Kegani
[10. Dessert] - Musk Melon (not pictured)

If you’re a fan of kueh lapis, you might want to check out Mdm Ling Bakery’s latest addition to their menu - Kueh Lapis Legit (‘legit’ here means ‘rich in taste’ in Bahasa Indonesia). These multi-layered cakes are soft, moist, buttery and not too sweet. There are 4 flavours - Signature Original, Pandan, Chocolate & Hawthorn that come encased in a Peranakan-inspired gift box. The Signature Original and Pandan flavours are my favourites! This would certainly be a good gifting option for your loved ones.

The Best of Kueh Lapis Legit (4-piece set) is priced at $78 per box, and for a limited time only, take 10% off and enjoy a special launch price of $70.20. Order now at

P.S. What you see in my post is just a small portion of each kueh lapis legit; each piece is much bigger and you can check @mdmlingbakery for the actual size.

We visited Taikoo Lane Hotpot recently to try their latest soup base - Pork Ribs Soup! For those of you who aren't a fan of spicy broths, this is a good alternative. This soup base is really comforting and tasty, and comes with chunks of tender pork ribs, corn, carrot and daikon. If you are in the mood for something spicier but don’t want the usual mala, you can consider trying their Green Peppers soup broth that we also had. We liked how fragrant and piquant this soup base tasted!

Both of these go well with their fresh hotpot ingredients like sliced meats (beef, pork, chicken), vegetables and more! You can also order dishes from their sister brand Chengdu Bowl such as Crispy Fried Meat in a Trolley, Braised Pork Belly, Lala Clams in Spicy Sauce (this is good!) to enjoy together with the hotpot.

PROMO: In celebration of Father's Day, Taikoo Lane is offering its Gentlemen's Privilege promotion from now till the end of June 2022. For every table with,
~1 gent (15% off)
~2 gents (25% off)
~3 gents (35% off)
~4 gents and above (50% off)

Being a huge lover of Lor Mee, I have always wanted to check out the reputable Feng Zhen Lor Mee, and I finally did so recently at their newest outlet in Yishun! This outlet serves 2 kinds of Lor Mee - Traditional Lor Mee ($4/6) and Fish Lor Mee ($6/8). The most important component in any bowl of Lor Mee is the gravy, and this one here is deliciously well-balanced without being too overly thick or diluted. I personally prefer the Traditional Lor Mee, as there’s more of a variety in terms of ingredients (love their homemade pork meatballs especially!) as compared to the Fish Lor Mee. All in all, Lor Mee lovers should definitely check them out!

The next time you’re in town, and looking for a late afternoon respite, you can visit Binary for Binary Hour. Between 4pm to 7pm on Mondays to Wednesdays, every order of an alcoholic beverage is served with a complementary pair of Wagyu Kofta and Cajun Pulled Pork Sliders.

The sliders are made with their Homemade Kubaneh Bread (anyone who’s visited Binary before will know how delish their breads are!) topped with Binary’s signature Asian and Western approach to their dishes. Both flavours were pretty delectable, and my favourite among the two is the Cajun Pulled Pork, which packs a bolder, smoky flavour! Diners can also place a la carte orders for the sliders at $20++ for four sliders with flavours of guests' choice.

As for alcoholic beverages, you can choose from a range of premium wines, cocktails, craft beers and liquours for your afternoon tipple. Featured here are the Thyme & Rosemary Sour and Cuban Manhattan cocktails.

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I visited Bucketta (located at The Grandstand) for dinner with my foodie friends recently, where we got to enjoy so much seafood (anti clockwise from top left):

~Seafood in a Bucket (Small - $69)
~Steamed De-shelled Flower Crab ($49)
~Salmon Marinate ($25)
~Baked Tiger Prawns w/ Vermicelli ($15)
~Crab Fried Rice ($10)

If you love using your hands to eat, you will certainly enjoy their Seafood in a Bucket, which comes with (for small) fresh seafood items like Green Mussels, Prawns, Crayfish, Flower Crab, Sausage, Corn and Potatoes, which can feed up to two pax (there are also medium & large which has even more seafood items!). You also get to choose from either Butter Garlic or Special Cajun for the sauces, and we went with the latter which added a spicy and earthy flavour to the seafood!

Other note-worthy dishes are the Steamed De-shelled Flower Crab (meat is sweet & fresh!) and the Salmon Marinate (the salmon pairs so well with the piquant marinade; you can wrap and eat it together with rice, seaweed & lettuce!), which I’d recommend ordering if you are here.

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We also thought the Thai Basil Pork Fries was pretty interesting and tasty, and is a unique change from the usual truffle fries.

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We really enjoyed the Korean-Style Savoury Waffles here, which is a whole waffle, served with Korean-style fried chicken in gochujang sauce. We like how crispy and fluffy the waffle was, and the chicken was crunchy and pretty juicy! We thought the gochujang sauce and maple syrup really complemented the dish! If Korean-style is not your thing, they have other flavours like Thai, Jap and Singapore styles too!

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