2 eggs, bacon, pork sausage wild mushrooms and salad with a mango salsa. Paying 18$ for this without Burpple’s 1-1 would have been a great disappointment as they only served half a croissant.

Rating: 3/5

Eggs in a hearty sauce of tomatoes and red peppers served with pork sausage and feta cheese. Very worth it especially with Burpple’s 1-1. Really enjoyed the soft Hokkaido brioche as well.

Rating: 4/5

Did not taste like other beyond meat I tried before at Hans Im Gluck (which tasted and had the texture of real meat). Would not recommend anyone to get this.

This had the texture of fish. Again, the fries could be crunchier as they were quiet soft and mushy.


Crispy batter, not too heavy. Flaky soft fish. Fries were slightly soft, could be better fried. 3.5/5

Beef was cooked well and not chewy. Overall a decent dish but not stunning. Portion was rather small also. Would have liked a bigger serving of vegetables. Overall 3/5

Tastes like cheap choc. 1/10. Highly do not recommend.

Unique combination of flavour.
Fragrant, light and refreshingly. Almost as if you are eating perfume.


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This dish was rather disappointing. While the crab meat was fresh and plentiful, the sauce was too mild and lacked flavor.

$25+3 for tagliatelle

Located at the corner of a quiet row of shophouses opposite Serangoon Stadium is Eleven Strands, a cosy Italian restraurant.
The Pork Ribs Pasta was a delectable dish! The homemade tagliatelle was al dente and the pork servings were not just generous, but also tender and rich in flavor without being too gamey.
One gripe u have though is that we would have appreciated a larger serving of pasta.

$25+3(for the tagliatelle) before tax
Note that entertainer does not cover add-ons

Curry was the star of the dish. Really authentic and delicious. Made even more worth it with Burpple 1-1. Make a reservation because the restaurant is very small

Thinly sliced and juicy. Perfectly runny egg. Decently priced as well

This dish was highly recommended by the staff who proclaimed them to be “pretty damn good”. With such a rave review, who can resist? We didn’t and it was indeed pretty damn good: a very daring and delicious take on our traditional spring roll. The crispy roll housed a cheesy blend of minced beef and there’s the option of dipping it in the sour cream sauce provided or with chiracha sauce. The only drawback is the rather hefty price tag at $10 for 5 rolls.

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