Doesn't look appetising but tastes like an explosion of delightful mushrooms in your mouth. If you're a mushroom lover this is definitely for you. 8/10

Usually I’d find paying $17 for a sandwich rather preposterous. But when it’s so freaking delicious (and also very filling), it’s hard to complain. The meat was juicy while the sautéed onions were sweet and flavorful which cut the meatiness nicely. To top it all off, everything was drenched in cheese giving it that extra rich kick.

When I think of burgers, I envision myself tucking into a thick meat patty, my mouth bursting with flavor and juice. Then I also remember the end of the meal; feeling sick as I look at the grease laden plate with my food baby separating me from the table... But not at HANS IM GLUCK.

The burgers were hearty- the patties were juicy, tender and flavorful without being too oily. As for the bun, the options included sourdough, multigrain andddd nothing. There was a naked burger option where in place of buns, you can opt for a healthy and generous portion of vegetables.
I got the Birkenwald- mushrooms topped with sour cream chive sauce- while my companion got the Hans Im Gluck- Parma ham, Italian hard cheese and rucola. Both were delicious with generous servings of the mushrooms and Parma ham. Each was 17 dollars. The only complaint I might have is that the patties were on the thinner side- I would prefer thicker patties. If you’re the same, you can opt for a double patty at an extra $4.

The sweet potato fries ($10) were also yummy but nothing particularly fascinating. The array of sauces- from vegan mayo to barbecue(I’m guessing) were fun to try.

Overall it was an enjoyable meal with good ambience (it was almost as if one was transported to a German forest- not that I’d know). I’d return for the burgers because I enjoy having a hearty meal without (too-much) guilt.


A good meal for the price- an adequate portion of ingredients with a rather generous serving of salmon in particular. The ingredients were fresh and the addition of tempura crisps added a nice crunch to the dish. However the rice wasn’t as fluffy as I would like and it could have had more sauce. Overall, there was nothing much to complain about (especially with burpple beyond) and my lunch companion did give it a 5/5 😜

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You will find Fuel Plus+ tucked away in a quaint corner at the foot of Mount Faber. Aesthetically pleasing Scandinavian decor greets you as you enter the cafe. I especially liked the white washed walls and marble tables.

Nearest MRT: Telok Blangah

Tom yum seafood pasta 7/10

Generous amount of seafood; 2 prawns some mussels and clams. Prawns could be peeled however so as to make the dining experience easier (spoilt brat, I know). The Tom yum was not as strong or sour as I liked as well. Decent but nothing special.

Chilli crab pasta 7.5/10

They put a spin on the tradition chilli crab and served 2 soft shell crabs instead. My only complaint was that there was too little crab. Other than that the pasta was springy and Al dente, quite an authentic chill crab sauce and the soft shell crab was extremely savoury.

Overall very tasty and with Burpple's 1-1, this was definitely worth it. Generous portions, relaxing vibes and tasty food what more could one ask for? One of the better cafes out there.