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Midnight YTF $7 odd per pax, the elderly couple is known to be ferocious towards people who doesn’t follow their “rules”, and charges customers as they please... I wonder if they consulted a Fengshui sensei about their stall’s opening hours and their attitude toward customers (or could be the other way round, chicken-and-egg issue hahas). Back to the topic, love the peppery soup, as peppery as the stallholders, it reminds me of bak kut teh, with more dried chili flakes! Don’t order the pig innards, they just taste weird. Must take those 3-layer sio bak!
For A One Time Try Only Having read so many good reviews so finally tried this out. Good points: soup got taste, crispy pork lard, fish maw (my favourite) Down side: pig stomach got smell, veggies not washed, got sand Dun understand why so popular with long queue Damage: $16 for 2 ppl
Midnight Yong Tau Foo Read so much about this Yong tau foo that opens only in the middle of the night and it's hostile stall owners that I was determined to try it one day. Waited for more than an hour at 1230am before the stall really opened and was ready for customers to pick the ingredients. Many were there early, and you really gotta be fast or you just gotta wait even longer. What stood out for the YTF in this stall was the wide selection of unusual YTF ingredients. They had mostly internal organs, many fried items like pork belly, some seafood, in addition to the usual ones. Every order came along with a bowl of pig liver soup. Also, the soup base tasted pretty light, doesn't seem to have MSG added. $27 for a pot of soup for 3, without any bee hoon. Remember to mention: 1. Whether you want Dry bee hoon to go with the soup, how many bowls 2. Your bowls of ingredients to be cooked in the same pot of soup or separate pot 3. Whether to add vegetables, chili padi and Ikan bilis into your pot of soup Well, the stall owners weren't exactly as hostile as I thought they would be. Just don't obstruct their way and give clear orders and you will be fine! #BurppleMajulahMakan
Miss Ha
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Prawn Pork Rib Noodles $10 Detractors complain about the cost, queue and quantity of food given, and why bother with this when there's the far more popular and slightly cheaper Beach Road Prawn Noodles nearby. I argue that this is a far superior product, worth waiting and paying for. Curiously, I don't see anyone griping about $12 prawn aglio olio from Pastamania. Taste: 4/5
Craving for this now ... Da Dong Prawn Noodles. I customised my bowl with big prawn and intestines. The highlight from the prawn noodle is the broth. It’s light, tasty and more sweet (coz they are also using pork beside prawn ) compare to ordinary prawn noodle. 💰$15 📍Da Dong Prawn Noodles. 354 Joo Chiat road.
Indisputably Delicious Every Time I have come to two conclusions regarding my favourite prawn noodle stall in Singapore. 1. It is best to visit it on Mondays. This is possibly the quietest day for them so it’s easy to find a seat and the wait time for your food to arrive is brief. As you can imagine, weekends are usually a bit crazy with an endless stream of customers. 2. The $10 bowl is the one to order. I graduated from the $5 bowl to the $8 eons ago but have realised in order to feel gleefully sated, nothing beats the large serving. My go-to these days is shown above - the soup version with a mix of yellow mee and beehoon, prawns, pork ribs and pig’s intestines. Sometimes, depending on my mood, I also add on liver. As a few of you have pointed out, “Da Dong Prawn Noodles” is not cheap compared to other hawkers but I believe in paying for quality and what gives me joy. Plus that broth of theirs is seriously to-die-for.
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Awesome Beef Tombik $8.5 Beef is very well seasoned, Tombik is light, fluffy and tasty as well!
Mixed Pide, Hummus And Beef Tombik An unassuming storefront dishing up authentic and delicious Turkish food right in the heart of Millenia walk, Donergy definitely delivered to our pleasant surprise - freshly rolled dough and oven baked goodness of Turkish flat breads and their unique version of our commonly known pizza (Pide). The greedy sloth in me had to have the best of all worlds, so I ordered the Mushroom Pide with additional spinach ($14) since all of them had cheese as their base. The well blistered dough topped with generous gooey melted mozzarella cheese proved a downright comforting treat to the tummy, which my polished plate rightfully proved. The Beef Tombik ($8.50) came with a hearty portion of beef slices and mixed slaw which congealed together quite darn deliciously within the warm, fluffy and airy bread, which texture was similar to our leavened Naan bread. Lastly, the hummus ($6) arrived chilled with nicely arranged triangular slices of what appeared to be the flatbread used for the Tombik, and was a perfect union eaten together. While I would have wished for a more creamy texture, this generous plate sufficed for its affordable price tag. Best part? This eatery comes with NO gst and svc, and additional bonus is the good looking Turkish community who straddle in for a simple and quick meal in the midst of a hurried day 👀
Turkish Kebab & Desserts Donergy Turkish Kebab is a smallish Turkish restaurant in Millenia Walk that serves Turkish delights such as Tombik, Pide and Kebab. There is also Turkish Aryan to quench your thirst and desserts such as Baklawa, Sutlac and Kunefe to end your meal on a sweet note. Please read my review at www.hungryghost.sg
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