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George’s Laksa Will Satisfy Your Laksa Craving A bowl of laksa can only shine with a spicy coconut-based soup, which is the soul of this Peranakan dish. Read more: https://www.misstamchiak.com/katong-laksa-changi-road/
46 Years Is A Long Time To Be Cooking One Dish. You Bet It’s Good. The seed was planted when I saw Chef Alan Chan (Instagram: @malaccamakanking) post about this stall on his Instagram Stories. It took root and budded after I learned from @cyrenedelarosa who visited with @kfseetoh that she really enjoyed it too. I finally made my way down to the stall at 37 Changi Road today as my curiosity could no longer be contained. I did come close to missing out on tasting the laksa though because a couple of bulk orders were put in. Fortunately, I had heeded Chef Alan’s advice and called ahead so I managed to “chope” a serving. After digging into my portion, I get why George Katong Laksa has ardent fans. To me, it tastes like a cross between Janggut Laksa and the Sungei Road one located at Jalan Berseh (my all-time favourite). George’s gravy has an obvious sandiness from finely-minced dried shrimp which gives it more savouriness and an almost meaty taste. Being a friendly gentleman, he shared with me how he has tried to perfect every aspect of his version too. For eg. the thick “beehoon” (rice noodles) is washed twice and left to soak so they can soften and be able to absorb the laksa gravy better. To be frank, I prefer this much more than 328 Katong Laksa which is too “lemak” (rich) for my personal taste. A $5 serving which is what I got, comes with a generous amount of noodles, small prawns sliced lengthwise, strips of fishcake, small cockles, a heap of laksa leaves and if you like it spicier, a dollop of George’s homemade sambal.
Laksa (~$4) A friend introduced me this laksa place over at Telok Kurau, which happened to be called Katong Laksa. It is a long standing laksa stall that has braved the weathers for more than 20 years as my friend recalls. The laksa gravy is fragrant and the chili goes well with it when evenly mixed. Fairly generous amount of cockles which are juicy. Personally, I’m not a laksa fan, no thanks to 328, but I think after this meal I just became a convert.
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Family lunch in the beautiful Gardens by the Bay. Among the dishes, we enjoyed the tender Malaysian free range chicken served with aromatic turmeric-infused rice in claypot style. Note that only four portions are available daily. #happybelly #familytime #burpple (S$32++)
Celebrating my father's Bday with our favourite chinese food and with a view of our beautiful bay. Had the baby abalone meesua ($30), pre-ordered claypot chicken rice ($32), and garoupa with garlic and vermicelli ($38, not in pic) The baby abalone is chewy though the meesua is as usual. Enjoyed eating the claypot chicken rice with its mild ginger taste, tender chicken, and consistently crispy rice bits (!!). Do note that there's only 4 portions of the claypot rice, which has to be reserved in advanced. I am lucky that its still available even though I only called in 3 hours in advance. The garoupa also captured my favourite taste of garlic in soy sauce. For $136 including some dimsum and tea, it makes for a good meal amongst 4 people!
For Classic Chinese Seafood Dishes on a Special Occasion Gather the whole family for an indulgent dinner with a view by the Flower Dome. Impress grandma with their Lobster in Homemade Champagne Sauce ($50) that sees generous portions of lobster meat in a champagne sauce that brings out the lobster's sweetness. Be sure to get their Catch of the Day in Two Ways ($80) that balances sinfully good deep fried bites of fish with fresh, lightly pan-fried slices. Round off the meal with a Lobster Braised in Ee-fu Noodles ($68) or a Seafood Fried Rice with Baby Abalone ($30). Photo by Burppler SG Food On Foot
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Sweet & Sour Pork Sweet & Sour Pork ($7) . Extended deliberation on whether to post about this crazy value for money tze char place located within chinatown food centre. The menu isn’t extensive but every dish is executed with finesse and perfection. This sizzling hot claypot of my favourite sweet and sour pork is only $7 and the portion could easily feed 4. The unique selling point of this dish is that its sweet and sour sauce was made with hawthorn instead of the usual pineapple, vinegar and ketchup. Expect to find quirky senior folks running the shop and not taking no carbs as an acceptable reason to skip ordering rice and this stall only opens for a short 2 hours, making it a feat just to order successfully.
Claypot & Cooked Food Kitchen #02-83 Recommended by the butcher from the wet market downstairs, this stall always sells out quickly and we finally got to try it yesterday. After a grueling wait due to their many customers, this spread that only costs $34 (for 6 ppl!) arrived in cute, homely claypots. While I found the dishes slightly too oily for my taste, the wok hei was undeniable. Order the generous serving of 姜葱pork liver that has that tender, "medium rare" perfectness.
Claypot Liver For those who were afraid of the gamey taste, this dish will change your mind. When the wok was heated to extremely heat, it caused something called the "wok hei". This wok hei helped to remove most of the gamey taste and not losing any the meat natural sweetness. Stir fried with ginger and spring onions improved also its sweetness. To achieve such perfect texture of the liver takes years of practice (I mean yearsssssss of hard work and the ability to endure the heat of the burning stove.) According to the auntie, they have no actual closing time. When they sold out, they closed. So do drop by early! Claypot & Cooked Food Kitchen Smith Street Food Centre #02-83 Open from 11am till Sold out Closed Alt Wed and Thurs Phone: 81008265
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Nodoguro Claypot Rice. This was a good claypot rice I had while Ichigo Ichie was still doing delivery. It's a claypot rice that came with the sweetness of corn, and topped with Nodoguro marinated with Chef Akane's special sauce. This dish had all the flavours, while still tasting clean. And that to me is Chef Akane's style, always having the right amount of touch. 🔸 Using dashi that Chef Akane made herself and koshihikari rice from Nagano, the rice were soft, moist, springy and slightly sweet, just like how sushi rice were meant to be like. For another dimension of sweetness, corn were also used, which also lifted the rice with its aroma. 🔸 The Nodoguro was definitely tender and moist, with lots of natural oils from this fatty fish. It was marinated with Chef Akane's special sauce before grilling it, and served with fried diced cut Renkon, Kujyo neghi, and Kinira as condiments. 🔸 Subtle, yet fantastic. A box expertly put together with just the right amount of touch.
Ayu Claypot Rice (included in my omakase dinner). Have you heard that Chef Akane now owns her own restaurant at Intercontinental Singapore Robertson Quay? I've always loved her kaiseki dishes at Sushi Kimura, and this restaurant will allow her to create omakase courses focusing on her kappo and kaiseki dishes. 🔸 During her kaiseki omakase at Sushi Kimura, she served this claypot rice that came with the sweetness of dashi, housemade by Chef Akane no less. It was then topped with Ayu marinated with a special sauce. This dish had all the flavours, while still tasting clean. And that to me is Chef Akane's style, always having the right amount of touch. 🔸🔸 #ayu #claypotrice #sushikimura #foodphotography #fujifilm #burpple #eatoutsg #sgfoodies #sgfood #foodsg #instasg #foodstagram #instafood #instafood_sg #f52grams #hungrygowhere #sgfoodblogger #vscofood #sgig #sgjapanesefood #burpplesg #晩ごはん #夕ご飯 #和食 #omakase #kaiseki #newlyopened #おまかせ #seafood #sgrestaurant
A Fabulous Roast Beef Bowl (Part Of The $128++ 6-course Lunch Tasting Menu). Hand on my heart, I don’t recall having tasted a more exquisite roast beef than this. Chef Akane said it is because she uses the rump which is more tender. Well, she knows best because I couldn’t get enough of those velvety-soft slices, especially when they were presented on steaming hot, fluffy kombu-cooked rice (imported from Nagano prefecture), and smothered in a superb sweetish, slightly viscous egg dashi sauce. Truly oishii in my opinion.
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