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{_GOOD OLD DAYS_} 📍337 Beach Road Drop by my C's place today for dinner, Cafe is well decorated and pretty chill. Lots of vintage items such as their cups and wall paintings, pretty nostalgic feel! Perks of dining, you get to destress by joining their water colouring lessons (if I ain't wrong) lots of artistic peeps tonight!! Apparently I ain't one of them 🤣 Pan-seared scallop with creamy mentaiko sauce topped with ebiko accompanied with linguine; very flavourful and delectable ($15.90) Spicy buffalo drumlets charred at the sides, grilled to perfection, ($8.90) I would recommend their desserts as well (soufflé pancake - $12.90) and their house drink of yoghurt smoothie with Chia pudding!
Super Affordable Set Lunch with Ice Lemon Tea ($9.90) at a Super Pleasant Place! 🍋 Crispy Fish Burger with Salad & Fries presented in a cutie suitcase box! So pleasant to the eyes! Love the visual & aesthetic 😘 Burger was not bad but slightly too much mayonnaise 😆 🍔 Fiery Aglio Olio with Chicken Steak was totally engulfed by the generous portion of chopped garlic! But I love it! The linguine was slightly hard though. The chicken chop was yummy as I love how charred the surface was 😘 🍝 Overall a very very lightening & pleasant experience 😄 👍🏻 #burpple
Pan-Seared Scallop Risotto [$15.90] Our first reaction to this was ‘so many scallops!!!’ This was pan-seared scallops with risotto in a creamy mentaiko sauce - the texture of the risotto can be improved, but it easily satisfied our mentaiko cravings. The generous portion of scallops were pan-seared well too with a soft centre. Thank you @goodolddaysbistro for having us over! 🙆🏻‍♀️
Wei Zhi
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Sandwich Saigon @sandwich_saigon - Bánh Mì - Pork Meatball Sandwich (💵S$8 + Pâté S$1 + Egg Omelette S$1.80) • . ACAMASEATS💮: Is this the best Bánh Mì in town? Maybe, maybe not. That’s if @parkbenchdeli & @lepetitsaigonhk does Viet again and make a comeback of their rendition of Bánh Mìs and Chã Giò (minced pork sausage rolls) which was phenomenal, almost just almost changed my life and instantly took me back to Vietnam. . . And that’s what good food and chefs should aspire to do, trigger one’s profound memories through food. Freshly baked warm baguette that has a crisp and crackly crust with pickled carrots, daikon radish, cucumber and fresh cilantro. I implore you to add the pâté to complete the entire Bánh Mì experience. Their homemade fish sauce and chili is a must, although the Bánh Mì itself is satisfyingly juicy enough.
Acamas Teo
Saigon Special ($8) - possibly the best bahn mi I’ve had in Singapore - succulent juicy pork belly with ham in toasted baguette. The baguette is crisp on the outside and soft on the inside, the pork so juicy and fat that the bread can’t contain the juices and it flows down your chin and forearm. Coupled with the fresh garnish and heavy coriander, this sandwich is a beautiful mess. Worth checking out when you are on this side of the island. Pho is slightly on the sweet side, I prefer a more savoury broth.
Yum Bun This Grilled Pork with Spring Roll bun ($11) is just so good. Unlike some other viet places who may serve the grilled meat without its accompanying juice, the one here is so generous, you get meaty flavours all over the noodles. The fresh vegetables were aplenty too, which gave a refreshing touch to the dish. LOVEDDDD it!
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