personally didnt like the acai, was watery (? ive only tried summeracai bef so idk if acai is usually watery or frozen but i prefer frozen) hence the lower rating.

super generous toppings, as we got large it was unlimited. however i would like to say the fruits were quite little..? diced mango was vv little but had q alot of bananas (about half). gotta pay for strawberries tho 🥲

the portion is v big as yall can see n we paid $14.90(? i think) so SUPER worth the price. can go try but idk if i wld go back again cos the acai is not what i like 😔

was $25.60 for 2 pax and i want to say we were FULL😭 (its a good thing). very affordable for the portion and things served but i dont think i would come again, would recommend yall to try once tho 😆

overall milk tea was great, friend liked shibuya toast alot she said it was crispy on the outside and soft, looked v appealing too. havent eaten mine so idk 😅

however i thought the main was ehhh. the egg noodle had a weird texture (maybe the other noodles wld be better) and the taste was just...okay. wldnt say decently nice but decent.. on the lower end. meatballs(?) are kinda good tho! friend got the tomyum and she says it tastes like her school's tomyum LOL so not worth :') honestly idk maybe another noodle type would taste better for the chicken but idt i will return just bc of the main 😶 maybe can have more options... like rice etc

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got the 4-in-a-set & coffee + brownie set, 7.4/10 ⭐️

i think the 4 piece tasting platter honestly yall can j give it a pass and get both sets. the 4 pieces were okay, not very wow or anyth and the ice cream was just normal choc idk 😭😭

the brownie tho, was GOOD. served warm with chocolate drizzled on it, it was great. i give it a 8.5/10 😁 considering how its $8 for the set, w a pretty decent sized drink & small chocolate (that alr costs $3.50), i think the set is rlly v worth! sadly the tart was oos that day so we got the brownie but ITS V NICE...

however, i dont think its worth w/o burpple deal 😐

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this store had quite a limited range of ice creams BUT they are the classics that most people would like! super worth for 4scoops & the quality, deffo will come again 😁. ALSO i would like to say they were very generous with the scoops, thank you 🙏

got speculoos cookies & lychee raspberry (read another burppler's comment highly recommending this so i got it) i think this combo is 👌👌. speculoos cookie wasnt too jelat, tastes like biscoff but creamier? the ice cream was smoooooth. lychee rasp was refreshing and ya these 2 rlly go well imo i ate every last bit LOL.... wld rate them tgt as a 8.5/10. would love it if there was like cookie bits in the speculoos tho but tastes good!!!!

my friend got the salted caramel and nutella smth one and she said it was nice too but not gna comment cos i only tried a mixed spoon. GO TRY!!! i recommend speculoos cookie for biscoff lovers (the taste will not be that strong but its good)

highly recommend!!!! was $11.65 for 2 bowls... dude 😭 and the dishes are not bad so def shld try. we didnt want the pork/beef slices (can change to shredded chicken pieces, they were v generous w it

got the
- tomato soup w braised beef noodle 7/10 🍅
personally did not rlly like the soup, tasted a lil weird but can give it a try if u looove tomato

- marinated beef shank noodle w mushroom sauce 9/10🍄
rlly liked this! their noodles (both shld be same) were chewy and just nice. this was v fragrant w the mushroom pieces mixed into it! wld recommend this but okay i think could be a lil better (idk what HAHAH lacking smth imo)


5.5/10 ⭐️
used the burpple deal for the burger & dbs deal for sides! both 1 for 1. felt that the price even after discount was not worth for the sides (can defo pass) but for the burger was decent ig... yall can give it a try! waiting time was ~35mins that day so u might not get it if u r in a rush.

xxl burger 🍔 ($16) : i would say this burger was decent but i felt that the patty was lowkey falling apart LOL.. small pieces kept dropping out but taste-wise, i think its a decent burger. the bun however, was not hot like you would expect it to be since its freshly made 🙂

sweet potato fries 🍟 ($8) : i like the taste of this! felt like it wasnt v fresh also cos some fries were cold.... otherwise p good

onion rings ($8) : ok i think our portion was VERRY little for $8... not worth at all & not v consistent cos we saw other tables getting way more than us... my mum liked them bc they were crispy (she gives it a thumbs up 👍) but personally for me normal onion rings are btr! these were cold-ish also LOL

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YUM. 9.5/10 🤩 (paid $8.91 after 30% disc)

a filling bowl of udon with generous toppings (half egg, 2 cha shus, seaweed etc) the black garlic soup tonkotsu was flavourful and fragrant, just maybe a lil salty but still good! udon was chewy and soft (just right), will def come back again. super affordable w burpple do come try — highly recommend 😋😋


take note : brunch is not avail on tues to thurs? cant rmb but we went on a thurs and they said smth along the line ya maybe yall can call bef hand and ask

🍝 7/10 : the pasta was cooked just nice!!! loved it but was abit too jelat for me. serving portion was quite alot, felt very full but might just be my stomach LOL 😐... tooooons of mushroom! generous w it, but q basic as well

🍞 3/10 : my mum ordered this and it was q disappointing. its just ham, cheese and toasted bread imo, really not worth even after burpple :') wouldnt recommend. they mightve added other stuff too but i think this is smth everyone can make at home, and we couldnt taste anyth else too. yall can try the other dishes instead and give this a pass esp for the price w/o burpple!

overall, the menu options for the pasta were quite limited imo but yall can give the mushroom pasta a try


waffle : $5, ice cream : $4.20 (+$1 for premium)

i actually quite like the waffle! it was quite flaky (not a bad thing) actually as compared to others ive tried before but not a problem just visually weird for me HAHHA. the waffle was not dry but a little plain, ik its just a waffle but maybe the sauce can drizzle more!! i think the orange syrup in pic (bottom) is caramel which went rlly well i loved it

however, i didnt really like the ice cream. i got strawberry balsamic (i think?) and it tastes like a cold version of strawberry fruit plus LOL 😶 i rlly wanted to try pistachio after seeing the other reviews but they didnt have it that day :')

overall the ambience of the cafe was great, music was chill and had both inside and outside seats to sit and eat! if i stayed nearby i wld deffo come back but i stay in the west so... 😁😁😁

OKAAAYY. i want 2 say first that it is indeed worth the hype n if u are considering, just go.

i honestly didnt know what to expect bc this is my first time eating a mochi waffle but i am mindblown eh. this combination is RLLLLY good and my fav 2 things in one 😍. so may be biased HHAHA but no okay its rly good. the crispiness of the waffle n the fragrant chocolate taste 🥲🥲 i wna go eat again.... mochi was chewy, but tbh wld prefer if there was more though but still good.

one thing tho, we were suuuper thirsty aft eating cos it was so chocolatey but i saw frm the other review that they serve free water we did not know 😔 wld suggest bringing ur own water jic

ice cream. mum ordered pistachio, q surprised it was q nice idk why HHAHA. tasted like the normal pistachio though, but was fragrant! my mum liked it (pistachio fan...) i got the lychee smth one and its p basic cos i didnt rly want the other flavours (i feel like the choice was q limited actually) so yeah...but yum it was p good, def a refreshing choice paired w chocolate

gotttaa say first. i dont usually eat these dishes so i wont give a rating but just how i felt overall :) went around 8pm on a thursday & it was PACKEDDDD. staff was q nice to see if there were available tables n there was one 😁

mac n cheese spatzle was not the best, my first bite rly wasnt a "omg this is GOOOOD" kinda dish and tho the portion was relatively small, it was q filling, but it rlly got abit too much for me at the end. the noodle is more of like a full-filled kinda macaroni which isnt my type also...cheese had a fragrant smell but i think i js prefer mozzarella oops.

farmer's sausage. i was q excited for the sausage but i think bc of my preference (chewy, less meaty feel typa food), it rly wasnt good for me. took a few bites n didnt wna eat anym, but the potato was p decent? quite liked it

signed up for their member ish thing n got the pork fried skin(?) cant rmb the name but was free 😆 personally didnt like it too :') but okay HAHHA i think thats enough.

usual price $5
$3.75 after discount from a shopee voucher & coins 🤣(can check fr 50cents off!!)
second time visiting, went to funan the previous time and i am rllllly disappointed this time. we got both the same thing but w diff sauces, i got black pepper and my mum got d thousand island. from the pic the sauce can be seen.... v small portion and i finished the sauce in one bite. one side of my bread was also slightly burnt but wasnt like black charred kind :') i dont think i wld return but my first impression was better... mightve just been me being rly hungry tho HAHAHA chicken was decent, not super juicy or crispy either. but wasnt hard soooo

cant justify it to b $5 :( even $3.75 is a lillll overpriced imo but then again, its cafe food. would suggest giving it a try tho!