I was really surprised when we got ours and it was still warm. This is the closest we get to a youtiao and at 2.10 Eur (for takeaway) this was really an amazing pick me up. The chewy fried dough with sugar bits just thinking of it makes me want to go back again. The line here also moves quite fast so don’t be daunted by it!

Great service here and this cheesecake was surprisingly not too jelat. Personally, not a big cheesecake because I find them too heavy but I managed to finish this entire slice. Also has chocolate chip bits in it! The only drawback would be not much bailey’s flavour.

Pretty disappointing fish and chips as you can see the chips definitely outweigh the fish and this is one of the EU sized meals you can probably finish as there’s really not much. The table next to mine ordered one of the prawns for appetiser and they said it’s really good so just try other dishes here!

Order it with whipped cream!! The pie crust was perfectly baked and complement the cream really well. Probably my favourite Apple pie thus far and don’t worry if you don’t see it on the menu just ask for the Apple pie enjoy this delightful dessert
They accept card here as well!

Got the original for 1.50 EUR and it was really on point. The perfect amount of chewy from the biscuit and sweet from the filling
The chocolate was 2 EUR and they had an extra huge one as well

Super flavourful soup base maybe a bit too much ginger but good if you need a ramen fix. I think there’s student deals on mondays and lunch deals as well for a more affordable option

Burritos for about 7 eur, quesadillas for about 4-6 euros what’s there not to love about this place. Also you get to choose your spicy level and there is definitely a kick to it 😛😛😛
It gets quite crowded though so do come early to grab a seat

My favourite combination thus far: coffee+banana
Share this with a Friend so your wallet won’t hurt so much (5.95 EUR) and add bacon if you’re adventurous! I heard you can mix up to 3 flavours

We tried the creme brûlée one which was about €1.60. Different flavours have different prices (classic, limited, etc) Surprisingly the donut wasn’t too sweet which we thought it would be due to the glaze. Quite instagrammable and worth the visit!

My first time trying this and was very intrigued by having a cafe looking eggs bene on a prata. Kind of got sick of the taste after a while. But I think this is worth a try for sure 👍🏻

This looks so much like a stock photo but is honestly just the on point lighting✨. This was really creamy and hit the right amount of matcha taste ☺️☺️

Of course we ordered the set of 5 and two noodles (preferred the braised pork) but what I would say rly surprised me that night was the TEA 🍵

Get the bottomless tea because they are so damn fragrant and like a mix of Chinese and Jap? So it’s fruity and easy to pair with your meal. No regrets really we even ended up going to the place they order their tea from on another day 😅

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