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Snack Time 🍧🍰🍡🍬🍫🍩🍮

Snack Time 🍧🍰🍡🍬🍫🍩🍮

Featuring Sunday Folks, Matchaya (Icon Village), Cake Spade, Apiary, LE Cafe Confectionary & Pastry (Mackenzie Road), Tai Cheong Bakery (Holland Village), O'ma Spoon ([email protected]), Merely Ice Cream (Sunshine Plaza), Arteastiq (Mandarin Gallery), The Marmalade Pantry (ION Orchard)
Just Keep Eating
Just Keep Eating
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This looks so much like a stock photo but is honestly just the on point lighting✨. This was really creamy and hit the right amount of matcha taste ☺️☺️

Really fragrant and smells almost like Ribena haha the biscuit is also easy to bite into without being too crumbly. Probably my 2nd fav after the lychee rose

Quite an interesting combination. Though the hazelnut taste wasn’t that strong but we still enjoyed the tart! Love the crust of this 👌🏻

Also missed the high tea promo (until 6pm I think?) by a bit

Asked for the popular flavour besides matcha and no regrets!! The goma was really really rich and feels like I’m eating and unending tangyuan filling! Not too sure about the combination with matcha though

This was listed as shanghai rabbit on the menu and was q confused haha but asked the server and he clarified it was just the white rabbit sweet flavour.
Quite creamy and nice, may try again if it’s still around for my next visit!


Got the signature injeoulmi bingsu ($12.90 )which was still everyone’s favourite!
Also the only bingsu store I know which still exists 😅

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Probably one of the most expensive bubble tea orders I’ve tried ever. The queue was quite short (and moved really quickly) so I didn’t really wait long. Verdict: it’s actually really good like the brown sugar pearl taste was more prominent than other brands. The sugar ratio was also ideal because I didn’t find it overwhelming and the pearls were q chewy as well.

Would I queue again? Probably
Worth a try? Yes definitely

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Loved the pearls from this store and they are really generous with how much they give. Also you get stickers for each cup to customise the bear whew beary fun

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This store is Located just beside Tiger sugar (because I can’t seem to tag the Capitol outlet on Burpple). This outlet may appeal to those unwilling to join the massive queue. The pearls are nice and chewy although the brown sugar flavour is not very prominent. I chose earl grey milk tea instead of the usual fresh milk because I’m not a big fan of fresh milk but I think the earl grey may have overpowered this drink

Here’s the menu and they had about 10 different ice cream flavours like avocado, sea salt, matcha, chocolate, popcorn, black Hawaii(charcoal coconut I think?) just to name a few.
Service was not bad the staff were friendly and helpful ☺️ however the scoops of the ice cream are uneven (one big one small)
The lighting in the shop is also really great for insta posts HAHAA just saying

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I stalk food places not people

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