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Biggest salad bowl The portions at this place are massive! I used to pass this restaurant daily during my lunch break but it was always super crowded. Finally, my friend ordered lunch for me from this place and saved on so much time by using this app ‘Waittr’. At 12 pm - the collection time he had put - we went to the restaurant and cut the queue to pick up our lunch 😎 The regular bowl is huge and totally worth the price - in fact worth much more than the price. Kept me full for the whole day and gave me the energy I needed for my workout after work!
Regular Bowl I used “Merry50” for $4 off Waitrr app per order 💸 $10.60 before discount Sous Vide Chicken Breast Barley & Quinoa Egg White Roasted pumpkin Kimchi Apple Pesto Wow they’re really generous with the portion!! Chicken breast is nicely seasoned and not too dry, kimchi apple is crunchy and refreshing.
Satisfying Healthy Lunch 😊 Enjoyed every component that I chose today! Was a bit skeptical initially as they have undergone another round of price increase with a revamped menu. The smallest option now starts from $10.60. (U.P $9.90) Surprised to really enjoy this tender salmon, love the soft rosy pink flesh. (top up $2.20) Would have been better if the skin had a better sear and retained its crisp. Got the barley & quinoa for base, which I personally prefer to rice & pasta. They have sweet potato mash too! For sides, I picked the kimchi apple which was crunchy and refreshing, the roasted pumpkin which added a subtle sweetness to the dish and egg white mash! Picked a spicy vinaigrette and tossed my grains & egg whites in them, c’est bon! 😋
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Fabulous croissants and coffee. I would like to yell this out loud (but I shouldn’t right but I really wanna): Brotherbird’s finally open again! With a newly fitted industrial minimalist interior, their wide range of seasonal croissants, a new espresso blend, and a whole new cafe concept to come. Let’s not even get started on the upcoming savoury items yeah, the croissants and coffee themselves are worth a big hurrah. They were sold out by the time I got there, so I only got to try 2 creations. This Lemon Meringue one was gorgeous: fabulous lamination, crisp exterior and buttery fluffy insides, and a generous amount of super zingy lemon curd filling. Now when I say it’s super zingy, I really do mean that. The sourness hit me like a train and I have to admit reeling back a lil; but after the second bite I found myself rather welcoming that shockingly addictive citrusy tartness. It’s balanced off wonderfully well by the light sugar glaze on top of the croissant, and made me crave bite after bite. I loved it.
For Flavoured Croissants Originally Stateland Cafe, Brotherbird has moved a few doors down on Bali Lane. They now serve creative croissants and coffee in a minimalist space, and are expected to serve brunch on the second floor later in February. You won't go wrong with the Matcha Chocolat Roll ($4), Rocher Croissant ($5) or wonderfully tart Lemon Meringue Croissant ($5). Wash it all down with an Iced White ($5). Photo by Burppler Cassie Ong
Iced White ($5) The ambience here is the epitome of minimalism And I enjoyed my iced white 👍🏻
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We really enjoyed the local and Peranakan dishes @harrianns which delivered in taste and elevated them in quality. Their Mee Siam stood out the most for us. It was on point in terms of sourness and also the spicy kick. Everything on the plate came together really well for the flavours and textures. Their laksa was tasty too although it wasn’t the lemak type; more on the drinkable kind with the desired heat. For a thick and Nonya kinda curry, the curry chicken was pretty satisfying. The taste was homely and comforting, great on rice or bread. Though these might be pricier than what we get in Hawker centres; they were actually acceptable compared to what we pay for in cafes these days or even food courts. With the taste and quality, we didn’t have any complaint but thumbs up.
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A.3 Glutinous Rice Set $4.80 + Lemper Udang $1.80 + Kopi-C $2.3 Try their Nyonya snacks for the first time and order 1. Set A.3 which contains glutinous rice, coffee, and Kueh. Pity that we were not explained that we can choose between ondeh or Kueh in this set else we would have picked ondeh. 🤓 anyhow, we enjoy it a lot! The glutinous rice with peanuts and spicy shrimp paste on the side goes along very well. It is a must try Set! . 2. Lemper Udang: glutinous rice with spicy shrimp filling tastes nice except that it is quite difficult to eat as we unwrap some burnt bits of banana leaves and try hard not to smear it with our glutinous rice. 🦐 . We would definitely come back to try other items for afternoon tea.👍
Kaya butter toast set $4.90 With kopi/teh Although the toast is crispy but it’s so cold
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