Sis has been thinking of them and she ordered some for us. Waited a whole week for it. 😂

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Dark food with dark gravy is tasty. Not forgetting dark soup. 😍

Kid and I ate this with steamed corn. All her fav food (not necessarily healthy 😂)

Fat die me.

6 tubs of ice cream. Which is your fav flavour? The Mrs immediately opened Rocky Road! So much cheaper if you order food/stuff over all these Facebook live and don’t need to go out! Hehe..... The daughter wanted the ice cream cake and I said to her no, no one at home is celebrating birthday this month. 😅

The wife ordered it from @tanukiraw coz she wants to eat raw fish. She ordered the Salmon Kaisen and Chirashi. Also ordered some Fried Chicken to share.

The food came with an ice pack on top. Can’t meet min order for free delivery, so paid for delivery. The food looks slanted coz the delivery came with the containers standing on the side. (Maybe coz the sister company is @standingsushibar hahahahaha!!!!!!). Food is quite good. We missed eating these especially from a jap place at Taka. Oh yes, the wife asked why colour of the fried chicken is so so different from their website. You kepo can go and see their website photo. Lol. Satisfied lunch.

Maybe in a few weeks when there is really no more local cases, we can go dine in.

All using the @paradisegrpsg DIY Xiao Long Bao Kit.

The kit will come with a bamboo steamer basket, liners, disposable gloves, pork filling (original flavour) and 16 (2 sets of 8 colours) pastry skin made with natural colouring.

Think we need to order another set coz our XLB like turned out flat. Must squeeze in more fillings!!!

The largest order we had was 3 different crabs in 3 different flavours, coz the wife was generous!

This most recent one we had is courtesy of @JumboSeafoodSG. It is part of the 6 tempting Father's Day Set Menus that are available between 12 - 21 June 2020. I have a hunch that many people are like us, members of Jumbo Seafood. If you are, you probably received an email about it. If not, you can go to view the menu at

Father's Day falls on Phase 2 but many of us are going to celebrate it at home. If you aren't preparing your own food, you want to order from a place that CAN handle the volume. Since it now still Phase 1 and only 2 persons can visit the parents, we had this meal with my FIL whilst the kid was at school.

This is Set B4, for 4 pax | 共4位用 and it includes:
- Mocha Pork Ribs 摩卡排骨
- Home-made Vegetable Beancurd with Crab Meat 蟹肉扒翡翠豆腐
- Live Boston Lobster Steamed with Minced Garlic 蒜茸蒸波士顿活龙虾
- JUMBO Award-Winning Chilli Crab with Deep Fried Mini Buns 珍宝获奖辣椒蟹配炸馒头
- Supreme Seafood Fried Rice 海鲜皇炒饭

So I asked the wife how the food is. She noted that the Chilli Crab is more spicy than the usual branch we go. Is it because the branch has more tourist last time? (You know which branch we are talking about hehe). Spicy is good, coz we all enjoyed it very much, with the still warm fried mantou. I tell you ah, the wife and MIL that was enjoying it the most, licking their fingers which they can't do while dining out! (Continue in comments)

Kid's at school, so we order all the spicy food for lunch! (Yay!) At 11 pm last night, the Mrs was already saying, I got conf calls from before lunch till 4pm. Need lunch, pls settle.

This morning I asked her: Thai ok? Want to try the Thai place at @CapitolKempinski called Chalerm Thai? There's 15% off now and free island-wide delivery with min of only $40 for all the a la carte items at Can she said and chose 4 items which came up to a total of $53.66.

When the food came, it was delivered by the neatest dressed person ever! It's the hotel staff! Nicely pressed hotel uniform! We thanked the guy and got ready for lunch. Eh, wife said did you order the correct thing? Why the boxes says La Scala? You ordered dessert ah? 2 containers from Milk Bar?

I checked, the order chit is correct, so when we opened the containers, it's correct lah! They repurpose the take-away boxes from restaurants all over the hotel. So clever and to reduce cost too for them and customers too!

The Pineapple Fried Rice is so fragrant the moment we opened the box. A big portion too. The Green Curry container looks small, but it was packed with beef and I drank up all the curry! It comes with rice, we didn’t know! Now that we checked the menu again, we realised there is. Crab Meat Omelette is not Jay Fai lah but it's very fragrant and tasty! We are just wondering if we ate there, it would have been even better!

Oh yes, the Fish cakes is fish cakes lah, we ate it up. The surprise was 2 drinks (2 ‘beer’, one 'ginger' beer and an IPA) in the Frieda (another restaurant) bag. Macam from Room service!

We also wanted to order fried chicken wings and Tom Yam soup, but the wife says, I need my voice for the next 2 days for the meetings.

so after picking up the kid... we picked up some @oldchangkeesingapore fishballs, the huge ones! Plus sotong heads.... (like long time no eat, buy so many other things!! A big bag. Reach home, straight away eat and forgot to take photos!!)

Today’s non-coffee drink with the kid today after picking her up on the way home.

It is @StarbucksSG’s Fantasy Tail Frappuccino! So pink! So sweet!

It’s dragon fruit and mango with lotsa whipped cream! With some sapphire blueberry sugar on the top. So magical says the kid. (Too much cartoons!) By the way the 3x stars promotion is super worth it!!

Our family sends our thanks to @BlueJasmine.SG for the delicious lunch preview of their Father's Day set. Guess what? It's only $50nett for this Thai meal! If you are wondering where Blue Jasmine is, they are one of the restaurant located at @ParkHotelFarrerPark.

What you get to savour:
- Thai Rice Spring Rolls with Prawns
- Cha Om Fried Eggs
- Half Roast Esarn Chicken
- Thai Yellow Curry Shrimps
- Stir-Fried Vegetables
- Blue Jasmine Rice
- Thai Tako Dessert
- a bottle of either Tiger Crystal or Heineken Zero

If you have got a biggier family and need more, either order 2 sets of add other items from their menu. (Try their Crab Cake / Crabmeat Pineapple Fried Rice / Devil Wings / Heura Red Curry)

If you are a dips person, they have a different dip for every dish that needs it. The wife and I each have our fav dip. The food's good too! Since it's for a special occasion, one might not want to eat from the plastic box that the food came in. I am telling you, it's super easy to 'plate' it. Hint: make use of the cover! I just plated it while waiting for the wife to finish her work call during lunch time.

Available from 13 to 21 June 2020, meaning you can have it any day at your convenience! It is available from 11 am to 9 pm. There is no minimum order for delivery. $14 to $18 nett delivery fee for islandwide delivery (except to Jurong Isle). You can also pick up at the Hotel/Restaurant. Delivery timings: Lunch 11:30am to 1:30pm - Dinner 5:30pm to 7:30pm.

You can go to | call them at 6824 8851 | email to order.

freezing the bottled #Starbucks #Frappuccino. It will be almost similar to the frap we order from the store! Ok lah, freshly made by the barista better. 😂😂😂 the official response is that they don’t recommend it. Scared glass will break and shatter. So dyodd.