BBQ Ribs (store bought pre marinated) and also her own self made Char Siu with some salads. The kid really loves this. She says she is the greedy one in the house.

Sis preordered this from @cedelesingapore.

I still want those with a hole! 🍩

(Happy Face appeared) I ordered the Braised Seafood Rice from @lefusion_sg. (with 1 abalone, 2 prawns, 2 scallops, 3 mussels, 1 mushroom, 3 pieces of sotong, 1 ‘plant’ of vegetable (not 2 or 3 leaves only) Price only $19.90, if you call or WhatsApp, not via website). I Whatapp them early not expecting any answer till later coz they only open at 11 am, but someone replied at 10.39! So they confirm my order, I paid via QR Code and that’s it. I opted to self collect, coz no ERP now. Also it’s around 15 mins away. So happy and full. Now back to work. Churning data for my users....

Good thing that nowadays we can order multiple restaurants with 1 delivery charge. With kid back in school, we eat all the things adults want to eat. 😂 Which will you have? Nasi Lemak or Nachos?

(Izit double caffeine takes away her headache, while I (and kid) give her double headache?)

This is Sangria Hibiscus Cold Brew.

Finally preschool is opening tomorrow, need a break for incessant mess that we have to clear up after the kid, plus the almost 24/7 attention needed.

When I’m drinking this, I ignored the kid for 30 mins. Hahahahahahhhaha.

You scroll through 15 mins on grab food.... it’s going to take a long time coz it’s peak hour. You just anyhow lah. The 15 mins wasted can already cook a simple meal. So lunch was Taiwanese Kiki Soy Sauce QQ noodles. Boiled a few frozen French cauliflower. The frozen cauliflowers actually taste good! Airfried 6 spicy Thai Chicken Drumlets. Food from all around the world. 😂😂😂😂😂

From a slab of bbq ribs.

We (colleagues and I) feel like stabbing this team of people at work that is making us go through an online course that’s taking so much of our time.

Anyway, we steamed the ribs that was in the chiller. (It was almost frozen.) Steaming it makes it softer and moist. We also had containers of extra dipping sauce when we ordered it but we didn’t use them, coz we thought it is already so much calories. Now thinking about it, since already got so much calories, a few more shouldn’t be too bad? 😂

This time with another half slab of spicy spicy sticky ribs. Thanks sis for preparing the ingredients. Pickled sweet gherkins are especially tasty with spicy pull pork!