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@pastasupremosg located at Suntec City, it’s a pop-up restaurant ( until Late 2020) that first-in-Singapore handmade pasta creation that are customisable, full of flavour and affordable. . Feature Carbonara, but not really. Combination between Curly Pasta with sautéed shimeji, button and shiitake mushrooms, 24 month aged Parmigiano Reggiano and haus bacon. Creamy but is not overwhelming. So it’s very easy to finish the whole plate without feel jelak.. 💰$18. 📍Pasta Supremo. 3 Temasek Boulevard #01-365/344/373/374. Suntec City mall.
Carbonara, but not really Taking over the former premises of Nostimo Greek Deli at Suntec City is Pasta Supremo, a new establishment that specialises in handmade pasta. Went for this item off the Haus Pasta section of the ala-carte menu, but Pasta Supremo also serves up Build Your Own Pasta, which allows patrons to go for their choice of noodles, sauce, protein and toppings (protein and toppings are classed in two separate tiers with different pricing across Super and Supremo categories). The Carbonara, but not really features Curly Pasta, Haus Bacon, 3 Mushroom Creme, and Parmigiana Reggiano. Thought the short curly pasta was done pretty al-dente, dyed blue using natural colouring from blue pea flower; carried a chewy bite without bring brittle nor doughy. Tossed in a mild tasting sauce, we felt the sauce lacked oomph; the mushrooms lacking an earthy note, while the Haus Bacon, despite being the highlight, was unusually bland and dry — failed to integrate into the dish for that slight twist that it was intended to carry. Portion is a little on the small side, especially considering the overall quality and flavour at S$18.
Xing Wei
Misc. Stuff On Bread Why offer open-faced toasts when it’s a pasta place you might ask? After asking owner, Shawn (who is also the quirky brain behind The Salted Plum), the question, he shared that he wanted to offer quick grab and go stuff to cater to the office crowd around the area. Which makes sense. Pictured here is the Avocado & Feta ($4.50), Bak Kwa Jam ($5), Cheesy Cheese AF ($5) and my favourite — the lusciously creamy and fragrant Mushroom and Black Truffle Cream ($3). All were rather unimpressionable except the last one, as there are better options out there.
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Chicken Ramen [$12.90] Back at Brothers Ramen wanting to get their Shoyu Men ($12.90), but it was sold out. 😔 Went for the Chicken Ramen this time for a full sous vide chicken chashu + dumpling topping, as I wasn’t too big a fan of the pork chashu that came with their signature Brothers Ramen ($12.90) I had the first time. It was a little too dry and tough, but the chicken slices were tender and flavourful! I’ve never really used to like chicken based ramen, but Brothers Ramen really brought it up a notch! Love how creamy yet drinkable the broth is and the al dente homemade ramen didn’t soften through the meal. It’s a super value for money quality bowl (no additional taxes) that’s extremely comforting!
Wei Zhi
Throwback to my SUPERMEN Ramen from @brosramen. It's been a while since I last been here. On a rainy day like this today , I miss having a hot bowl of Ramen! ============================== 📍10 Anson Road 📍International Plaza 📍01-20 Singapore 079903 🕛Monday - Friday 🕛11:30am - 2:30pm 🕛6:00pm - 8:00pm 🕛Last order at 7:45pm 🕛Saturday 🕛11:30am - 2:30pm 🕛Closed on Sunday and public holiday ============================== #singapore #burpple
BROTHERS RAMEN, CHICKEN RAMEN I have always preferred to have chashu in ramen, so having chicken in my ramen is a first for me. The chicken was sous vide-d before being added to the ramen, making it really tender and easy to chew. The texture of the ramen had that bite to it which i really love, even though the soup was a little salty this time round. Brothers Ramen will always be the place to go to if you are looking for a soothing bowl of ramen without breaking the bank.
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Gem Of The Company Hei there..i came down with my wife and 5yr old daughter to have our dinner at Fat Papas (Bali Lane) on 18/12/2018 at 2000hrs. We odered soup of the day (mushroom soup), bushtucker with salted egg yolk fries, black peppercorn with chilli beef fries, root bear float and regular root bear...damn i gotta say the food is suuuuppeeeerrrbbbb!!!!! Full of flavours, colors and aroma...If youre gonna talk about price, its worth every cents cause every bite, every slurp and every sip takes your breath away... But what makes Fat Papas (Bali Lane) even splendid, outshinning other F&B's is what they had done for me and my family..while having our dinner, my 5yrs old daughter suddenly loss her appetite to eat. She starts turning pale and became quiet (she's usually active like duracell batteries). She then started to gag...my wife and me panic. My wife quickly brought her out of the outlet...& then she "merlion"...she puke everything she has ate since morning. My wife and i loss our appetite to eat and decided to bring her to the nearest hospital. We told the staff to pack our food and wanted to pay the bill immediately. I took out my wallet and took out my cash. This is where the action of the staff stunned us...he told me, "its ok sir...its on the house." I was like whaaaaat??? I insisted in paying but he kept insisting not to pay. He mentioned this clearly, and i reqoute, "if sheikh haikel was here, he would have said the same thing to you." Never have i been to any outlet and was treated like this. Sheikh Haikel, if you are reading this or hearing this story, i want you to know that you have a true ambassador of your company. A true possitive role model. An asset to Fat Papas. His name is Ashraff. And to Ashraff and team, thumbs up to all of you for trying to make my daughter smile and feel better.
Fat Papas I loovveee the Chocolate milkshake, must try, must drink, must order. They have secret menu that you can ask the server, but i just want my country fried steak.. Bwahahahha!!! Which is huge btw...
custom burger customised my burger to include: beef patty, pineapple, cheese & bbq sauce. liked that it includes both fries & a salad! the burger bun was soft & chewy, i loved it! the patty wasn’t too hard as well. overall enjoyed the meal.
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吉星 Hainanese Curry Rice [$4.00] Have you ever tried such good, comfort hawker fare, feeling both familiar & familial, that it fills a long-lost gap left behind by the inexorable outcome of every stall we love? Food, arguably the only stimuli for our sense of taste, hence weaves integrally into our bedrock of memories. A child's tastebuds are most alive; compensating inexperience with receptiveness, and explaining why most children hate the detected bitterness in vegetables. When I was in primary school, my family's favourite stall in Dover Market was a Teochew Porridge-esque stall, simply affectionately nicknamed "Maid Stall" for their seemingly endless work hours & diligence, which on hindsight, was terribly un-PC of my parents. I guess that's how it is with our favourite hawker stalls; ask for its name and we'll stumble, ask where it is and we'll bring you there on the double. It was the stall that introduced me to the concept that vegetables, specifically cabbages, could actually taste great; not mere formalities to a balanced diet, but highlights of a meal. But "Maid Stall" eventually succumbed to every hawker's Death & Taxes - old age, increased rentals and a dearth of successors, and while some stalls can be 'resurrected' by "Our Makan Places Lost & Found", my childhood stall stayed dead. Thankfully, I had an Anton "Ratatouille" Ego moment with West Coast Market's 吉星 Hainanese Curry Rice. Perfectly braised & delicious Cabbage, with an almost pink complexion, as well as overboiled Brinjal which was just the right texture of mushy, are both terrific vegetable choices. Skip the obvious Pork Chop, which theirs is rather skinny & dry, and opt for their Meatball, which is tender, moist & flavourful. Added an egg, cause why not. Finish off with a ladleful of curry, which isn't spicy but delivers on its Hainanese taste in spades. Our best hawker food picks may not be still around, and our hawker food picks may not be the best, but when a good stall hits close to home - I'm open to suggestions but mm, it's good enough for me. #Hawkerpedia
Hainanese curry rice  #foodpron #foodpic #foodforfoodies #lunch #umakemehungry #makanhunt #foodgasm #foodstagram #food_digest
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Frog Porridge + Mushroom Noodles And Vegetables Ordered frog porridge, mushroom noodles and vegetables. But what stands out is the very good customer service. A1 allows us to bring our own cake and store in their fridge and then bring out their plates as we cut the cake.
Bak Kut Teh And An Assortment Of Accompanying Dishes Price: spent about $50 for 3 people. Verdict: yes, I would revisit. Despite having read other reviews that gave the bak kut teh scathing criticism, I would say that it really isn't that bad and I had really enjoyed myself while drinking the soup. My great at gripe with the bak kut teh is that the pot is really really small and shallow thereby requiring us to refill it many many times over(like 5 times?); so much so that we felt a little paiseh. The other dish worth trying is the An Pang Yong tau foo. I thought it was quite well made. Though I can't quite remember now what's so special about it because it happened quite a while ago lol. I would totally revisit it if I'm in a shopping mall and craving some bak kut teh. However, I don't think I would go out of my way to visit it because there are other more famous bak kut teh establishments that deserve the 'special visit' treatment.
Bak Kut Teh The soup here is average, could be thicker but can easily satisfy anyone's BKT craving. Pork ribs and pig's stomach were not bad. Braised platter which had tender braised pork was merely decent as the flavours didn't come through. The Ampang Yong Tau Foo is the must get dish here! Overall, this place pales in comparison to other popular BKT eateries, mainly because of the big price difference. Expect to pay $10.90++ for one bowl of pork ribs. Total bill for these dishes came up to around $60. Service is friendly, but the soup refills seemingly come in waves rather than on request.
Zi Heng
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Last chance to catch the MONKFISH! The Winter Ocean Treasures featuring the creamy monkfish liver will soon make way for the Spring special~ are you as excited as me to see what they will serve this Spring? Kohaku Tendon Address: 3 Temasek Boulevard, Unit 03-311, Eat at Seven, Suntec City Mall, Singapore 038983 #kohakutendon #teampixel #cassxteampixel
Looking Forward To Fry-Day This is kind of an ancient post I totally forgot about, but I still remember just exactly how undeniably umami it was. Tendon Kohaku had a special Hokkaido Autumn Tendon Momiji in September, and it was downright delectable. Built out of a respectable posse of Hokkaido salmon with cheese, dory fish, sweet potato, shiitake mushrooms, enoki mushrooms and chestnut, which are all deep fried to golden brown glory. If you’ve had any tendon from Tendon Kohaku before, then you know what you’re in for. Light, airy yet crisp tempura’d ingredients shatter mesmerizingly with every bite, and the freshness of the ingredients cocooned within the batter is quite marvelous. The bed of moreish multigrain rice adds even more flavor to the bowl that’s already overflowing with fabulous flavors, and the perfectly sweet & savory tendon sauce seals the already sublime deal. The addition of the salmon & cheese tempura is a nice surprise, as the creaminess of the oozing cheese is a nice foil to the crispy tempura batter, and the salmon adds a bit of that satisfying meaty texture into the bite. Kohaku don got a ten with absolute winners like these on a seasonal rotation, lemme tell you that right now.
Tempura Don Tendon Kohaku Carbs and fried food. What’s not to love. This is the best of all the different chains we have tried. Sure it has a long queue but if you get there early, it’s pretty manageable.
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