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Amid the circuit breaker, Two Men Bagel House is still open. I went there around 1pm, and a lot of people come and go - buying their bagels. They checked our temperature and asked us to put our name on the list. After that, we queued and wait until they call our name.

Staffs were super nice☺️

Portion wise is okay. But sadly, I don’t really taste the kimchi.

I’m actually quite surprised that the cafe seems so busy and crowded even though the location is not so sound. It’s good for them !

Walking on Sunshine have this ambience, that makes people want to stay. Service was nice also!

Yum. I like the cheese cake SO MUCH❤️. And the tea tasted very premium😂

I like the ambience of the cafe.

The one in front is dark chocolate with vanilla filling. I like the bitterness of the chocolate, so it’s not too sweet. I just wish that the base in the bottom was not so airy.

Then we also get cheesecake. For me the cheese didn’t really sound. The taste is quite blurry. But I like the crust in the bottom.

Overall nice cake!

Got queue. But the service was super nice🥰

Come and subtitute your ice cream into this yum-bowl🥰!

I ordered regular chirashi with green based, salmon, tuna, tamago and crab stick. Everything was super fresh. I like the sora boru sauce because it tastes delicious and refreshing.

The snow bowl was great😍 everything was beyond expectations. But the octopus was a bit tough to eat.

I went here because of the opening promotion but overall services and experience was good. I like the variety of side dish (not sure if this is consistent with the other branches).

For side dish, I like their potato and coleslaw salad, carbonara and the chicken. I like their beef also. Super b😍

I love the curry fish head and lemon chicken - definitely tasty. Hongkong fried noodle also not bad. And the oat prawn was good. Overall in terms of portion and price wise are both okay.