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My new-found favourite burger place! Lil' wonder why this is Amsterdam's most famous burger place. What less can you expect when the buns (sourced from Tiong Bahru Bakery) were toasted-to-crisp in an oven - no butter involved and what you get is the fragrant sesame aroma, crisp toast and not-at-all oily/cloying bun (Note: Some burger places grill it on the underside with butter). The beef patties were incredibly juicy and flavoursome - grilled only to medium, in line with Lombardo's motto "eating cooked meat is like kissing your sister" (i.e. plain gross!) Here's featuring the Dutch Cheese Burger, topped with red wine onions which were incredibly appetising. If you're conscious of onion breath, you've little worries because onion-hater like me actually loved it because of it's onion-less 'stench'. They were well marinated and any possibility of 'onion' breath or bad onion after-taste was quelled. What you get, is really the sweet-tasting & crunch of the onions to complement the juicy beef patty. Also, the marinated tomatoes are worth of mention too - nothing like raw, boring tomato slices but marinated as well. I particularly love the whole-baby pickles. Yes - WHOLE pickles, baby sized - really cute and crunchy. Last but not least, the homemade burger sauce in orange is the winning concoction of their secret recipe - slight tangy and too secretive for me to be able to pinpoint other ingredients that had gone into it. All I can say is, it's the perfect combination to their perfect burger.
馃崑 Lemon Zest Fries $8 | Thick-cut fries with lemon zest, served with homemade mayo. 鈥楯ust the right level of thickness - every bite was a great balance of crisp and potato-ey fluff. The hint of lemon was mild, best tasted when you鈥檝e the fries plain (ie, no mayo dip!)
Pork-a-licious Burger ($29.50) A juicy patty with tender pulled pork, this burger is quite memorable. Despite the copious amounts of sauce given, the marination of the meat still permeates the meal. The burger is also pretty massive so it is likely to leave you satiated. The dish is not a main so it does not come with fries. Drinks also have to be ordered separately but no water is provided. There is only an additional service charge. I would still recommend this place though especially for their burgers.
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Chicken Galbi L ($30.80++) My go to whenever I have an intense craving for korean food, cause Yoogane is available on eatigo with 50% off at either early/late lunch times which makes them so so worth it! The chicken galbi comes chocked full of chicken, potato, rice cakes, leeks and cabbage, marinated in that delectable spicy gochujang sauce! 馃い馃い The large size is good for 2 big eaters or 3 medium ones, and definitely add the ramyeon noodles ($3.80++) for that heavenly combi of dry spicy tangy ramen! Side dishes are free flow with kimchi, bean sprouts and kewpie cabbage salad. Super super yummy and filling and great service (they do the cooking for you 馃憤馃徎), except they charge for water... But still great place to satisfy any korean dakgalbi cravings! 馃構馃構
[YOOGANE GIVEAWAY] . #mondayblues are nonexistent with @yooganesg giveaway to lift your spirit 馃挍 . To qualify: 1锔忊儯 Like and follow @yooganesg & @myjream 2锔忊儯 Tag 2 friends . 2 winners will be walking away with $50 @yooganesg dining vouchers. Giveaway Contest ends on 28 Aug 2019, 2359 hrs. Open to those residing in SG. . #yooganesg #burpplesg #burpple #sggiveaway #sgcontest
Kkanpunggi is a Korean dish invented by Chinese immigrants in Korea. In Chinese, it literally means kkan (dry), pung (stir-fry), and gi (chicken). Chunks of boneless chicken are seasoned with soy sauce, ginger, then mixed with some starch to make it crunchy once fried - one of my favourite NEW dishes introduced by @yooganesg Yoogane has a NEW menu, expect a whole bunch of Korean dishes; smaller plates dishes for sharing; all at more affordable pricing. Check out the Cheese Chicken Bulgogi, Ginseng Chicken Soup, Honey Butter Chicken Wings, and Kimchi & Cheese Egg Roll. Get 30% OFF regular priced ala carte food items when you quote 鈥淗andsomeChef鈥 upon ordering. Available at Bugis Junction, NEX and Westgate. Till 6 August 2019. bit.ly/yooganesg #DFDSP
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鈥榯is the time for steamboats! the 4-tiered ones at @isteamboatmarina offer three ways to cook your food (steam, grill, boil) and one tier for cheese 馃槏 or salted egg yolk dip. . from now until 28 feb, enjoy a steamboat buffet here at 20% off when you use the @mypluslife app. promotion is valid on mondays to thursday. . @mypluslife is a lifestyle app that offers one-for-one deals, discounts, and free food to users who complete digital stamp cards. other benefits also include rebates for travel & transport, health and wellness products. . thank you @kenpgl, @isteamboatmarina and @mypluslife for having me! 馃コ
4 Tier Pagoda Steamboat Went to try the 4 tier pagoda steamboat today鈽猴笍 Options were plenty with different seasonings of meat such as tomyum, barbeque, korean fusion, extra spicy etc. There were also seafood items such as bamboo clams, lala, mussels, sotong, prawn and fish! There were many other ingredients too(which you can check out their menu), alongside drinks and icecream! Had a great feast馃構 The good thing about this place is theres no time limit, thus my friends and I ate for 2.5 hrs haha insane馃槣 2 soup bases and 1 dip could be selected. We chose the pork bone broth and the tomyum soup. I personally wouldnt recommend the pork bone broth as it didnt suit my tastebuds(not that im picky, it just tasted a little weird). The tomyum soup was not bad tho! Overall the buffet was an 7/10 for me as there are plenty of options, but for the price of $22++ before gst during weekday lunch, its a lil steep but a great 4 tier steamboat experience鈽猴笍馃挴馃憤馃徎
Value For Money Porridge Buffet! Wanted to share about this place with $8.80 porridge buffet cos I was quite impressed with their dishes variety and food standard. Dishes are all hot, and they continually replace the dishes with new ones once they run out, couldn鈥檛 really pinpoint any dishes that were not up to standard. My 2 folks were thoroughly satisfied 馃憤馃徎馃憤馃徎
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wasabi chirashi don $17.80 // a really generous portion of (extremely fresh) seafood cubes (including salmon, tuna, octopus, prawns) which was layered with more than sufficient wasabi mayonnaise. (spicy, but sooo good) served on a bowl of hot japanese rice which had some shoyu sauce on it and it鈥檚 topped with some ikura, which adds more to the flavour if your taste buds need a break from all the spice. such a good dish!! but also really filling (and i wasn鈥檛 able to finish it zzz)
Upsized Barachirashi Don Have always been a big fan of Omote or Sushiro (as it was previously known as). Frequented the small shop of Sushiro before they expanded to a slightly bigger restaurant and finally to Omote. Their prices have always been wallet friendly (especially for a student like me) and they do not compromise on quality. Visited Omote 2.0 and it came with a new extensive menu (which was slightly overwhelming) which offered a multitude of options. Still, I stuck with my old time favourite bara chirashi don but I upsized it. Didn't disappoint as I was presented with a huge portion of salmon (my favourite!). Boyfriend got the kyoto glazed duck don and the sliced duck was so good and succulent. Had the soda called Island Sunset and boyfriend had the whiskey sour :) which were both good! Definitely would come back to try out other dishes in their big menu!
Zi Han
Whether it鈥檚 for their value-for-money Chirashi or premium cut Dons, Omot茅 definitely delivers in quality and taste. With its expansion from the previous humble stall to the restaurant, its menu also grew in variety and range of items. The drinks menu also appealed with the choices of colourful cocktails. We loved every little details put into their menu design and restaurant decor. This season, collect their Christmas bear chopstick holder which makes a nice bookmark for the holiday.
I makan
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It was intriguing how this place has always been packed and seen with a queue outside, with pretty much just Hamburg and a limited few other items on their menu. We checked it out when we saw the moment without a queue outside the entrance. Besides its popular cheese Hamburg steak, we also had its A4 Wagyu steak. Frankly, neither impressed us in ways we expected them to be. The cheese Hamburg didn鈥檛 stand out in flavour even though it was filled with a cheese center. The thin slices of Wagyu were fatty but lacked the grill finishing which was a real pity. Ironically, we enjoyed their salad bar and egg station more than the mains. The former offered quite a substantial range for salad mix. Their free-flow tamago was the best thing for the meal; but it wouldn鈥檛 make sense to come and pay to mainly enjoy that. Unfortunately, the tamago was the only thing we remembered after the meal.
I makan
Triple Cheese Prime Hamburg Steak Set $21.80 The patty was great! Love the salad bar too!
Teriyaki Chicken Set ($19.80) One thing I love most about this place is their salad bar which boast an extensive range of food ranging from salads to fried tofu to cold noodles and my ultimate favorite which is their scrambled eggs. Their coffee jelly for dessert is highly recommended !! Bitter but goes super well with the cream. I was basically half full even before starting on my main item. As part of the set, I had 1 fried prawn, 2 tofu puffs, 1 tofu and 5 huge chunks of teriyaki chicken. Very filling and very affordable.
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