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$34 for 250g of tenderloin steak. Chose medium doneness, felt that should have gotten it at medium rare. Meat was juicy and tender, comes with 2 sides.
Overall quite a fuss free steak place.

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This bowl of pork belly Don is very yummy! Pork belly is has a nice charr and it melts in your mouth. Worth a try! Priced at $11.80.

Deep fried small pieces of chicken in condense milk, curry leaves and chili. Very addictive.. nicely fried!

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Must try.. the best char siew! $7.50 per 100g, min. 300g per order.


Simple vegan burger. $7.90, nice but not very filling. Good for tempeh lovers!

Apparently, this is supposed to be a large chicken pie, but looks small. Smaller than my palm 😢, but the lies on the display glass looks bigger, I suppose all the pies are different size.. maybe handmade?

Nasi Lemak with chicken wing, fish cake, egg and bergedil. Liked that the riced used is the long grain basmati rice.

Best Rojak ever, the secret / super power is the sauce. 🤤. love the tempeh and peanut fritter. 👍🏻 must try!

Pancake was fluffy! Takes 20mins to make, so do order early.

Beef was ok, love the egg, but the sauce is abit too salty. Overall dish was ok!

sauce and omu was good! Salmon average. Overall the dish was not bad!

Perfect, and priced below $5!

Love the salted egg taste of the ice cream, cone is really crispy. Will definitely come back for more!