The platter is one of the courses in the restaurant's new Multiple Foodgasm Kaiseki 6-course menu ($118++), with my luxurious platter comprising a dollop of bafun uni, botan shrimp, otoro (tuna belly), scallop as well as shirako or cod milt (better known as sperm-filled fish genitalia - Celebrity Zoo Veterinarian Friend).

Possesses a most tender, pinkish softness, with the chewing experience being undeniably pleasurable. 4/5

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The signature eel maintains its usual stickily sweet qualities, but the hitsumabushi experience - mixing in condiments and pouring in broth to the mix - feels rather peculiar when applied in a raw, chopped up sashimi context, like sipping on lukewarm vodka or devouring icy char kway teow. 3.7/5

Captures that distinctive mala qualities and kindly anaesthetizes the outer lips without administering any unbearable injection of spice. Essentially more "ma" than "la". 3.9/5

Whilst the beef tataki itself was commendable for its tuna sashimi-grade softness, it was ultimately a canvas for the gloriousness of the ground wasabi root, which played it all dominatrix-kinky crunchy Chinese pickled vegetables-esque in how it would keep firing explosive, tear-inducing wasabi fumes up your nostrils even though your airways may ostensibly be in sweet wasabi pain. 4.1/5
Read more about Omoté on Secret Life of Fatbacks, link in bio etc.

The hamachi collar possessed more slick, natural grease than the hair of a 7.37am Tuesday morning boarder at Bukit Batok MRT Station, while elsewhere the curry played it fairly authentic Race Course Road-esque with its matriarchal brand of aromatics. 3.9/5

The sticky assam glaze gave the firm, juicy meat balls some sweet and savoury oomph. 3.8/5
This was a hosted meal, courtesy of Cook & Tras.