Ordered the sharing platter, tortellini and fungi pizza for two people. The sharing platter is amazing, good variety and interesting ingredients to try out before main dishes. The pizza tasted wonderful too, full of cheese and truffle, and good bread. The tortellini serving is a bit smaller than what I expect, but still taste great. Overall quite a good experience

Love the roasted bone marrow. Had such an unique texture that sort of melt in your mouth and can break it down with your tongue. Served along with the bread, the combination is perfect.

The wagyu beef is amazing too, very tender and juicy. The roasted garlic provide another layer of flavor to it. The beef heart tomato is my favourite I think. The sweetness from tomato paired up with the flavorful sauce is something I had never tried elsewhere before. Would probably go back once in a while

Went for dinner and shook by the variety of the dishes. Got the Negitoro Don and beef potato stew and is definitely not disappointed by it. If only the menu can gives pictures for reference. But I have my eyes on the stewers and will come back for it :)

Had tekah beehoon, pork cheek and chiliprawn with mantou. Honestly quite happy with all three dishes, especially when the fried mantou is only 50 cents for one. The chendol pudding thingy however feels a bit disappointing. All I can taste is the brawn sugar and it overwhelms the flavor of others. I rather have a proper chendol haha. But overall a very good experience for the other dishes.

Came here cos the restaurant name has a word MEAT in it. Ordered steak and ribs and both of them are amazing. The side dishes may be slightly underwhelming but the main dish definitely made up for it. Had milkshake as well and it's one of the best I had.

Can come before the crowd around 6pm and it's only 3 minutes walk from the mrt. High chance will come back again