Probably the closest we got to Japan this year! First time trying uni and it was so good. Cold pasta topped with ikura, uni and a very light truffle mushroom cream sauce. 1-for-1 deal with Burpple Beyond!

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#throwback to our Xmas Dinner in advance a few days back. Highly recommended to chope in advance as the queues are insane. Great deal with @burpple 1-for-1 though the pasta portion was a tad small. Added the Calamari and Spicy Wings (which was amazing btw) for 2. Pizza is a definite must try for truffle lovers!

Not sure if I can still taste eggs benedict the same way after trying this tbh! @hathawaydempsey interpretation of this brunch favourite was just *chef's kiss*

One thing you would notice is the sheer size of the dish, which makes it perfect for sharing. Instead of the usual toast or sourdough, they used a challah bread which was much thicker and filling.

They also subbed the usual smoked salmon slices with a smoked salmon mousse topped with black truffle and trout roe.

Surprisingly, my favourite part of the dish was the garnish which consisted of baby watercress, coriander and a mix of local leaves and roots. Love how fresh it was and how it complemented the flavours!

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Can't remember when was the last time I had a meal in the CBD but this was probably one of the best deals I had on @burpple! Full house on a Saturday afternoon and had to settle for an outdoor seating, but the food was really all that matters. Loved the grilled portobello mushroom, which was sandwiched with house-made mayo, picked cucumber and caramelised onions.


Ebiko Prawn Paste Shrimp Ramen ($13.90) & Ebiko Prawn Paste w Chili Vinaigrette Ramen ($11.90) - Can probably describe this as atas Hae Mee but not complaining about it 😂 The broth was super thick and rich, definitely a must-try for all prawn lovers! Added the tonkotsu broth for the dry ramen and it was amazing too. But heads up, don't be expecting a typical Japanese Ramen, this was definitely more Chinese influenced.

Don't think we can ever go wrong with Jollibee! The original fried chicken complemented really well with the coconut rice and the sambal chilli actually packs a spicy punch - as good as it can get with most average Nasi Lemak out there. Might be worth a try if you're looking for something different.

Definitely nothing too nasty about these cookies! 2nd outlet and a much bigger space for @nastycookiee with drinks and merch available as well. Love the decor and aesthetics, but would have preferred the cookies to be slightly warmed up. PS soft serve was also not available at this outlet. Would have been a perfect pairing! The Iced Mocha was surprisingly impressive though. 🍪🍫

1-for-1 mains at Eleven Strands thanks to @burpple Beyond, featuring the Braised Beef Cheeks ($25) and Prawn Basil Pasta ($23).

We've heard of ice-cream flavoured mooncakes, but what about mooncake flavoured ice-cream? Can definitely count on @butterknifefolk for some innovative creation! Tried the Red Date Longan Mooncake (Single-scoop $5 Double $9) and it was pretty mind-blowing! Could even taste bits of the traditional mooncake skin?!

Newly opened cafe around the Serangoon neighborhood with lots of Korean vibes. Love the space and decor, but the drinks and pastries left us craving for more! If only there were more on the menu cos it was pretty damn good. Especially the pecan croissant, drizzled with maple syrup. Came for the eclair, but it wasn't ready yet - will be back!

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Good, old bowl of prawn noodles for the weather! Prawn & Mee is helmed by two young hawkers who previously started off with Plum & Rice at the same Bedok outlet. They ran out of the dry version by the time we visited at around 12pm+ on a Sunday morning. Favourite part of this dish would definitely be the prawns, which is notably bigger and fresher than the ones usually found.

Fried Chicken Bowl & Cream Sauce Eggs from @fatposg - #throwback to this super satisfying meal after cycling around Punggol! Fried chicken leg was so juicy and tender + that piece of fried enoki was a real guilty pleashre. Love the ambience here and most of the dishes came with a fusion twist. Will definitely be back to try the rest of the menu!