I went to another galette shop recently and wanted to try French Fold to compare. Albeit, I have never been to France to try it there, but I quite liked both establishment's versions. The No.5 was a combination of comte cheese (my fave), chorizo and a runny yolk. The buckwheat galette itself was quite subtle in taste, but each mouthful of a mix of everything was very enjoyable. Service was great and just like Merci Marcel, I will definitely visit again.

This is a must-try for blue cheese lovers. The blue cheese funk that we all know and love is very prominent in this cheesecake. The rosemary also makes it very aromatic and the blueberry compote helps cut through the richness. There were also almond biscuits that we had like crackers on a cheeseboard. I'd spread some of the cheesecake on it and it was divine. The perfect way to end a meal.

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I love brussels sprouts and couldn't resist ordering it. It was covered with sausage crumbs that I didn't even know what the dish was till I looked closely. But the sprouts were nutty and sweet, and went so well with the chorizo sabayon sauce. That sauce though.. you HAVE TO try that sauce. It's savoury and almost cheesy. I finished every bit of it!

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If you like the soft fat that just melts in your mouth, this is the dish for you. The pork belly is so tender that you don't even need to fight it with a fork and knife. Generously coat it with the black cardamon moroccan curry and you've got a flavour bomb that leaves you wanting for more.

This was my favourite of the night! The fish was cooked perfectly! Soft tender meat with crispy skin on a bed of saffron beurre blanc sauce sweetened with flower clams. This was sooo gooooood!

I usually expect my calamari battered and fried, but at a low-carb restaurant, they grilled and served it over zhug - a middle eastern sauce with corriander, garlic and other spices. To top it off, they also drizzled a generous amount of chorizo fat 🤤.

Found this hidden gem at Ann Siang Road that serves low-carb and zero-sugar food and drinks. Was pleasantly surprised that I could have a meal without carbs and still be full. It helped that everything was so flavourful and so well-prepared. This was the Shish Taouk - free-range chicken kebab with garlic yogurt and cauliflower tabouleh. Perfectly juicy and one of my favourites of the night!