Waited pretty long for this laksa. It had a homely taste and was easy to finish as the soup was not too thick!

I really loved how big this slice of cake was. The lemon cake layers were also really thick, while the yogurt cream added a nice creamy and tangy touch. Yum!

We got the $32 Burpple beyond set, which was pretty worth it with a main pho, side dish, drink, and dessert. The soup was flavourful and as good as the ones I had in Vietnam! The flan dessert was also creamy with a nice caramel taste.

One of the more affordable places serving up tendons in Singapore. What I really love about this place is that the ingredients are still fresh and good quality despite its pricing. The prawns were big and quite juicy, and fish portion was big too. Now I know why there’s always a crazy long queue!

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Beef was tender, and mash potatoes were creamy. We also had their Tom yum pasta (which I forgot to take a photo of but really good) and a beef burger (which was also good). I usually go for outdoor seating when I visit as it has a nice view of the calming Punggol lake. One of my favourite hangout spots to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Interesting take on the cordon Bleu with the tomato based Hainanese pork chop sauce; pork was fried well, crispy on the outside but juicy on the inside. However, the dish could do with some more carbs like a potato or rice side dish to make it more complete.

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Deliciously thick and creamy shrimp broth is to die for. The soup had a creamy wok hey flavour, probably from frying the cabbage. Dumplings were springy and QQ. We added on noodles ($1.20) and shared it between the both of us. We also added on century egg tofu and a drink ($3.40). Service was also impeccable and their staff were really attentive. Will definitely be back to try the other noods!!

Back here at red pan and once again very impressed with their food. Their chilli crab pasta was served with a whole soft shell crab, really generous and satisfying!

Little quaint cafe at Naiise with burp 1 for 1! A quiet place amid the crowds at jewel

Delicious maki rolls and other interesting dishes. I always enjoy having a good meal at itacho!

While the red tea had a sufficiently strong aroma, the pearls were on the harder side and we couldn’t finish it.

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The al dente noodles were infused with a good amount of truffle flavour, while the sous vide egg on top gave the dish a rounder and creamier feel.