Waffles were warm, fluffy, and crispy, paired well with the honey osmanthus ice cream which hit both sweet and floral notes! Loved it.

Despite the absence of meat, I was surprised at the amount of flavour bursting from the falafel patty. The sour cream added a nice creamy and tangy touch. The fresh pita bread was also soft and fluffy, like pillows. Couldn’t stop digging into this and was so reluctant to share it with my other half. Yummy!

Was expecting a good sandwich for the price paid ($20 after taxes) but was left disappointed, did not finish the dish. Chicken wasn’t as juicy as I’d like, with a weird powdery and grainy texture to it. I also didn’t like how the batter fell off the chicken at the slightest touch and was hard to get a complete bite with batter and chicken together. Sesame seed potato buns tasted pretty ordinary, nothing like the potato buns from shake shack that are sweet and fluffy. Probably should have gone with one of their sourdough options but went with the chicken burger as it was one of their recommendations.

A surprising find at Tampines East community club, 2six is a quaint, cosy and unassuming cafe which serves up good food! The burger had a thick flavourful patty with crispy bacon slathered in tangy barbecue sauce, topped with perfectly toasted buns. I can see myself reading a book or getting some work done here, will be back!

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Delicious and tasted like the ones we had in Korea! The sauce was sweet and spicy, with a hint of aromatic curry. Ddeok was soft and chewy. Especially loved the cheese and sweet potato ddeok. Perfect warm comfort food for a cold and rainy day, Mashiseo!

Found the name of this place a tad familiar, only to realise that it was one of the ice cream places we tried while we were in Penang! We really loved how each generous scoop of ice cream had a unique filling - the raspberry white chocolate flavour had white chocolate bits with popping candy, while the genmaicha had crunchy milk chocolate pieces. Their waffles were also really light and fluffy, will definitely be back for seconds!!

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They look like pebble and stones but are actually sesame matcha and oolong lychee cakes! Flavours went well together, the cakes were light and not too surfeiting. Perfect end to a dinner!

Couldn’t help but buy a piece after catching a whiff of freshly baked croissants while walking past Bacha coffee at Marina Bay Sands. It was crispy and good! 😋

Caramelised bananas, strawberries, blueberries, candied walnuts and salted caramel ❤️
Loved the hint of cinnamon and gooey caramel sauce! Strawberries were also sweet, which is rare to find. Yummy 😋

Huge burger with a well seasoned patty! Ginormous serving of fries as well. We were so full!

Pasta slathered in tangy tomato sauce! Generous servings of prawns and squid. Chefs kiss

First time trying Cuban food and it was a really great experience! The flavour of the homemade beef patty in the Cuban burger was balanced with the spicy and sour jalapeño and went really well with the fluffy bread buns. Jerk chicken was on the spicier side but flavourful. Delicious food here, will definitely be back!

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