Hidden beneath the caviar is a huge slab of creamy sweet bafun uni!

Although this place is known for their tarts. The almond croissant here is pretty decent too. Nice flaky and buttery exterior with a good coating of almond.

Smooth hojicha mousse which was pretty distinct and not too sweet

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Pretty average and sweet dessert. Not sure what’s with the hype and long queue.

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Huge huge croissant with a very nice cross section. Light and airy.... coated with chocolate. Nice touch with the nuts in top.

Very well executed piece of art. Lychees were definitely soaked well in alcohol. Cream was light and the sponge was soft and airy. If I’ll have to choose just 1 cake, this will be it!

The chicken karaage was pretty meh. But the fried chicken gyoza is something I’ll be back for.

A true disappointment where you get mushy rice and damp seaweed. And the classic case where there is much rice with little ingredients.

Served with triple vanilla bean ice cream and drizzled with espresso gula melaka. In short, overpriced, mediocre waffles with a scoop of vanilla ice cream plus sweet syrup drizzled over. For the price you are paying, you don’t even get a full waffle.

Personally find the coffee here pretty average. Lacks body.

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