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Hokkien Mee Note: they changed location from below block 18, to the coffeeshop opposite: block 19 lorong 7 toa payoh What can I say, everything was executed just right. The noodles are fried adequately before adding the broth to remove the alkaline taste in the yellow noodles. The ratio of yellow and white noodle is ideal. The broth is flavorful with savoury notes from the prawn shells and heads, balanced with sweet umami flavour from pork (stock similar to the famous Hokkien mee at Lorong 1 toa payoh which likes you to come everyday). Enough starch released from the noodles made the dish cohesive as a whole Lastly the ingredients are really fresh! Prawns and squid are quite good quality for the price. Would highly recommend. All the details were done right, bringing it close to a perfect plate of Hokkien mee. Maybe the only small thing that could be better is that it lacks a bit of wok hei (fire not big enough?)
Hokkien Mee ($8) Made my way to Hokkien Man Hokkien Mee as part of trying out all the different Hokkien Mees in the area of Toa Payoh. Their store is tucked at the corner / entrance unit of the coffee shop with a simple signage of the chef's face as their icon! Waiting time was short due to the lull after the lunch crowd. The noodles portions comes in 3 sizes - $5, $6 & $8, and for 2 pax, we went for the largest one. The hokkien mee came and looked very promising (apart from the styrofoam plate and disposable utensils). Each mouthful was full of prawn stock and was really tasty! Only downside was that the chilli was too sweet and wasn't spicy enough. Also, it lacked some bits of wok hey. Apart from that, a satisfactory & simple meal.
Second visit recently and the hype has definitely died down with a normalised wait for hawker food. Taste-wise, the plate of Hokkien mee was still flavourful with a good consistency. However, we felt that it could do with a little less garlicky taste. We also wished that the chilli had more punch to elevate the taste of the dish. For $6, there were substantial amount of ingredients which were also nicely cooked; although the price point might be a factor for some reconsidering to choose this over other Hokkien mee stalls in the adjacent food centre. Frankly, it won’t be easy to stay competitive to draw customers to travel here as there are plenty of good Hokkien Mee places around SG that attract regular crowds from across the island.
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Omurice with Free Upsize A place catered to carb lovers. After reading much raved reviews and how affordable this place is, I decided to give it a try. One can have omurice for only $9.90 with a free upsize option. For $12.90, you get a combo with mentaiko spaghetti. It comes with a choice of salads and miso soup too. Add-ons such as cheese sauce (made live at your table), pork rib, chicken wing and chicken Hamburg steak are available. Most of the popular add-ons were sold out at the time I went. The omelette was soft, creamy and fluffy. Unfortunately, it went downhill after. The tomato fried rice was nothing but carbs with paltry servings of diced chicken. The mentaiko pasta tasted ordinary and isn’t worth the extra serving of carbs. As for the signature cheese sauce, I’d prefer if they used less cheddar (they use two types of cheddar) and more mozzarella (or include an additional variety of cheese). It’s not worth the $2 top up. This is one of the many Keisuke concepts out there. Most of them are pretty good, but this was simply underwhelming and largely overrated.
Omurice Combi (S$12.90++) Beautiful fluffy eggs! Don’t you get irrational cravings for omurice? I do and so I braved the queue at Omurice Keisuke at Bugis+. Keisuke’s concepts pride themselves for being known as value-for-money without compromising the quality of food. It is evident here in this recently opened establishment. I had the omurice combo (S$12.90++) which comes with tomato rice wrapped with a blanket of fluffy egg, a Neapolitan or mentaiko spaghetti, a sauce of your choice (demi glace for me), and a salad/miso soup. Value! I can guarantee that you’d not just be satisfied but full as well after finishing this meal. A little warning though, the establishment is tiny! Probably fewer than 20 persons at a time so prepare to queue for 30 mins during peak hours.
NOM NOM OMURICE I’ve been wanting to try this for a very long time and it really satisfied the cravings I’ve been having for so long ☺️ I ordered the Omurice combo ($12.90) which comes with a choice of spaghetti and side. The egg was done very well and the meal was really very satisfying. One of my favourite parts of this place is the free flow beansprouts!!! 😍 overall would highly recommend this place and would definitely go back again!
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