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Just as its name suggests, the bone-on turbot was easy to handle as the bone was left right in the middle, and the fish was so well-cooked till moist and tender to rip off the flesh. However, the Sarawak pepper soubise sauce was overwhelmingly salty despite adding a nice touch of pepperiness to the fish, but it was also possibly the saltiest dish on the entire menu. Served with fleshy mussels and spring onions.

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Chef Woo gave a whole new definition to Hongshao, or Chinese braised, by utilizing this cooking cue on Ibérico pork. My first impression tells me that it resembles char siew with a delicate caramelic sweetness and a heavy saltiness. Unfortunately, its texture was also disappointing, making it really hard to chew. The Chinese bacon just adds on to the overall savouriness. Perhaps the charred Brussel sprouts was the only thing that worked for me in that entire dish, especially when it tamed all the other saltiness.

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Housed in a refined white colonial building, @armourygastrobar is one good choice to chill your night away with their burgers and craft beers. While the chicken burger had 2 massive juicy pieces of chicken thigh and somewhat resembled the zinger burger, I wish the salted egg sauce was more creamy without that undesirable barnyard taste. Curry leaves, a crucial element of a salted egg sauce, were unfortunately missing. Served with melted cheese, lettuce and tomato.

Read mixed reviews of The Armoury Burger but what’s a trip without trying the classic? Sandwiched between the pillowy, buttery buns that we really enjoyed were double wagyu patties, bacon, cheese, lettuce, tomato. Although it was quite a sodium bomb, I liked that it was packed with flavours, especially the juicy medium-rare patties that also had slightly charred edges. All burgers are served with French fries. An additional top-up of $2 for a change to truffle fries, sweet potato fries, salad or onion rings. One thing for sure, whether it was sweet potato fries or French fries, their fries were ultra crispy.

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This dish was essentially the essence of the ocean with an explosion of umami. Sweet, tender scampi seasoned with some Szechuan peppercorn served on a tangy tomato confit. Somehow reminds me of a seafood pizza, except missing the crust. Check out the alluring Oscietra caviar that sits beautifully on top, delicately rich and sweet, which brings along a popping sensation. One of the highly prized caviar in the world, simply lost for words.

A special festive rendition of the usual Ibid Shaobing. Instead of spring onions, laksa leaves and yeasted butter, the V2 was more like a sweet dessert with melted triple cream Brie and chopped cranberries encased in a puffy bun. I have never tried the original savoury version, but I wouldn’t mind this either. Served with a dollop of cranberry yeasted butter. You could either spread it on top of the bun, or into the filling for an additional fruitiness.


Here comes a hot appetizer on the menu! While it might have been named as a chowder, I would think it leaned more to a bisque. Not merely a sweet creamy corn chowder, but the input of crab meat and little prawn oil droplets changed the impression to be umami. There were people who bit into the crab shell unfortunately. The Xi’an spiced mantou stood out for me with the use of coriander, Szechuan peppercorn and cumin. Especially with cumin and the grilled marks that exuded some smokiness, it reminded me of Xinjiang grilled lamb skewers; the exact ingredients used. An exemplary of east meets west cuisine but I actually enjoyed having the mantou by itself as the spices were conflicting with the crab and corn flavours.

If there was anything about this appetizer, it was all about texture play. Shredded beef tongue braised in their master stock that has been brewing since the very first day, you can imagine how it bursts with flavour and melts literally in the mouth. Served on brioche toast and contrastingly crispy fried lotus chips. I thought I would mind the pickled radish, but its pungency along with the pickled green chili stunned us with another round of pleasant sensation.

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Popular with locals and tourists, it’s hard to miss the endless long queues forming at this red-brick architectural building that houses Miyahara. It was the largest ophthalmology clinic in Taichung until Japan surrendered in 1945, and subsequently became the city’s health bureau. Over the years, it was left vacant until Taiwan’s pastry company, Dawn Cake, took over and preserved its original red brick wall.

Miyahara has over 60 ice cream flavours of different categories; chocolate, tea, fruits, yoghurt and a list of their own creations. Dark chocolate lovers like us would enjoy this 100% West Africa Dark Chocolate. Powerful, intense, as though tasting the raw cocoa beans. We chose the Lu Gu green tea as a pairing flavour, which has an ineffable fresh aroma. Its bittersweetness and slight vegetal taste are released slowly but leaves a long finishing. By the way, Lu Gu is the most famous of Nantou’s tea region.

Every ice cream dessert comes with up to 5 toppings (depending on the number of ice cream scoops) such as cheesecake and pineapple cakes which are also specialties of Dawn Cake. The waffle bowl is no ordinary waffle base, but a crispy one that’s filled with a fragrant milk flavour. Even with 2 outlets, their queues never seemed to be any shorter at any time.

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One of my all-time favourite ice cream places, and a must-visit place in Bugis! Always looking forward to their rotating flavours because they never fail to disappoint. What’s more, with Burpple Beyond, 4 flavours for just $5!

Other than the usual white chocolate nori that never fails to amaze me with its unusual combination of sweet and briny flavours incorporated with white chocolate almond, we also had the triple coconut. Coconut lovers should not miss this coconut indulgence of coconut jelly, coconut flesh and coconut ice cream. You would be delighted to find the amount of coconut flesh hidden within!

Also had my first try on Pi Pa Gao and pineapple tarts flavours! The minty, herbal and less sweet pi pa gao ice cream was made using the Three Leg Brand’s Pi Pa Gao, mixed with ice cream custard. Something unusually comforting. Last but not least, the pineapple tarts flavour brought about some festive mood. According to the staff, they churn their own pineapple jam for this ice cream, and indeed, there were chunks of pineapple jam as well as the buttery tarts hidden in this flavour. Tropical, slightly sweet but it’s so unique that you just want to have it again.

Thanks to #burpplebeyond, the feeling of enjoying one of my favourite ice cream at half price was even sweeter! As Tom’s palette is hunting for a new location, be sure to catch them at Shaw Towers before the end of March 2020!


No doubt the dishes at Paddy Hills are slightly on the pricey side for a cafe, but this Ma La Pork makes a really good sharing side. Fried pork shoulder chunks of a firm bite, paired with salted pickled mustard that cuts grease. Hidden in the bowl were also some fragrant fried garlic that you would possibly mistake as the pork chunks! And not forgetting the elements of Mala, roasted peanuts and dried chili. The Mala sauce was quite memorable, looked just like any chili sauce but it was unexpectedly numbing.

Had pretty high hopes for this burger, only to be disappointed. Sandwiched between the squid ink buns, the whole deep-fried soft shell crab was quite reasonable in size though ordinary tasting. But the prawn patty was appalling; not only was it frozen with an unwelcoming smell, it was also made with surimi, of mushy texture. Something that doesn’t justify its price. Probably the only saviour in the burger was the green mango, which helped to mask the unwanted smell and texture of the prawn patty partially with its crunchiness and green, floral flavours. Served along with curly fries and squid ink aioli.

The art of contemporary Chinese cuisine. At Restaurant Ibid, the 2019 festive tasting menu features the Scottish Salmon Tartare as an elegant starter. You get to taste not only the umaminess of caviar and salmon, but also a hint of smokiness that comes through, and the fermented, spiciness of all-time favourite Laoganma chili oil which rounds off everything in the plate so harmoniously. There’s also flavours of the Chinese coriander and pickled green chilies in the soft Tartare. Creatively served with rice crackers dusted with sour plum powder. One of my favourites of the night.