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Havent had acai in a while, felt like the consistency of their acai became better. This place is v generous w toppings!

Love the cream pasta. Although not al dente but was well seasoned. Miso salmon felt a bit overcooked but flavour was not bad as well. Sides came in generous portion! Worth it w burpple 1for1.

Tiramisu was nice but it would have been so much better if there was alcohol! Only black coffee is served, with cream on the side and vanilla/sugar provided at the table. Love the concept ☕️

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Creamy mac&cheese with strong hint of truffle oil, really satisfying. Mexican salad had chunks of chicken breast, avo, chickpeas etc and was not bad but it could do with less dressing!

This was one of my favourite dishes of all the ones we’ve ordered! Highly recommended.

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These were all rly good! Liushabao here is a must if ure a fan of salted egg x custard. Prawn dishes are 💯

Assorted sashimi sushi which totally exceeded my expectations. Everything just went so well together. Highly recommended!

I love this so much! Ebi sushi topped with a thick cut of eel and 🥑. Would definitely order this again.

Wide variety of food here! My friends particularly enjoyed the tempura squid. Chirashi don was v affordable at $10.80 w a few slices of sashimi that tasted pretty fresh too. The umaki and salmon mentai sushi are my standard orders here 💯

The crispy buns are still best paired w condensed milk! Pork chop was reallyyy ordinary to me. I think i’ll only come back for the buns w condensed milk.

I’ve been wanting to try this 20-layer cake! Exactly like how you’d imagine a choco peanut butter cake to be. Cake was ordinary but i love the frosting! Cocktails were pretty good too. Wna try the mains some day 😋

Cocktails here were v special. Ordered some bar bites: truffle fries, breaded mid-joint wings and tuna tataki. Portion for tuna was way too small for the price. Wings and truffle fries were not bad!