Home cooked chicken paella, Mediterranean salad and finished with madeleine & orange ice cream!

The thick slab of pork loin (180gms and probably the thickest we’ve ever tried) was well seasoned and had just the desired level of fat which made every mouthful very satisfying. Second pic was the garlic pork katsu don (slightly smaller in size, 120gms) was equally enjoyable but we would definitely go for the premium cut on our next visit given how juicy it was! One other worthy point is that they offer free flow cabbage with a beautiful sesame dressing that kept us going for more! Good food, good service, just the way we love our Fridays! TGIF all!

Another must-try dish is Sushi Pizza which sushi rice is spread on thin spring roll skin and topped with melted mozzarella and Gouda cheese together with a generous portion of mixed sashimi, flying fish roe, omelette and avocado with spicy mayonnaise!
Other dishes worth trying include Zuwaigani Shell Sushi & Mixed Sashimi Carpaccio.
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Real Thai’s Thai milk tea is the real deal, and we particularly loved the flavourful pad thai that packed strong wok hei. We also bought some sauces and packets home to whip up our own diy Thai meal!


If the name is not tempting enough to solicit you to try it, you may be when you know you are indulging in jivara cake, dulcey peanut ganache, honeycomb and black rice. TGIF!

Right that’s some big words but essentially it’s a large eel with half that’s slightly salted and the other half with the usual sweet sauce. The skin was crisp when served and that was really on point for me. They really did the delicate fish justice and the bonus for me was the wasabi. Expect to do some simple work with the wasabi root grater. Like true wasabi, there was no strong pungent kickback that would put you off, instead it gave a mild and aromatic touch to the grilled eel. Beautiful dish overall - would have been helpful if the servers guided us slightly after serving it as we were trying to figure out what the other sauces on the table were supposed to pair with. A little googling eventually led us to discovering that there was a proper way to enjoy it (but we simply scooped it up and ate it all 😂) oh well, check with the server on your next visit as we will return for the proper experience!

No better way to do so with some rich milky ice cream! Made from Hokkaido Jersey Milk, we had it on cheddar waffle cone. Good to share for two, especially so given the richness of the ice cream and the cheese cone but nonetheless a sinful but delightful treat!

Loved the thoughtfulness where there is even the ginger sauce that typically accompanies chicken rice. Available exclusively from now till 31 Jan 2018, be sure to give it a try!

Loved the latest creation by @goodchancepopiah - tempura kimchi popiah with seafood paste and cheese! Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, gotta love the contrast in textures not to mention the abundance of flavours!

Robust with flavours beautifully absorbed into the skin, we also loved how smooth and tender the chicken meat was. Springy noodles to accompany, we also had the dumplings which sum up a sumptuous meal for us duo! Happy Sunday all!

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