Had a chance to experience the 5 Course Omasake by Chef Matsuhisa at Nobu Kuala Lumpur with a beautiful view of KL Tower and KL skyline. The Courses consists of 2 Cold 2 Hot and 1 dessert. Start with appetizer, it's three pcs of white fish, lemon yuzu sauce, corriander with cucumber, which taste sour but the yuzu sauce damn good. Move to 2nd course is Tiger shrimp tempura with ponzu sauce, chives and salad at the bottom. Somehow the taste it's just like normal fried shrimp la, nothing really special about it. The next is Seared Tuna with Sashimi Salad, sesame oil and Matsuhisa Dressing. The one that make it delicious beside the very soft Tuna is that Matsuhisa Dressing which compliment each other. For me, 4th course is the highlight of the evening. It's a Grilled Beef Tenderlion with Shimeji Mushroom and My one is just Medium Rare and it's so juicy and so tender. It comes with three sauces. Normal Teriyaki Sauce, Chili Sauce, and Rokotomiso Sauce which is the best among all. The 5th course is the Dessert. It's a doughnut with Dark Chocolate filling, surround with Pistachio and served with Pandan Ice Cream. The plating is very nice tho. Their service is very nice which match the location itself. 56th floor with its own lift. Overall, for RM280, it's worth once in a blue moon.


Even the cheapest food can make you happy. This is just simple Maggie Mie tak mau pedas dengan Telur Mata. Presentation wise, just like any other Maggie Mie. Taste, ok. Not as oily as other Mamak Stall. What make this Mamak Stall different is, the environment is not look like any other mamak. It's like Mamak 2.0! If you ever come here, don't forget to try The Tower drink. They have Milo, Teh O Ais, Teh O Ais Limau in tower of 1L, 1.5L, 2L start from 10.90 RM!


They say it's one of the best Pork Noodle in Sunway. I'm 95% agree. I ordered the Dry with Yellow Noodle.
I like the texture of the noodle cause it's not too much flour, which make u not easily stuffed. The 5% that make me disagree is the sweet sauce after you mixed the noodle. Even tho, you pour the soup in it, you still can taste that the sauce is too sweet. But overall, I will come back for more, cause the sauce is not big problem.

Dotty's, restaurant that famous for their Salted Egg Yolk pastry, also serve other dishes that not related with the Salted Egg Yolk. Looking for something different on their menu and find their Scotch Egg (RM 26) is quiet interesting. It comes like a rocket of sweet potato on the bottom, baked bread and the scotch egg itself on top. The picture above is after I "destroyed" that scotch egg. It's an almost hard boiled egg that wrapped in a meat. I have no problem with the egg and sweet potato fries, but the baked bread kinda dissatisfied. But, overall, it's a one fulfilling meal.

Heard Kuey Chap before, doesn't sound very interesting. Then, come to Auntie Sim Kitchen, decided to give it a try. For 8.80 RM, I got a bowl full of Mixed Pork Kuey Chap. It really looks like in the picture above. Smells a bit like bak kut teh. The Kuey Chap texture is very jelly-ish and chewy. But, There's no taste! All I can taste is the soup which is a bit sweet and also the taste of the pork meat. When you order this, you better eat faster cause the Kuey Chap are absorbing the soup and it makes you full very fast. Heard Kuey Chap before, it does taste interesting.

One of local favourite and famous place to eat Nasi Lemak is Village Park. Situated in SS21, next to Every Sundae. Tried their specialties, Nasi Lemak (RM 9), since it is highly recommended by the locals. This is place to get your nasi lemak craving, fixed. It comes like any Nasi Lemak in general. Coconut rice come with sambal, ancovy, egg, cucumber and a whole leg of ayam goreng. For me, I like their Ayam Goreng because of the crispyness especially the skin and the crumbs. You can add more sambal for RM 0.80 which I think quite overpriced for sambal. They also serve other food apart from Nasi Lemak, such as Toast or Nasi Dagang. Tips: get ready to queue if you come at lunch hour.

For RM 13, you can get a bowl of frog porridge for one person. In the picture above is frog porridge for two person, which cost you RM 26. But, the quantity of the porridge and the steam frog is quiet unbalance for me. They should have put more frog. Overall taste good, even tho it just taste like normal porridge with some kind of soft-meat and bones. It's not really hawker stall anyway, it's located in between the shoplot, and nearby Rekindle SS2.

Restauran Hock Thai is located in SS2, one row with Standing Theory. It’s some kind of open food court of hawker stall, and stall that caught my mouth is Aubrey’s Noodle.They serve Sarawak Kolo Mee and Tomato Mee. Never heard of Tomato Mee before, so I give it a try. For 7 RM, I got a bowl of some-kind of thin noodle that fried, (noodle that usually you have in Shabu-Shabu) rest in tomato soup, with prawn, fish cake and tofu on top of it. Taste interesting. The tomato sauce taste quite sour for me, and the Mee is crispy until you mixed together with the soup and it will become soft but elastic and chewy. I like that it reminds me of Yee Fu Mee back in Indonesia, the different just is the tomato soup. Satisfied and will be back for more!


Browsing through my burpple app and saw there's "Rebecca" nearby. Decided to check her out. So, we sit there, smiling because she look just like her picture. She let me taste her. Start from the top, licking the earl grey cream with mint leaves on top. Literally taste like earl grey tea. and then I start digging her warm but crisp body. It soft and cover with strawberries, banana and blueberry. All I can say is she is such a delicious Waffle! Be ready to be on waiting list if u're coming on weekend


I'm not sure what Idli is until I step on this place. Idli is like a rice cake/savoury cake. The one in the picture is Butter Podi Idli. It's Idli that fried together with Butter. And damn! This cake is really good! I'm sure they put a lot of spices in this food, since it's quiet spicy, and strong hint of spices, but it doesn't matter! It is so good! Those crumbs tho! It costs you 10RM and you will get 3pcs of this delish cake.

The Ganga serve Chappati alone or with Set (with dhal). At first, we just ordered the Chappati alone, then the waiter said "How you guys gonna eat that? You suppose to eat it with some veg." then he "upgraded" our food into Chappati Set. I prefer eat the Chappati alone, but we give it a try with the dhal. And it's quiet spicy! Overall, it's a decent Chappati and thumbs up for their great service! Anyway, if you ever come visit, please try their specialties "Ganga tea Crush" (not in the pict). It's consist of mint, lime, and lemon, crush together with tea. Very refreshing drink!


It consists of white rice with 5 vegetables of the day, plus Dhal and Vathal Kulambu (which is Veg. curry) and Kesari. And all of them is Vegetarian Food. But It taste so good, it hit all my tastebud. Especially the Kesari. It taste like a sweet dessert that give you an addiction of wanting more and more. The whole meal costs you RM10 and I already feel like I eat one day meal since you have the carbs, the vegs, and the dessert.