I love tomyam and this tomyam pasta was really tasty. It’s tangy and is in the spicier side. The prawns were fresh quite fresh. I thought the portion was a tad small, and I was craving for more. The cafe was rather small and the waitstaff service was okay.

This place was nestled within a supermarket and it is rather a hidden gem. The chirashi came with generous thick slices of raw fish. Will recommend the crab century egg tofu for the adventurous. Overall, not a bad meal.

Had their grilled miso cod capellini, and I liked it. Somehow, the cod had a fragrant buttery, almost creamy taste to it. The capellini itself was tasty but it was a tad too salty for me, and I felt some parts were saltier, as if it was poorly mixed. The cicada sling was a refreshing drink.

A must order is the beer-battered white bait. It was addictive to me and I can stop having the crispy bait dipped in wasabi Mayo. Note the wasabi Mayo isn’t for everyone.

Staff were attentive and friendly, and the dining atmosphere was beautiful.

I loved my burger, Shaun-san from Mirai burgers. They also have a good selection of beers. I will recommend the peanut butter chocolate milk stout by Lost Coast if you’re looking for a creamy, rich and bold-flavoured stout. Otherwise everything else was decent. However I can’t help but feel that the disposable cutleries and kitchenware cheapened the entire dining experience.

The staff were friendly and nice, and the bistro got rather crowded into the evening. Will recommend for casual dining.

The bak kut teh was really really spicy, not for the uninitiated! Though the broth was on the spicy side, it was nonetheless delicious.

The free oysters that came along with a 2-pax reservation were juicy and was a nice bonus to start off the night. Mains were decent (but unspectacular). Our prosciutto pizza was on the doughy side. Clam in white wine pasta was decent. We had a nice Shiraz to end off the meal.

Service was good (staff was attentive and welcoming) though we were wondering why the restaurant was so empty during dinner time...! I had a $50 off chope voucher to use for our bill. Not too certain if I’ll come back again if I’ll have to pay the full price.

Traditional local breakfast at Tong Ah was a great start to the day. Special shout-out to the accompanying homemade kaya which came along with the French toast. It puts your usual, off-the-shelf kaya to shame. The coffee was a tad sweet. Otherwise it’s a perfect start to the day.

Gokoku (nestled within Meidi-ya Japanese supermarket) was such a rare gem. Assorted breads were worth the extra $$$ (since they’re priced slightly more expensive than your usual neighbourhood bakery). Plus you could get a coffee at their in-house cafe to go with your baked goods, and have it in the supermarket itself (or, the outdoor patio if you wish)! Will definitely come back for more.

The ramen risotto looked fabulous but didn’t taste as exceptional as it looks. Umami flavours of the risotto got a bit jelak after a few mouthfuls. The mala pork (starters; not pictured) was lackluster - without its accompanying sauce, the pork is rather bland or “un-marinated”.

Service was slow despite <10 customers in the cafe.


Had this using Burpple’s 1-for-1. The mentaiko sauce eclipsed the flavours of the raw fish. Even though the meal was rather substantial - came with 2 gyozas, tea, salad and miso (rather salty), it was overall a “meh” meal which I don’t mind having on an empty stomach.

One of the best seafood soup I’ve had. The soup was rich but not salty, and neither did it taste like it was MSG-laden. The seafood was fresh and plentiful. Left with an empty bowl!

These two mains shared between two. Would advise not to choose this pairing because it was too jelak and there was no respite from the heavy flavours of both mains. But each dish in itself was exquisite. For the pasta, the nori cream was unique, though it’s very cloying. The chilli crab risotto is too much to have in one sitting, and the sous vide egg (to be mixed in) didn’t help. But the chilli crab sauce and the crab was great.

Service was good, we were welcomed by a sprightly staff who explained to us the concept of Scaled and staff were generally attentive. Service was a tad slow, but that’s probably because the place was packed (on weekday lunchtime!)

Overall it was $91 for two starters and two mains. On the pricier side, but I think the food (esp starters) just makes the cut for being worth it.