Lovely hidden restaurant with amazingly well priced dishes. The salmon don was so tasty and had great cuts of fish!! The set it came in also included soup and karaage chicken which was also very good.

The shrimp are so sweet and tasty!! Unlike the shrimp we get in SG. The soup is also very good and has chunks of lobster so you do get your money worth. However overall it is a very expensive fast food place so it's not somewhere I'd go all the time or on impulse like a regular fast food place.

The egg salad itself was a bit dry and not as flavourful as I'd like. I prefer my egg salad to have chunkier bits of egg whites and to not be as minced, but that is a personal preference. The star was the hashbrowns!!! So tasty and the truffle tasted and smelled real, not like a lot of truffle flavoured things out there. The biscuit was super dry too, but the butter it came with was very nice.

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Extremely fancy brunch spot! The food was very good albeit a bit decadent so only go if you're willing to fork over the cash. The upstairs seating is much nicer and quieter as well as having a nice window view if you can get it!

For a place called Bread Street you'd think there would be more bread dishes.. 🤔 Even though the ingredients were good and they were accommodating to our dietary restrictions, it was still a bit of a disappointing meal.

The dumplings are so nice and chewy! The winner is the homemade cheese type for sure. Would have loved a bit more of the sour cream though!! The fried cheese pastry was ok but it was more pastry than cheese as it all melted and stuck to the sides so the inside was quite empty. Overall the restaurant doesn't seem SUPER authentic but it's a great attempt for people who want to try something very different.

Everything was SO good!! The carrot cake was so interesting and prepared differently while the soft shell crab sauce was super tasty. The winner is the pisang goreng which was basically fried tapioca in the shape of a cockle shell with banana inside!!!

We were pleasantly surprised by this meal as non vegans! The winner was the Orh Luak, ours was with egg, but I think even the vegan option would have been great. Would be willing to return!!! Very flavourful:)

One of my favourite egg sandwiches in SG!! The eggs are such amazing quality that they don't need much else for flavour. The whipped egg white for the Ultimate Egg Rice is unlike anything I've ever experienced!!

1000% worth the hype!!! So soft and pillowy and airy, and filling without sinking in your stomach!!! The cream was amazing and you could tell the raw ingredients were top quality to begin with.

Never had a croque monsieur with a croissant before!!! And I super super appreciate that they were able to accommodate our request of no ham as often these dishes are preprepared and they are not able to remove it.. I really enjoyed this and felt it was the perfect level of filling with out being too much.

The egg was VERY soft boiled and not as cooked as I would have preferred my poached eggs to be, or rather as poached eggs are usually served (in my experience). The English muffin as well was very small in comparison to the salmon and egg. Lastly the hollandaise sauce I suspect was made with olive oil and was more like an aioli sauce instead as I found the sauce to have an overwhelming taste of olive oil which I found to be really distracting. Overall a disappointment really as I've enjoyed meals here before...!