I mean what were we expecting, to catch a whole net of prawns?? Prawning is notoriously difficult to amateurs like us. So while the professionals opposite us were catching a prawn every 5 minutes, we congratulated ourselves on our tiny haul of 6 prawns after 2 hours with one prawning rod (the damage to our wallets was $30). We brought them home and it was cooked in a simple Chinese style: ginger, scallions, soya sauce and Shao Xing wine. I was surprised that the actual meat from the prawn is quite little as compared to the size of their heads. Perhaps they are better enjoyed skewered and charcoal grilled.

Spinach and ricotta tortellini sitting in caramelised butter, with toasted pine nuts and sage. I think this would be good as a sharing dish - these ricotta stuffed “dumplings” are quite rich and paired together with the other dishes that LINO serves up, it can get quite heavy.

Note that if you use Burpple Beyond, you can only use it on pastas below $16 (which was why we tried this dish).

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I was very pleased to have finally eaten my favourite BCM after a long time! Somehow having it late at night seems more comforting than having it during the day. Garlicky and cloudy with bits of minced pork, the soup is very tasty and one spoonful makes you go back for another. As usual, the meatballs are the star of the show and it’s a generous serving for $4!

I think this must be my new favourite Korean establishment to date. Service was excellent with a friendly Ahjumma seating us and serving us side dishes almost immediately. The food came quickly and the portions here are huge! This bibimbap was so yummy and I liked how the veggies remained crunchy. The kimchi soup here (though not pictured) has the most intense flavour with the spice hitting right at the back of your throat.

One of the better plates on the menu, this french toast was delightfully fluffy. It is paired with caramelised banana, fresh fruit, candied walnuts and a yummy caramel sauce. It is worth it with Burpple 1-1, but not for its original price. Service was rather slow (note that they only serve tap water and have no carafes for tables) and ambience is definitely not the best (majority outdoor seats in the alley).

A triple threat sandwich with mozzarella, brie and cheddar, this grilled cheese sandwich is a hearty brunch option. The tomato jam is very very yummy and the side salad is probably one of the best I’ve had on a brunch plate in awhile. All, if not most of micro’s brunch plates showcase slices of their signature sourdough bread which is toasted to the perfect crunch and are sufficiently tangy.

You might recall that this famed fire ramen was trending in the middle of this year. Word on the street is that it’s overhyped. It’s not overhyped if: you don’t queue 2 hours for it and use Burpple Beyond (you get one ramen of the set for free). It’s actually a very flavourful bowl of ramen, with a hint of smokiness from the fiery entertainment exhibited in front of you before you are led back to your table! The set comes with 2 ramen, 2 eggs and 2 drinks.

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I was always sceptical about Genki because I thought it was gimmicky - why should I pay extra just so I can have my food served to me on a train?? That is until a friend got me hooked on it. Indeed, an inner-child part of me derives joy from being able to order whatever I want whenever I want and having it arrive at the table just like that. It’s great when you’re feeling snacky and not up for a large meal. My favourites are the Genki roll and the soba noodles!

I’ve always loved the Jewel Set Meal at Muji Cafe Jewel and I’ve missed it ever since they decided to close that outlet there. This is my first time trying another Muji Cafe - quality is pretty standard but the portions seem pretty small considering the price. Overall experience is okay.

Choice of one hot deli and one cold deli, hijiki or an onsen egg, miso soup or carrot soup and a soft roll bun or rice (16 grain or white).

Car pics are reserved for food that I’m super excited to eat and cannot wait till I get home to try them. Finally snagged one these puffy doughnuts after all the hype… and it is worth it. Look at the banana cream oozing out from my finger just lightly resting on it! Rolled in sugar, it is crunchy on the outside yet soft and fluffy on the inside - both from the pastry and the generous cream. Can’t wait to try more of their flavours!

Ignore my tea stain but this was a super yummy study break snack! Just some good wholesome food to fuel your brain. The teh wasn’t very good though but I guess it was still nice to have something hot after freezing in NLB.

We popped into this hole in the wall on Cross Street for a simple Japanese dinner on my birthday and we really loved this place! Calm and Muji-esque, Marukyu is a cosy place to enjoy authentic Japanese dishes with high quality ingredients from Japan. Their bento sets are generous and allow you to try a little bit of everything, definitely go for it if you are like me and struggle to decide what to eat most of the time.