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one of my fav places to patronize; super delicious n homely food at an affordable price. their butterfly pea rice not only looks good but it’s so fragrant, soft n fluffy too!! the chicken leg is juicy n tender, but the highlight is defo the rendang sauce!! it’s ridiculously creamy from the coconut milk, yet not jelak as it’s rly flavourful from the spices which helps to alleviate the richness. sambal leans on the sweet side, but still packs a lil punch. for just S$5.90, worth in its price n portion!
Calida Aurelia Soh
Soon Kueh I say hands down the best soon kueh in singapore . 1) thin skin 2) soft skin 3) generous and bursting with ingredients 4) very fresh ingredients 5) asthetically well pleasing - not with broken skin and / or not irregular shaped. Need I say more ? The yam kueh is also very good - bursting with huge chunks of yam .
Lemongrass Chicken Nasi Lemak ($5.90). Joining the Butterfly Pea Nasi Lemak scene, @momokitchensg is a cozy, homely eating place at Jalan Bukit Merah that serves Malaysian fare such as Nasi Lemak and Penang Prawn Noodles. Tucking into the baby blue-colored rice, I was first presented with a strong boost of aroma, distinctly accentuated by coconut milk. Grains were distinct yet fluffy. Accompanying on the side were roasted ikan bilis and peanuts, fresh cucumber slices and a slice of omelette topped on the rice. The star, the succulent chicken leg. As much as I was tempted to have the signature rendang, the throat didn’t allow for that. Despite so, the lemongrass chicken didn’t let down. Sous vide, the juicy chicken meat was easily torn off and was packed with citrus, aromatic flavours as the saucy lemongrass on top seeped through. Paired with a sambal that leaned towards the sweet without much spicy kick. I’d probably be back to try the signature rendang chicken Nasi Lemak and Penang prawn noodles. Highly recommended to make reservations as seats are pretty limited and seemed short handed. (I did through Facebook for my previous visit, but they seemed to have missed it out though.) Note that the location might be a little out of the way. 🕙 10am - 3pm (Mon, Wed to Fri), 11.30am - 8.30pm (Sat & Sun). Closed on Tuesdays.
Miss Ha
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👉Chopped Lechon👈 Just a stone’s throw away from Paya Lebar MRT, @don_lechon_singapore is a hidden food gem, offering authentic Filipino fare at affordable prices. 。 Featured is their famous Spit-Roasted Suckling Pig 🐖 (Lechon), evocative of Sio Bak. Came in abnormally huge chunks, I appreciate how they had a golden ratio of fats to meat. But most importantly, the skin was crackling at every bite and the meat was pretty succulent. Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Mr Digester
I Will Not Come Back Decided to try this place as I had heard that the lechón here was really good. We ordered the lechón sisig and the roasted lechón. The sisig is some kind of finely chopped lechón with an egg on top. Even though this dish did not taste bad, the meat was loaded with tiny bones, which made this dish quite disappointing and unpleasant to eat. The roasted lechon wasn’t anything extraordinary as it lacked flavor and the skin was chewy. The kitchen was very dirty as well. Not a pleasant experience overall.
Sisig Lechon (SGD $14) @ Don Lechon. . When it comes to Sisig, it's all about the sizzle. A noisy, sizzling hot plate, filled with minced lechon pork belly, white onions, bell peppers / capsicums, and a little pineapple juice, is mixed at the table. . Completed with green chilies and a sunny side up egg. Looks dry, but actually has a moist tender crunchy texture to the ingredients, with bold savoury salty sweet spicy flavour. . Totally appetizing, best paired with white rice, and eaten when piping hot. Pure comfort food. . . . Don Lechon More details in profile & blog
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Chicken Curry & Mee Pok Carbonara Chicken curry was superb! Generous portion and chicken was super tender. Mee Pok Carbonara has a unique fusion taste- very interesting but would personally much prefer the chicken curry.
leek flowers i like how this vegetables dish tastes so sweet and crunchy, brilliant dish!
After seeing @ieatishootipost first introduce the Hurry! Hurry! Chicken Curry ($12.90), it instantly showcases how a heritage dish has been given a modern touch to it. The authenticity is still there with the flavours from the thick homemade Nyonya style curry gravy that you will immediately take a spoonful of it to taste or to drench it in your rice. Besides the whole chicken leg that comes with it, the X-factor, in my opinion, are the potato chunks which I suspect has been cooked in the curry gravy for hours as the potatoes have turned softer with the flavours seeped into it. Here comes the modernity of this dish as you would expect rice or bread to be served with the curry, but instead, a charcoal you tiao comes into play for you to dip and soak up all those goodness as you take a bite at the crispy dough fritter. _________________ Good Time Eat Drink Address: 889, East Coast Road, Singapore 459092 _________________ #sgrestaurants #restaurantsg #exploresingapore #stfoodtrending #burpple #burpplesg #foreverhungry #sgfood #sgig #sgfoodies #instafood_sg #instasg #setheats #hungrygowhere #singaporeinsiders #foodstagram #foodphotography #instafood #buzzfeedfood #aworldtoeat
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Firebake Wagyu Cheese Burger ($18++, add $2++ for bacon) . 🥣 Ingredients: Wagyu, sourdough buns, Swiss raclette cheese 💬 Wagyu beef patty was medium-done, hence still juicy, and sandwiched between smoky house-baked wood-fired sourdough potato buns. 💬 Sauce was unique - it came in a form of traditional pastitsada stew (a Greek meat sauce). ________________________________ 📍 Firebake - Woodfired Bakehouse & Restaurant 237 East Coast Road, Level 1 Singapore 428930 ⏱ Tuesday to Friday - 11.30am to 10 pm; Saturday to Sunday - 9am – 10pm (last order); Closed on Mondays 📞 6440 1228 ________________________________ [Tasting] #burger #firebake #americanfood #foodphotography #fujixh1 #fujifilm #burpple #lovefood #sgfoodies #sgfood #foodsg #instasg #foodstagram #instafood #instafood_sg #f52grams #hungrygowhere #cafesg #sgfoodblogger #sgig #cafehoppingsg #thedailybite #makan #burpplesg #foodie #stfoodtrending #handsinframe #cafehoppingsg #cafehopping #sgbrunch
Yummy Argentinian Striploin Love the food quality here, it’s decent with their freshly baked bread, spring water & special oven. You can see the Chef / owner pottering around - total dedication. I had the striploin medium rare that came beautifully done, with a generous heap of salsa verde. Not my first time here and the food has always been great!
Blue mussels w/ white wine x seafood risotto 🥘 We decided on these two yummies for sharing and got them at a 1 for 1 deal thanks to #entertainersg ! The mussels were small, but the really generous portion made up for it. The sauce was on the saltier side but it made a great dipping sauce for their charcoal grilled bread. The seafood risotto had so much goodness packed into it - scallops, mussels, prawns and sea bass - cooked in a rich seafood & white wine broth. Very value for money! Can't wait to head back and try the prawn capellini.
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