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They say it’s cheaper than BKK’s? I really love the golden butter sauce! Toasted brioche goes soooo well! But I think they could go easy on using salt for the fries and salad!


5 of us shared this which sets us back about S$250. It’s my first time having such huge lobster - the body meat is like super large prawn meat, the pincers are like scallop meat, and the legs are like crab meat. Hallelujah. Thank you for the wonderful meal, Boston Lobster. And kudos to the staff who are all well-trained and served us well. Was the lady who recommended this Big Boy called Elaine already?

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Late-night food you said? Dim sums are easy to digest and really nice to have any time of the day! The congee was surprisingly good that day. On the side note, I asked for garlic stir-fried veg to go with these pork/shrimp-heavy meal, which is not really on the menu but aunty is willing to comply thankfully!

$18++ This, I tell you, is fantastic! It’s firm to be skewered and grilled, yet it’s moist and flaky within! The tangy sauce, though tad salty for some, goes really well for me (I love strong flavours 重口味)! Bask under the sun (and aircon) at the balcony and watch time flow by, love this restaurant in Jewel!

$22++ Lovely Pork Belly with the toasted bread and shreds of sweet potato fries! Complements well with a Cesar Salad! And also very friendly staff in Changi Jewel!

$26++ No bloody cockles but there’s Slipper Lobster (aka hei-po, aka crayfish)!! Not too spicy, laksa gravy complements well with the beansprouts interwoven rice noodles (beehoon) and I just love laksa as a Malayan dish no matter! Recommended place to dine in Tanjong Pagar and I must say the service had improved a lot👍🏼!

It was rainy and this comes well spiced up for lunch! Just a tad too sweet for my liking, probably they added too much sweetened milk... $8.50 for a bowl with rice!

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This highly raved cheese cake didn’t have the melty cheese flowing out, though it’s really a great dessert... Guess we need some consistency here~

I’m sorry for the bad photo but the Roti John here had blown my mind! Wonderful flavours of curry spices, fried onions and little bit of mutton on top of the crispy toasted bread~

Each dish has a specific timing for cooking! We burnt our collagen soup and had to refill at $5++, good thing is we could takeaway the soup if we like and make yummy noodles with it back home! Anyways, lunch experience was quite not up to standard; HDL still trumps the hotpot industry! Must-orders: fried toufu skin, and fish cakes!

$45. 3 pax sharing this should be quite enough but otherwise not very filling. For the price, guess it’s still okay. Much better mookatas available in Golden Mile.

This is about $9 and I can’t find this in the menus posted online 🤔 Is this new? But this is only my 2nd time here since more than a year ago. Espresso doused chocolate ice-cream and brownies cubes topped with caramel. I didn’t like it for being too sweet, but you’ve gotta mix in the bitterness of chocolate and coffee for some Yin-Yang effect 😋