Apparently this pizza started out as a monthly special, but it was so popular that they’ve added it to the main menu. Worth paying the money to have an entire Baratta atop your pizza! Added some chilli flakes to give it a little kick. Might add pineapples next time. 🤭


Truffle Brie Grilled Cheese!! ($13) Couldn't resist ordering this when I saw it listed at the counter! And it definitely didn't disappoint!! The truffle level is just nice (hate strong, fake truffle smells that make me wanna gag) and it's just melted cheese heaven between crisp Pain de mie. I would definitely order this again.

Before I ordered this, I was eyeing other goodies like the Cinammon Rolls and Breakfast Brioche Burger which looked too good to eat. I definitely want to revisit this cafe! → 15 Lichfield Rd, S556835

My favourite Phở is back in town! Some of you may have knowm Signs A Taste of Vietnam when it was in a small corner of Midpoint Orchard some time back. Now they've reopened their new outlet at Orchard Gateway (B2) with a lot more seating and an expanded menu.

The most expensive Phở on their menu is just $10 nett! No GST & service charges! With that being said, please be patient when you dine there. It's really a small business that could do with support. And if you haven't had the chance to interact with the owners before, the restaurant is called Signs as the owners/couple, Anthony and Angela, are hearing impaired. With the bigger outlet and on going covid restrictions, it's a little harder to interact though in the past we've had exchanges with Anthony who told us their background story.

Visit for a try of their Phở, which I enjoy because it has a clean taste even for the beef. Plus, where else can you get dine-in Phở for less than $10 in orchard?! This beats the Phở chain of restaurants any day.

Another star is their Avocado milkshake when they manage to get fresh Avocados. Sometimes the drink isn't available as Anthony previously mentioned that they only want to use good quality Avocado. The mango milkshake is also a good option.

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Of you're looking for something to gift this Chinese New Year, there's this nicely boxed set of Warm Yam Nian Gao Tarts by Mitzo! Best served slightly warm, there's a slice of yam just under the nian gao. Bite sized goodness that's easy to eat!

8pcs Warm Yam Nian Gao Tarts $28++/box


How cute are these cupcakes from J Petite Patisserie for the upcoming Lunar New Year celebrations! The “Happiness Cupcake Set” would be a fun surprise for any family of kids or kids at heart.

If you’re not so much into cupcakes, there’s also tarts and cookies available. I particularly enjoyed the Coffee Butter Cookies!

If you have other celebrations, J Petite Patisserie also has a range of other cakes and pastries available.

Check out their newly launched website:

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CNY treats! This deal is definitely for those who like Monga fried chicken.

This NoNo’s 旺旺来 CNY Set Meal (feeds 2 pax) is just $19.90! Each set contains:
1. 4pcs Crispy Chicken
3. 1x Sweet Potato Balls 😍
4. 1x Fried Chicken Skin
5. 2x Pineapple Drink
6. Pineapple Dipping Sauce
Available at all Monga Singapore outlets at Jem, ION Orchard, and SingPost Centre from 25th Jan to 17th Feb 2021.

This is my first time trying Monga and I can't deny it's value for the amount of food you get. The sweet potato balls are definitely my favourite things in the set! Sweet and slightly mochi-ish when you eat it fresh and warm. I would definitely go to Monga to order the sweet potato balls. I would have preferred the chicken and chicken skin to be a little more flavourful, but I guess there's the sauce to dip them in. If I could switch out the drinks I probably would, cos too much pineapple can be overwhelming. But the sweet potato balls! Definitely try those!

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You know it’s close to Lunar New Year when you see mandarins popping up everywhere! 🍊🍊 Now you can try this Fortune Pizza from Pezzo that’s topped with fresh mandarin oranges and popcorn chicken.

This seasonal Fortune Pizza is available from 21 January to 28 February 2021 across all Pezzo outlets:
🍕 1 slice: S$5.90
🍕 3 slices: S$16.90
🍕 Pan (6 slices): S$29.90

Bundle and combo deals are available starting from 2 pax at S$18.80!

Personally I like fruit, so I don't mind the mandarins on the pizza though it does seem like a weird combo. But you'd probably like it if you like pineapple on your pizza. And chilli flakes are always a must with pizza. 😅

Got to try out Hey Yogurt's Huat Huat Series of 4 new tropical drinks recently! My favourite is the Mandarin Orange Yogurt, perfect for CNY.

If you like pomelo and a thicker consistency, Mango Pomelo is a good option. The Avocado didn't stand out much as the sweetness from the brown sugar and sourness from the yogurt was slightly overwhelming and downed out the avocado flavour. The Dragonfruit Lychee is still in my fridge waiting to be slurped up. 😅

Mandarin Orange Yogurt (S$6.30)
Mango Pomelo Yogurt (S$8.80)
Dragon Fruit Lychee Yogurt (S$7.80)
Avocado Brown Sugar Yogurt (S$7.80)

Available across all Hey Yogurt’s outlets from now till 28th February 2021.

November 16/17 only… pop by Heart of Darkness on Tras St to try out this pairing of beers with cake specially curated by neighbouring patisserie Nesuto.

The pairings…
🍰🍺 Citrus Meringue Tart paired with Conquistador's Mexican Pilsner
🍰🍺 Coconut Pineapple Panna Cotta paired with Dream Alone Pale Ale
🍰🍺 Chocolate Cherry Pudding paired with Director's Cacao Nib Porter
🍰🍺 Tiramisu Coffee Tart Paired With Excited Magpie Dry Irish Stout

My favourite pairing would be the Tiramisu X Stout as I'm more a fan of stout vs. beer, plus I'm a caffeine addict, so the coffee notes just hit the spot.

The pudding and porter pairing is also delightfully creamy and chocolatey.

If you like your hoppy beers, you'd probably like the pale ale and panna cotta pairing.

And the pilsner paired with citrus tart is light and refreshing. Best to start with this and work your way though the heavier flavours. That way you'll also leave the best (stout X coffee tart) for last. 😄

Available from 11.00am–10.30pm, but get in earlier if you want to just sit back, chill and savour the flavours.

— Heart of Darkness —
55 Tras St, Singapore 078994


Add $3+ for bacon. I liked this combo with quinoa, avo, pomegranate, bacon. The grain toast was a little too tough and chewy/hard to cut through for my liking. I would order this again… maybe next lifetime when the price isn’t so inflated for avo toast. Cut out the fancy plating or increase the portion I say.

I think this is now my favourite dish from and I hope it stays on the menu.

Nourishing Ginseng Chicken—super tender chicken meat with sweet goji berries, ginkgo nuts and black glutinous rice. Served with brown rice and yam.

The chicken sauce is slightly sweet and has a little bit of a nutty flavour to it. I would personally prefer it without the glutinous rice since the dish is already served with brown rice. And my other gripe is that there's not enough sauce in the dish. The brow rice can be a little dry and hard to finish without sauce to mix with it.


Deep-fried dumpling with prawn bits & assorted vegetable served with superior broth. This little dumpling was crispy on the outside and had lots of flavour. You're supposed to take it and dip it into the broth so that the shell soaks in the flavour and becomes soft. But I quite enjoy the dumpling crisp instead as the fillings are already of a tender texture. The broth tastes nice with the dumpling, but I wouldn't drink it on its own as the flavour was a little strong for me.